Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine! Justine: Hi! Ro: I love this girl! She’s so sweet! Justine: I love you! Ro: She’s one of my favorites! You guys, I’m gonna put her links down below Ro: go check ‘em out, go say hi to her,
be like, hey girl! On twitter, Ro: or Inst-y or wherever. I got so many requests from you guys to play
the Ro: Pizza Challenge, and I have done the pizza
challenge before, in the Ro: past with my sister. So we thought we would add a new twist to the Ro: pizza challenge. Justine: Should I be scared? Ro: No don’t be scared! Justine: OK! Ro: We did the Starbucks challenge together. Justine: That was so much fun! Ro: And it may, it may top that. Justine: Yeah, OK well we’ll see! Ro: So the rules to this game are very easy. We are gonna be tasting Ro: 10 different cheese pizzas. And we will be blindfolded! Ro: I got these blindfolds because I thought
you would like them! Justine: Pigs are my favorite animal so this
is gonna be so cute! Ro: (Snorts) Ro: For every correct guess we get 1 point,
and the most points wins. Ro: So… Justine: Friendly shake? Ro: May the best cheese pizza… Ro: Eater… Taste. Taster. Eater win! Justine: Yup! Ro: First Pizza, here we go! Ro: Oh we each get a slice, here we go! Justine: I think I know what this is already. Ro: Huh, how do you know?!? Justine: Because of the smell. Ro: Let me smell… Justine: It smells like the Super Bowl! Ro: I’ve got it narrowed down to 2. Justine: Do we say it at the same time? Ro: Yeah, we gotta say it at the same time
so we can’t cheat off of each other. Justine: OK, OK. Ro: Because otherwise if you say it first
I’ll be like oh yeah, Ro: that’s right and then I’ll copy you! Justine: It’s true. Both: 1, 2, 3… Justine: Dominos! Ro: Domin… Pizza… Ro: I’ll do pizza hut! That’s what I was thinking but when I heard Justine… Justine: Dominos! Ro: Point for Justine! Alright, next pizza! Ro: Oh hello Cookie! Justine: Oh honey! Ro: She loves cheese! Ro: Every time there’s cheese around she
be like…. Ro: Slice number 2! Cheese pizza number 2! Ro: It’s a square! Which company does a square? Justine: Ohhhhh…. Ro: Mmmm, I was so hungry, oh this is hitting
the spot. Justine: Did your arm just get really hairy
or is this the dog? Ro: Cookie! Ro: Here we go. Justine: I think I have a guess. Ro: This is so good, let me just take another
bite. Justine: I think I’d like another bite as
well. Just remember we have Justine: 9, 8 more? Ro: We have a bunch! Ro: 1… Both: 2, 3… Both: Fresh Brothers! Justine: YES! Ro: Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes! We got that! Justine: This tastes like… Every other day for me! Ro: Oh yeah! Ro: And I have another bite for me hmm-hmm-hmm! Justine: Oh, so delicious! Justine: And number 3! What do we got? Ro: Oh! Ro: What are these?!? Justine: Ohhhhh! Ro: I’ve heard of these, but actually have not
had these. Justine: Oh this is great! Justine: Mmmmmmmm! Ro: Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmmm! Ro: Now, do we have to guess what it is, or
what the brand name is? Ro: I don’t know! Justine: I think the brand name. Ro: Oh geez! Both: 1, 2, 3… Justine: Tostinos pizza rolls! Ro: Papa’s Pizza Bites! Ro: Oh my gosh Justine! Justine: Oh Tostinos, Tostitos is the chips! Justine: Did I say Tost…. What did I say? Ro: What did you say? Justine: I think I said, did I say Tostitos? Ro: To…. Justine: Totinos! Ro: Totinos… Justine: Tot… I definitely added an extra S. Ro: You knew what it was though. Justine: Yeah, but man! Ro: I mean you added an S, we’ll give you that
point. Justine: That’s what I meant! Ro: Because you knew what it was! Ro: And you knew it was a pizza roll, I said
a pizza bite! Ro: More pizza, more pizza, please-please,
more pizza! Justine: I think I might eat too much pizza! Ro: Number 4, here we go! Justine: Oooooh! I think I know, and I haven’t even eaten
it yet! Ro: That crust… Ro: May be giving it away… Ro: This is leading me to believe I kind of
know a little bit about… Cheese pizza! Ro: Mmmm! Mmmhmmm! Justine: Hmmm…. Ro: I know what this is! Justine: I think I have a solid answer! Both: 1, 2, 3…. Both: DiGiorno! Ro: Yes! Justine: It’s not delivery! Ro: It’s not delivery…. Ro: It’s DiGiorno! Justine: Number 5 slice of pizza! Ro: Whoa, this is a big slice! Justine: Wow! This is huge! Justine: Alright… Ro: This is huge! Justine: I’m not sure if I know what this is! Ro: This is like… A Costco slice, do you think it’s Costco!?!? Ro: Oh my gosh, why do I know that!? Why do I know that!? Ro: OK, come on Ro. Ahrmp…. Big bite! Both: (Smelling). Ro: What are you!?!? Justine: I think I know. Ro: (Smelling) What are you!?!? Ro: (Smelling). Ro: I don’t know this one… What has pieces this big? Both: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Godfathers? Justine: Pizza Hut, Hand Tossed Pizza! Ro: Ooooh, Justine! That’s a good guess! Justine: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Justine: COSTCO! YOU WERE RIGHT! Justine: I’ve never had Costco Pizza before! Justine: I don’t have a Costco card! Ro: I’ve been a member forever! I eat their pizza all the time! Ro: I’m so disappointed in myself I can’t
even talk about it right now! Ro: I had their Hawaiian Pizza, I never had
their cheese pizza…. Justine: I haven’t had any! Ro: It’s different! Ro: Now you’ve had Costco Pizza! Justine: How do you get a card? Ro: You gotta become a member. Justine: But do you have to, can you sign
up online? Or like… Ro: You gotta go in person I think. Justine: Oh geez! Ro: Because they take your picture like the DMV. Background: You can get the pizza without
being a member. Ro: Depending on location! Sometimes they check your card if they get suspicious… Ro: Cheese Pizza number 6! Ro: Oh they’re little… They’re mini pizzas. Justine: Smells like… Justine: Smells like an eraser. Ro: An eraser? Ro: When’s the last time you used an eraser!?! Do you remember that? Justine: I… It’s like childhood! Ro: How come I can’t smell it? Justine: I’m having flashbacks! Ro: There’s a hole in… Ohhhh! Justine: Oh, yeah! Ro: There’s a hole in the bottom! Both: 1, 2, 3… Justine: Bagel Bites! Ro: Pizza Bites! Justine: …… What? Ro: Oh I meant to say bagel! Ro: Pizza Bites… Justine: You said it’s got a hole in it! Ro: Girl, you know what I was thinking! Justine: I know! Ro: You know I was thinking. Justine: I know! Ro: I know what it is, it’s a little mini
bagel! Justine: You can… Ro: Oh, OK, I take it off! Both: Bagel Bites! Ro: We got it! Ro: I’m getting full a little bit! Ro: Here we go! Justine: OK. Ro: Oooh it’s hot! Oh that’s hot! Ro: I can’t even… I can’t touch it! Ro: I have sensitive fingers! Justine: Oh I got a little on my chin! Ro: What was that. Ro: Let me blow on it. Justine: I don’t know what this is… Maybe it’s… Huhh! Justine: I think I have a guess! Justine: Maybe like 7-11 or something? Ro: They have pizza? Justine: Like a gas station pizza? Ro: This has gotta be better than gas station
pizza, right? Justine: No, I think gas station pizza’s
pretty good! Ro: This cheese tastes fancy! Ro: 1… Both: 2, 3… Ro: Subway! Justine: 7-11! Ro: I have no clue, yeah! Justine: California Pizza Kitchen!? Ro: I don’t think I’ve eaten at California
Pizza Kitchen… Justine: Usually when I go there I get a salad,
which is kind of ironic. Ro: Wait, so you go to California Pizza Kitchen,
the restaurant. Justine: Yeah…. Ro: And you get a salad? Justine: Yep! Ro: That’s my girl! Justine: Yep! Justine: Oooh, we got another Pizza! Ro: Did you lean that kids song when you were
little? Ro: 🎶If I was a pizza, if I was a pizza. 🎶 Ro: 🎶With extra cheese, with extra cheese. 🎶 Ro: 🎶No anchovies, no anchovies, or sausage
please! Or sausage please! 🎶 Ro: 🎶I am a pizza, please take me home! 🎶 Ro: That one? Justine: I’m sure somebody in the comments has definitely heard it! Ro: You guys, wherever you are out there…. Ro: Have you heard this song? Ro: There’s a lot of cheese, I can smell
a lot of cheese. Justine: Mmmmmm! I think I might know what it is! Justine: Taste that crust, maybe it will give you
a little hint. Justine: Yeah, literally the taste will give it away. Ro: I think I know what this is as well. Justine: Me too! Ro: The deliberating is over, are you ready? Justine: Yep! Both: Pizza Hut! Justine: Pan Pizza! Justine: YEAH! THAT’S RIGHT! This is my jam! Ro: Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes! Justine: Mmmmmm! Justine: This is my favorite pizza right here. Ro: Really? Justine: Yes! Justine: My goodness, it’s just like, so
smooth on the bottom. Ro: Mmmmm. Justine: And then they have like the perfect
little cheese bubbles right here… Justine: Oh my goodness! Justine: When Pizza Hut followed me on Twitter
a few years ago, I cried. Ro: It was like… yes! Justine: It was like a Backstreet Boys followed
me. Ro: This is cheese pizza number 9, we have
2 more to guess. Ro: Oh this is familiar! Justine: I can’t find my mouth! Ro: If you feel the top… Justine: Yeah, I’m giving it, I’m giving
it a massage right now. Ro: It’s super flat. Ro: I know what this is. Justine: I do too! Justine: I need to find my napkin, because
I just massaged my pizza sauce! Both: 1, 2, 3… Both: Red Baron! Ro: Yes girl! Yes! Justine: He had an acci…. Ro: Oh no girl! Justine: I gave him a massage. Ro: You guys, this is the last slice! Ro: This crust is the roundest crust I’ve
ever felt. Ro: Look at this! Justine: Ooops, I already took a bite, sorry! Ro: It’s like a little circle…. Justine: Mmmmmm. Ro: I’m just displaying it like Vanna. Ro: This is from somewhere. Justine: Gosh, I’m out of places. Ro: Me too! Justine: Where are you from honey? Where did you come from? Ro: Where are you from little pizza? Ro: Tell us little cheese pizza… Justine: Tell us where you’re from? Ro: Where did you come from? Justine: What if it said where it’s from? Pizza: Hey girl, I’m from Papa Murphy’s! Both: 1, 2, 3… Justine: Little Caesars? Ro: Papa John’s? Justine: PAPA JOHNS! It’s Papa, you got it right! Ro: Oh snap! Oh snap! Oh snap! Oh snap! Oh snap! Oh snap! Justine: I’m so excited for you! Justine: Usually they give you like the garlic
sauce, so I’ve never had Justine: Papa John’s pizza without dousing
in like… Really, like a lot of garlic sauce. Ro: Um, I’m gonna give you the old victory
trumpet, are you ready? Justine: Yes I’m ready! Ro: (Clears throat) Ro: Bbbbb-bbbb-bbbb, bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbbbbbbb! Ro: Congratulations to Justine, the winner
of the Cheese Pizza Challenge, Justine: Thank you, thank you, I’m very
excited! Ro: Very good! Very Good! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
a Cheese Pizza Challenge, this Ro: was so fun, I think this is one of my
favorite challenges so far. Justine: This was really, really fun. Ro: And I’m so glad you got to be here! Ro: 2 of my almost favorite ones, like the
Starbucks Challenge, getting to Ro: drink all those drinks and now, the Pizza
Challenge? Justine: I was gonna go to dinner after this
but, I just… Ro: Now we’re good! Ro: We had dinner! Justine: Had 15 pizzas! Ro: And a big thank you to Justine for coming and
playing with me today. Justine: Thank you! Ro: She is amazing! You guys, I love this gal! Justine: I love you too! Ro: I’m gonna put links down below, go say hi to her. Ro: And if you guys have any other suggestions,
for other games we should Ro: play, leave me a comment down below and
if you would like to see any previous Ro: games you can click up here… Justine: Or up here! Ro: Yeah! Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Justine: Bye!

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  1. When I was pregnant, I was ravenous for Costco pizza even though I hadn’t had a membership in over 5 years. My husband got stopped by customer service and they initially said he couldn’t go to the food court at our nearby location without a card but when he told them I was pregnant and actually dying, they let him through haha. He got me a churro too

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