Checkmate with Knight & Bishop #2: Chess Endgame Strategy, Moves & Tricks to Win Fast + Puzzle

Checkmate with Knight & Bishop #2: Chess Endgame Strategy, Moves & Tricks to Win Fast + Puzzle

Hello Chess Friends, I am Jeetendra Advani
and Welcome to Chess Talk. In today’s chess video, I am going to show
you how to Win an endgame when you have a king, a knight & a bishop versus your opponent’s
lonely king. This is my second tutorial on the bishop and
knight checkmate. So in case you haven’t checked out the first
part, then I would recommend you watch that first by clicking on the ‘i’ button above. And don’t forget to watch this video till
the end because I also have a really interesting Chess Puzzle for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. So without further ado, let’s get started. As I told you in my first video, the trick to win such an endgame is to push your opponent’s king in a corner which is of the same color as your bishop. In this case, you need to push your opponent’s
king to any of these 2 white corner squares since your bishop is on a light colored square. Now let’s assume your opponent is smart & he knows this. And therefore, he decides to run away to this corner, right from the start. What will you do now? Well, let me break it down & make it simple for you. Our first aim is to get our king diagonally
opposite to this corner. So we need to get him on this f6 square. Let’s do this fast. Black will just keep moving back & forth like this because he wants to stay in that corner. And we got our king here. This is the key starting point to drag this
black king out of this wrong corner. Now let’s say we want to drag him towards this side so we simply block this square by moving our bishop here. Now to move him out of here, we need to control
this corner square with our knight. So Let’s quickly get our knight to this square
so that we can control this corner. It’s check and the king is forced to move
out. Please pay attention now. This is a very important move for you. Let’s analyse this. Like I told you earlier, your king needs to
be on this square so that’s fine, your knight is also perfectly placed to control this corner
square and your bishop is also controlling this square, preventing this king from running
away. So what you need to play at this moment is a waiting move. And like I told you in my first video, waiting
moves are always played with the bishop. So we simply move our bishop here, keeping
it on this diagonal. Black is forced to move this side. Now You need to block this square. Use your bishop for this since all your other
pieces are perfectly placed. Basically, from here on, this is what we are
going to do. We are going to shift from this position to
this and then to this and then finally checkmate in this corner. When we reach this position, our bishop will
control this diagonal and in this position, our bishop will control this diagonal to simply
stop black from running away. Coming back to the game, black has only one
square to go so he moves here. Now an important thing to remember is that
from this position, your knight will only be moving like this, in a W pattern. And your king will slowly shift towards this
side. So Just keep that in mind. First, lets move our knight here to block
this square. Now black has 2 options. He can either go this side or this side.First,
let’s see what happens if he goes here. We will move our knight to d7 (remember the
W pattern). It’s a check. Black is forced to move here. Once we are sure that black cannot go back
to this side, it’s time for us to shift our king. Black has only one legal move. And then, we shift our king further to prevent
black from running away this side. Now again, black has 2 options. If he goes this side, then it’s quite straight
forward, we can move our knight and proceed with the W pattern and continue to push the
black king to this corner. But what if he tries to again go back? That’s when you need to move your bishop. This is always going to be our strategy. Whenever your opponent changes direction,
attack with your bishop to block the king. It’s a check, so black is forced to retreat. Now again, it’s time to complete the W with
our knight. Black has only one legal move. Now don’t shift your king just yet otherwise
black will be able to escape from here. So what do we do now? It’s Simple, just play a waiting move with
your bishop. But Keep him on this diagonal only. Now again, black has 2 options. If he moves this side, then simply block this
square by placing your bishop on this diagonal and after that you can simply shift your king further
to restrict the movement of your opponent. And then finally checkmate in the corner. Okay, now if he goes back, then complete the
W with your knight. It’s a check so black is forced to move here. Again, it’s time to shift your king, protecting
this knight. Black has only one legal move. And then We shift our king further preventing
black from running away. See we reached this position. Now Whatever move black plays, you will block
off this diagonal with your bishop. It’s Check, king moves back, we reposition
our knight. You need to be careful of the stalemate so
don’t move your knight here immediately, instead play a waiting move with your bishop keeping
him on this diagonal. After king moves, give check and finally checkmate
in the corner with your bishop. Easy peasy! Okay, there is one more important piece I
need to cover. For that, Let’s go back to this position. We start with the W and then instead of moving
here, let’s say black tries to run away from this side so he plays king to d8. What will you do now? This is a little tricky so follow me carefully. From here, we will continue shifting our king. You might be thinking that the king will run
away from here. Don’t worry, it might seem that way, but we
have things under control. After black moves to c7, we will continue
the W with our knight. We have got this square covered. So black will look to run away from either
here or here. Let’s say he moves to c6, it might seem like black
has escaped, but no he hasn’t. Our knight is controlling these 2 squares
so we just need to block this square to stop the king from running away. What do we do? We simply slide our bishop to d3 just in time
to cover this diagonal. This is a very important line you need to
remember so make a note of it somewhere. As you can see now, the black king is trapped
in this cage so he can’t run away. He has only 2 legal moves.If he moves here,
then we can push him further with our king like this and we are back to the same position
that we discussed earlier in this video. If he moves like this, then we will move our
bishop to Cutoff this diagonal. Again we formed this perfect cage to push
the king back further. If you notice now, we are back again to the
same position discussed earlier. You need to follow the same process. Get the game to this position and then finally
checkmate in a corner. The best way to master this checkmate will
be to setup a random position on the board with these 4 pieces and play it out against
a computer or any of your friends. Once you do it 3-4 times, it will become very
easy for you. So try this & let me know in the comments
how it went. And don’t forget to watch the first part of this video
because that is also very important. Okay, so It’s puzzle time. But Before moving onto today’s chess puzzle,
I request you to show your support and Like this video. We are targeting 3000 likes on this video,
so come on guys, hit that Thumbs Up button right now. Okay, so here’s the puzzle. In this position, It’s your turn and you need
to find the Best Move continuation for White. If you are able to find the solution to this
puzzle, then share it in the comments below. Whoever gives the correct answer with the
perfect explanation, I will be pinning that comment at the top so that everyone can see
it. All the Best Guys! Let’s see how many of you can solve this. Well, don’t forget to check out this video
on the 2 bishop checkmate and this one as well which is the first part of this knight & bishop
checkmate. Thanks for watching & I shall see you in my
next video.

100 thoughts on “Checkmate with Knight & Bishop #2: Chess Endgame Strategy, Moves & Tricks to Win Fast + Puzzle

  1. White plays f6 black can, t take the queen because re8 is mate or he move like h5, h6 then rook e8 check kh7 then rook e8 king take rook then queen h6 check then kg8 and then queen g7 is check and mate

  2. Sir,please upload a vedio of how we can stealmate in an ending when our opponent is having a night and a bishop.

  3. if f6 black can always play h5 or h6 then how can you white check mate someone plz explain for me because I dont see any continuation pattern white can do to end the game.

  4. Pawn F6

    Then kingf8

    If king H8 then took f8 check mate
    If king F8 then queen h6 checkmate

    If queen captures queen then rook E8 checkmate

  5. Ok, for the puzzle:
    1. Pawn moves forward (f6) – black king is forced to move to f8 (otherwise, he will get mated by rook to e8)
    2. Queen goes to h6 checking the king – black king is forced to move to g8
    3. Rook goes to e8 giving a beautiful checkmate to the king
    4. Thank you 😛

  6. F6 is winning on the spot.
    1- If Kf8 then Qh6+ , Kg8, Qg7#
    2- If Re5 then Rxe5. As White Queen can't be captured by the Black Queen because of mate on e8 so black is forced to play Qa1+, but after Kh2 , Qxa3, Re8+,Qf8, and a beautiful move Qh6, whatever black plays, there is a checkmate on g7.
    3-if h6 or h5, then Re8 check and after kh7, Rh8+( another tactical shot😊) . After Kxh8, Qh6+ and after Kg8, Qg7#

  7. The best move is to move the queen to h6 so that even if the queen kills the rook and gives a check the next move we will defend our king and then move our pawn to f6 and that would be agreat threat because the king can't move to f8 and then queen to g7 would be acheck mate

  8. the best is f6 if black take your queen then Re8 is a back rank checkmate if he doesnt take you queen and play Kf8 then qh6 then king to G8 Qg7 IS CHECKMATE

  9. First white has to move it's pawn to f6.later on if black tries to stop the checkmate,by rook e5 then we can take off the opponent rook.After this,opponent may place the queen to c6 as to prevent checkmate then,our queen to h6 is going to be a killer move as there is no way to save the mate.But there is a move for black to prevent checkmate for temporary that is queen to c1,but no matter what our opponent plays because it is a checkmate in just maximum 2 moves


  10. 1 F6 – if white see's this move as a blunder then "they are gone " if they play Qxd2 Because Re8 is a checkmate

  11. Sir I m your regular watcher I have watch all your vedios 2 to 3 times but its a humble request please make a vedio on middle game strategy.

  12. Hello Sir Your videos on Traps are Amazing but these didn't work well against Computer (Hard level or above!) Please make a video on Defeating Computer as well.

  13. pawn to f6 and then took to E8 if black takes queen, if black plays queen to c1, white continues with queen to E2 and then continue

  14. 1.Pawn F6, qd2, re8….. checkmate.
    2.Pawn F6,kf8,qh6,kg8,re8….. checkmate.
    3.Pawn F6, pawn h6 or h5,re8,kh7,rh8,kh8,qh6,kg8,qg7….. checkmate.

  15. Pawn f6 , if he does not move his h7 pawn then rook g8# and if he move his h7 pawn then rook g8+ then black moves king h7 then rook h8+ king has only one legal move to take the rook then queen to h6+ then king to hi and then queen to g7# and checkmate . Thanks


    pawn to f6 if black took our queen then we will checkmate via Re8
    if black plays Re5 to give his / her rook to control e8 square with queen then Rxe5 and again
    White's queen is poisoned due to Re8 # SO black will try Qc6 to look after e8 square Then
    comes the final blow that is Qh6!! now checkmate canot be prevented

    IF BLACK GOES FOR PAWN ON f6 BY Qxf6 THEN Re8# or if Black trys anything else other
    then to capture the pawn on f6 then he suffers checkmate on g7 via Qg7# .

  17. White moves f6 if black takes queen then Re8 is checkmate and if black moves Kf8 then Qh6 check Kg8 is a forced move then Re8 is checkmate

  18. 1 F6 fretting Re8# so no time to capture the white Queen …Re5 trying to prolong checkmate 2 R×e5 there are three good moves available … Qc6 3 Qh6 fretting Qg7# so …Qxf6 4 Re8#. After 2Rxe5 there is also h6 or h5 dosn't really matter 3 Re8+ only move is …Kh7 and a very important move 4Rh8 making the king to capture so only move is …Kxh8 5 Qh6+ only move is Kg8 6 Qg7#

  19. Hi, I would like to give an answer to the question. I sure the move is pawn to f6. This move can block black's only square in case of back rank checkmate. If black's rook goes to the f6 pawn's back to attack it,white rook to e8=checkmate.
    if black's rook goes to e5 to block check, then we get a rook for free, then black queen to c6, white queen to e2 to create booster, and then its trouble for black, he can try to move his pawns in front, but white would have access to a million checks to checkmate

  20. Push the pawn to f6..which will force the king to move to f8 then bring queen to h6 and it's checkmate

  21. Sir" my chess sir tell that is imposible so please show in king"s corect position checkmate in another video

  22. We will give f6 and black has no options so he will capture our queen with his queen and we will give Re8 and it is a beautiful checkmate.

  23. Place soldier to f6 , then white queen capture black queen , then bishop to f8 is beautiful checkmate .

  24. First pawn f6 then black queen grabs white queen on d2 then rook to e8 checkmate this is the main variation and if he want to save checkmate then black can plays queen to c1 but then r × q and white has a queen advantage

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