Charles And Alyssa (Exposed) False Strike & Mistreating Snake

Charles And Alyssa (Exposed) False Strike & Mistreating Snake

hey welcome back and in today’s video
we’re gonna be looking at a youtube channel by the name of Charles and
Alyssa forever they’re a couple’s channel where they’ve logged their daily
lives they were recently involved in a
situation where they abused YouTube’s copyright system to silence another
career that’s right the worst of the worst things you could do before I get
started with this video I do want to say that don’t fall strike this video
Charles everybody’s watching if you’re
unfamiliar with Charles and Alyssa they have over 500,000 subscribers and like I
said they mostly do your it’s your typical couples channel they recently
created a video it’s titled I’ve never seen a list of the scared snake prank on
girlfriend it currently has over a hundred seventy
thousand views it was published on September 1st now the bad thing about
this video is they literally he goes into a pet smart purchases a snake for
the sole purpose of making a video with the full on intention of returning it
when he’s done about to get you with the snake I want to get a snake this one
from Petsmart which I’m will be taking back because I’m afraid of snakes my
damn self so like it’s actually about to be a process of me even getting a sneak
upstairs because I’m legit scared of snakes I didn’t want to touch the snake
and put the snake inside the box of course this is mistreatment of the snake
this is something that you should never do they were called out by another
youtuber by the name of officer Paul patrol officer Paul patrol is an animal
control officer that runs a channel where he raises awareness for people
that mystery and just generally animal cruelty and he’s seen the way that they
were treating this snake and I had to agree with them it is absolutely 100%
wrong and he decided to make a video criticizing that behavior just generally
raising awareness around that but Charles and Elissa they didn’t like that
and decided to break YouTube’s golden rule and to abuse the YouTube copyright
system to silence another creator soap guy’s officer pop drill
here it’s very early in the morning the morning after I had originally posted my
reaction video to Charles and Alyssa forever and the mistreatment of a snake
that they had shown on their channel for a prank video what did I wake up to this
morning a copyright strike from who Charles and Alyssa forever so they
actually had seen my video last time I knew before I went to bed last night my
video head around 11,000 views or so and several hundred comments because I know
that my followers and my subscribers are very loyal they like my videos they like
the content that I produce regarding the copyright strike I think I actually have
a fair argument to appeal it through fair use laws
I’m not going to pursue that frankly I just don’t have the time you know in my
video I touched on the fact that Charles and Alyssa had never posted an apology
regarding the treatment of their snake or the snake it’s not even theirs
because they return the thing and I think this just hits hits it home even
further so they still haven’t posted an apology on any of their social media
platforms on YouTube nowhere but what did they do they did try and get my
video removed a message to officer Paul and Charles and Alyssa channel it is a
false strike as you can see this is Charles and Alyssa forever it’s from
their email it is manually detected and this demonstrates their lack of care
that they put officer Paul patrols channel in complete danger officer Paul
spends most his time raising awareness and calling out animal abusers anytime
another creator strikes on other Creators videos that’s criticizing them
to silence them that is an abuse of the YouTube copyright system and just
generally a pretty not okay thing to do many people have been canceled straight
up for false flagging let alone animal cruelty I realized that officer Paul
patrol does not have the time to fight this kind of false flag or just
generally mess in this situation so we’re gonna do it for them so this is
video is raising awareness towards that because that’s the rep Squad way let’s
go over the fair use policy a couple things I want to highlight here is that
courts typically focus on whether the use is transformative that is whether it
adds new expression or meaning to the original or whether it merely copies the
original I’ve brought this up in previous videos it is transformative if
you’re taking a piece of someone’s video and then you’re critiquing that piece
right there and it is trying to silence another creator when you do effectively
claim that creators entire video criticizing you it’s not a good look in
a lot of cases was very used what happens is you you have the video from
Charles Alyssa and their main message in point is that it will to prank with the
snake officer Paul patrol then takes bits and pieces of that video and then
criticizes it and it does transform the original message of Charles and Alyssa’s
video because it is a critiquing of that video it’s not a prank video in itself
so that makes it transformative I the more you know now I don’t want to think
that Charles or Alyssa anything malicious with anything that they’ve
done a lot of times when stuff like this happens it is out of complete ignorance
now I do want to stress the fact that I mean this by definition the lacking of
knowledge towards a youtube copyright system and surely they didn’t intend to
hurt the snake that being said I am gonna be looking forward to see if they
double down on this behavior or will they apologize because that’s
interesting as it says there’s always something more interesting to me that’s
right you guessed it I want to know – thanks which good leave your creative
ender interesting responses in the comment box below
like there’s always brothers and sisters I will see you in the
bedico I just really wanted to raise awareness about this because how many
times has the YouTube community beautif ected by false strikes and creators lack
of knowledge towards something that’s really detrimental to the whole
community let alone the animal cruelty like two
things that you shouldn’t be happening but uh other than that I’m actually
hoping to get this video a lot earlier I do want to apologize for the weird
schedule and uploading extremely late at night that’s not normal
but it is my attempt to keep up the daily uploads and I’ve just been working
with some really weird hours since I moved and everything but uh maybe this
video gets out a little earlier and that makes tomorrow’s on schedule with the
normal upload time which is supposed to be 5:00 p.m. but I know that you’re
repping for opener Greg in how you do that I’ll get you subscribed nor case
external be in the comment section to every single feed here cuz I’m gonna be
there Greg the cat’s gonna be there and the rest of the retsoor company as well
and I expect Co takes this channel loves you

100 thoughts on “Charles And Alyssa (Exposed) False Strike & Mistreating Snake

  1. Here we are my lovely REPSQUAD lets raise awareness today and stop people from abusing the copyright system as it make every youtuber's job that much more difficult. 😍💜 Q&A on Instagram! road to 15k followers! –

  2. I love that you’re calling out people for abusing their power through copyright strikes, but didn’t you do something similar to a creator named Marsii?

  3. First Alinity, then Brooke Houts and now these two wankers? Has "abusing animals " became a trend just like the licking ice cream? I won't be surprised if it is or was a trend. Seriously do these people know that they're on the internet? How dumb can you be to not know that the internet isn't the nicest place all the time and they record themselves and post it on the internet? They knew that they was going to get some smoke for it so why do it anyway? It makes no logical sense. I'm not encouraging this behavior in any way but if you're going to do something like this at least be smart about it and not post it on the internet.

  4. WTF didnt they just use a rubber snake? Plenty of people fall for that all the time. How stupid are they for abusing an animal which he's going to take back which we abused for fun. I wouldn't give the money back when the snakes returned as the intention was not to buy to have the snake in a new forever home only to be used & returned.

    May they get in trouble in a BIG way as IMO this is misleading & animal abuse as there's nothing funny about it at all😡

    It's not only ignorance it's negligence & a reptile has been purchased, put into contact with goodness knows what whilst out of the shop enclosure which could make it sick as the stress the snake would be feeling would be unfathomable IMO

    Obviously they've got money with the plastic surgery she looks to have had on her face ( not that there's anything wrong with that ) so why not try to buy an electronic snake which would work just as well?

    Rant over Rep & the #RepSquad sorry it's all over the shop🕊

  5. Idk if people realise this but if you return an animal to a pet store, they can never be sold again, they end up in the back waiting to be adopted and lots of people dont know about the adoption programs at chain pet stores so it can take a long time for those animals to get adopted

  6. Snakes scare the hell out of me! But what they did was pretty disgusting. Not only did they use him like an actual prop but he bought it knowing full well that he didn't want it & was going to return it. What a piece of shit.

  7. Thank you for raising awareness on this… I'm disgusted by Charles behavior… to treat any animal like they did is horrible and then to go and make a false copyright claim on someone who is protecting animals and raising awareness on animal abuse.. disgusting… truly disgusting… I hope he gets his video back up and theirs gets taken down.. It has to be against youtube rules to make animal cruelty content right?

  8. this makes me so sad. that looked like a ball python. Too much handling particularly in a new environment/by new owners can stress a snake out. snakes don't like changes of scenery and they can DIE from stress. I have a pet snake and have had to scream at people who wanted to play with him just to 'scare' their SO. it's a shitty thing as well to do to people with legit snake phobias they can't help.

  9. This is disgusting, thank you for raising awareness on these topics! YouTube really needs to sort out their issues with copyright strikes and also animal abuse videos on Youtube. I really enjoy waking up to see you’ve just uploaded a video so I always have something to watch when I drink my coffee 🙂 Keep up the hard work!

  10. I was about to start a new show but no. Now I have to go change my Roku channel just so I can watch this on the big screen. ;_; keep it up and I'll keep fan girling

  11. I'm not surprised. They seem like nice enough people but it's clear they are trying whatever comes to mind to crank out ”prank” videos every day. I highly doubt there will be an apology. If so, it'll come as an afterthought in the middle of another video. 🤷‍♀️🏼

  12. Imagine buying an animal for a "prank" with the intent on returning it. Infuriating. Pets are supposed to be forever housed with love, not abused and returned like the wrong sized shoes. Asshats.

    Thanks for bringing up the copystrike issue. It's super not okay that it was abused. This was totally a fair-use situation. They obviously didn't like being called out on their douchebaggery.

  13. That's just disgusting. That poor baby. Supporting Petsmart is bad enough, though. That petstore is noctorious for getting their pets from shady places.

  14. My side of the planet is loving this upload schedule .. that's a cool thing about our planet, at any point of a given time, someone somewhere is having their first morning brew 👍😘🙋‍♀️
    … and again, come oooooon YouTube, your system is broken 😡👎[email protected]

  15. I can't really handle snakes. Yes some are hella cute little noodles that you just wanna boop but it's just their way of eating that gives me the heebie jeebies. Doesn't mean I like seeing them scared or stressed. Poor fella.

  16. Besides the treatment of an animal as a prop and the copyright system abuse, I think buying something at retail to use, with the intent to then return, is considered a crime.

  17. It is okay Repzilla, some of us realize that you were watching Edwin's 4 Hour live stream earlier tonight (along with some of us in the #RepSquad), while editing… LOL-
    Much love 💚

  18. I LOVE snakes and have several boas and pythons myself. It makes me so upset to see the blatant mishandling of the snake. Their very sensitive to environmental changes and become very sick and even die from stress and poor husbandry. I hope Charles and Alyssa realize what they did was wrong both to the sweet limbless living creature, and to officer paw patrol who was just trying to raise awareness. They really need to apologize and right their wrongs.

  19. Yeah in between treating a living thing like a prop, using it to scare a girlfriend and the strike…..? Not such a good guy…

  20. is it even a prank if you use a real snake or a real anything i though pranks were suppost to kinda fake like fake snakes fake Oreo fake gum or if someone is really even a fake dead animal like get a hollween cat bone thingy i mean i just brough up this evil last one because who the flick knows anymore with people

  21. As a Veterinary Technician at a Zoo, it makes my heart cry when I see any animal uncared for.
    I just cant relate to animal abusers, it's deranged, tbh.

  22. I have two ball pythons. They're my babies and I love them so much. Chain pet stores get their reptiles (and other small pets like rodents and birds) from absolutely awful places. Buying an animal from them is just supporting the bad breeding practices.

    Reptiles are easily stressed out. When you get a new snake, you're supposed to keep it in it's new enclosure for a week, try to feed it, then if it eats, handle it a few days later. Ball python babies are easily stressed. That poor baby went through so much stress in one day just for views? That's disgusting and might end up killing that baby. I feel sick knowing they did that.

  23. As someone who owns a young ball python and who literally want to work with snakes in the future, I absolutely hate the way people think they can treat snakes. They don’t see them as living creatures. Ball pythons are one of the most docile snakes you could possible own and also stress EXTREMELY easily. I treat my snake like he’s a king and it hurts me so much seeing that people still refuse to even attempt to learn anything about these amazing little noodles.
    I feel so bad for that little beep, it must of been in so much stress. Not to mention it going without the right care and husbandry for a period of time 🙁
    ((Btw please don’t buy reptiles from pet stores, they buy from mills and don’t know how to properly take care of their animals 95% of the time))

  24. Wow wow wowzwez. They were treating a living animal like a shirt they bought it only wore once and tried to return (which is grody as all heck and that's when we're just talking about a shirt, this was an actual animal) 🤬!! Then they decide to Double Down Under yuckiness by misusing the copyright system. Bad form on them bad form.

  25. When are people going to learn that just because you don't like a video, doesn't mean you get to copyright strike it? There needs to be punishment by Youtube but we all know Youtube isn't going to step up and hold anyone responsible for their actions unless it affects ad venue.

  26. Imo, if you have +500k subs and the bulk of your income comes from the videos you post on YouTube, you don't get to plead ignorance on the copyright strike system. Especially, not AFTER you strike another creator. Im a waitress and I have seen dozens of videos that define what Fair Use is and is not. If my job was YT, if I made my money from YT, before I put a copyright strikes on fellow creators, I would do 5 mins of research on Fair Use. That is, quite literally, heir job.

  27. Hey Repzilla and the rest of the repsquad! Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this current issue. This was a very well put together video by a great content creator. I’ll be sure to share your video/channel on my social media platforms. These false strikes affect not just my channel in this instance, but unfortunately it threatens all content creators if behavior like this is accepted. New fan for life here. Love. – Officer Paw Patrol

  28. I'm a snake keeper ( snake mom) this just really upsets me the poor ball pythons get abused enough at Petco and having to go to their house then back to Petco? Poor thing

  29. 2:44 – Does YouTube even know what copyright even is? 🤨 😒 (Yes, I redundantly used "even" twice for emphasis because that's just how messed up YouTube's policies and enforcement are. 😒)

  30. Omg, bad prank from the start! That's great there's a channel like officer paw patrol to raise awareness! You're great at explaining copywright and fair use so well, you'll help many Youtuber's every time you make a video on false copywright strikes. I hope they apologize since they didn't mean to mistreat the snake, and I hope YouTube realizes the copywright is false and puts official paw patrol's video back up! Of course I saw the Madame video! 😊😊😊💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  31. Anyone who purchase any animal with the intention of returning it for whatever reason is a vile person. Animals, no matter what kind, can experience trauma. If this couple finds this amusing then that to me is as bad as a false copyright strike.

  32. He really needs to fight the strike. I know he says he doesn't have the time, and I sympathize with that, but when people are allowed to get away with this behaviour, it starts to instill in them this mentality of "we're untouchable, and always right". The only way to try and prevent this, and them possibly doing this to another creator, is to stand up to them and their actions. By not doing this, you're not only taking a risk on another animal being abused, but also another creator, their content, and livelihood.

  33. I saw Officer Paw Patrol's vid. He is an animal control officer and one of the types videos he does is reacting to trending, potential animal abuse videos. He clarifies if the actions in the video are abuse, in his opinion or just crappy behavior. In this one he even talked to a snake expert who touched on what potential harm they may have caused the snake.

  34. Sick of Ppl thinking they can do whatever they want to animals & ppl all because they got some followers. That don't give anyone the right to be douche bags to animals or ppl. Disgusting. YouTube should be banning these ppl who false copyright strike & abuse in videos. Get it together YouTube!

  35. That poor baby ball python. I'm afraid of how they handled the snake when the camera wasn't on. Grabbing him by the tail, ie the colloquial can cause injury in itself. The stress on the snake could be lethal.

  36. Doesn't matter if they are completely ignorant to how the copyright system works. They are YouTubers and have agreed to the terms of services, just like everyone else. If you don't fully figure out what you are doing before doing it, it's 100% their fault. They are adults as well.

  37. Thank you for standing up for Officer Paw Patrol! As Animal Control Officers and Humane Officers we are constantly trying to educate people on proper care and treatment of animals.
    And when "jokers" like that couple do dumb things…well it sets us back.
    Thank you for your support and education of the YouTube policies as well.

  38. Shame on them. What happen if the snake gets harmed just bcuz they want to make a video???! I have a corn snake and I’d be maaaaad if I saw someone do that!! Terrible

  39. I hope they never get another animal. I cannot stand seeing animals used and put to work for another’s gain. Sad. I will be checking out the animal channel though. Thank you Greg for keeping all your critter friends in awareness. Take care.

  40. Too all the youtubers who think it’s acceptable to use an animal as a fashion statement or a prop for a video. You are trash. And I hope peta shoves there foot up yo ass. What you did was heartless and fucks with the way that animal perceives humans from here on out.

  41. I couldn't find the report button for animal abuse on youtube. What really sickening is the positive comments and low dislikes toward the couple. Some but the majority of people got a strong dislike toward reptiles, vertebrae, aves, rodents, and insects as pets. The outrage isn't strong enough. Only animals like cats and dogs get youtube, some ppl, etc would put pressure on owners.

  42. I worked at PetSmart for a view years in high school. They can re adopt pets who are returned. They have to hope an employee will take them home. They always do. But it’s something to keep in mind if your going to be “returning” an animal. People need to stop using animals for prank videos. It’s unsafe for the animals and people.

  43. I went to go watch the video and can't believe how many comments there were of people saying it was funny. How is animal neglect amusing?

  44. the fact someone would buy a baby pinstripe ball python, use it as a fucking prop and stress it out just to return it to the pet store is mind boggling to me. i have snakes and i used to have a pinstripe ball python, so it really kind of hits hard when i see other people hurting the types of animals i have made a real connection with.

  45. I actually like the upload time cuz I work overnights so your videos have been fresh when I been watching.

    Yeah that Charles and Alyssa channel obviously exploited a living being for a PRANK VIDEO for God’s sake…. if that wasn’t bad enough, giving a copyright strike to Officer Paw for criticizing them instead of apologizing for their actions makes them full on YouTube villains.

  46. Officer Paw Patrol and his subscribers (myself included) are passionate about animals; their welfare and educating humans to be better and respectful of animals.
    All Charles and Alyssa are doing is causing the Streisand affect, making this bigger and bigger the more they try to suppress critique.
    That snake has feelings too, and I genuinely worry for it. Is it okay now? Did the stress cause an upper respiratory infection? Is the snake even alive? Questions we don't have answers to that people who know nothing of snakes won't even consider.
    Not to mention videos like theirs further the negative stigmas snakes already face. Ball pythons are one of the most gentle and docile snake species, yet he acted like it was a monster even though it did nothing wrong but exist apparently.
    Thank you so much Rep for covering this ❤

  47. it finally gets out of the pet store, just to deal with a stressful car ride, then used as a prop to make this idiot's gf scream nonstop for views, and returned to the pet store, terrified… honestly, just GROSS that anyone would think to do that at al… can't believe a grown man would act like that!

  48. So these fools get a snake in order to make a prank video, then decide when someone calls them out on it as abuse, to go after the person speaking out. Okay then. These children who do prank videos, abuse people, animals or whatever else they see fit to abuse, need to all be stopped. Random people are not props, animals are not props, life is not YOUR PROP. Just stop with this toxic nasty a$$ behavior, it is sending the wrong message to all the young kids out there.

  49. Even in the store it’s not being cared for right. Ughhhhh I hate peopllllle. Why would you do this to an animal, especially a baby which is much more scared and fragile.

  50. Hey!! Awesome!!
    This honestly made me SO happy when I awoke to see this in my notifications!!
    And made me so happy to watch this video.
    Thank you SO much for looking into it & covering this, with all my heart, I appreciate it!!
    Like you said, it involves two VERY serious issues.
    The abuse of YouTube copy-strike system,
    AND mistreatment of animals. (Along with lack of awareness/information.)
    I do agree, many times, ppl aren't purposely being malicious or purposely harming & mistreating animals. They often ARE, as you said, just ignorant/uninformed, etc.
    Which is one of the reasons why spreading awareness, informing & educating on these issues, is SO SO SO important. And why I feel Officer Paw Patrol & his channel & videos are so important & a really positive thing.
    So crappy to abuse the strike system to remove a video made by a person who is educating & informing.
    I was really hoping you would cover this. Since I know you often do cover animal related issues, so I mentioned it to you cuz I felt that there was a strong possibility you would look into it, & you proved me right!
    (You were actually the first person I thought of when this was happening.
    I immediately thought, that I needed to mention it to you.)
    So, thanks again.
    Will be interesting to see what happens next.
    But either way, it's GREAT that, because of you, this got lots more exposure & many more eyes will be on them! & Hopefully, some more support on behalf of Officer Paw Patrol, his content, & getting the strike removed.
    Thanks, again!! For covering this & for being an advocate & ally to the animals & the animal welfare community!! 😻😻😻😻

  51. I’m only a 1.41 in an already I’m mad….snakes are not toys or props!😡 imagine if they had done that to a puppy or kitten…..poor things thinking they finally got a forever home then just to be taken back….it’s just….no. 😡
    Ppl like that are trash for doing ANYTHING for views. F***ing pathetic.😡

  52. You're exposing Charles and Alyssa.
    You're using them for views 2 man and if they used a snake 4 views how is that bad he didn't harm it . Everyone uses anything 4 views all the TV shows use people and some TV shows have pets in it so what's the difference between YouTubers and Any other TV shows that use animals 4 views?
    Society is hopeless.

  53. Couldn’t he have just gotten a fake one? Like it would’ve saved the snake a lot of stress because your changing its environment for no reason

  54. Quite honestly I dont mind that people dont like snakes, before I started keeping reptiles I was scared of them too! Using a innocent animal as a prop for a prank is a disgusting act that has no excuse what so ever. That snake was a ball python, one of the most beginner friendly and absolute puppy dogs of the snake world (I own three personally, on of which was a PetSmart rescue) and doing that to a snake is completley horrid. A new snake can take awhile to adjust depending on age, usually 1-2 weeks of minimal contact to let them adjust because guess what, one of the number one causes of snake deaths in captivity is stress. Not to mention they both were afraid, and in freaking out they could have easily hurt the creature by stepping on it, and in that state of terror it could have bit one of them. The bite wouldnt have hurt from a snake that size, but the first time you get bit is always a shock, and in that shock they could have dropped the snake. This was a very dumb choice and I sincerely hope that snake finds a good home and this mistreatment doesnt cause a distrust of humans in its future.

  55. Let’s try our best end ALL animal cruelty, including cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, etc who are killed every day just because people think they “taste good”! Animals that feel pain and fear and don’t want to die or be born just to suffer 💔

  56. Thank you so much for bringing light to the copy right strike situation!! Office paw patrol is so awesome and don't deserve this shit!!!

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