Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Clothes, Ironing & Mens Underwear

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Clothes, Ironing & Mens Underwear

If you have washed your own clothes
you will never take your clothes for granted. You’ll always be… thank you! Thank you. Clean. ‘Cause there’s no washing technique
which involves you to look nice. If you wash clothes by hand you will
look like the hardest working farmer on the planet. There’s no civilized, like… Hello… yes, the biscuits are there. ‘Cause you have to like… slap it and shit. Sweating, you’re reconsidering
why you bought half the things. You squeeze your underwear and
you’re like, “Why’s a black liquid coming out?” How much do I sweat? Every ironing board is
manufactured in five minutes. Because people who manufacture
ironing boards… hate their life. Okay?
Look at this. Every ironing board is like this. Now, by the way, there’s
no option with ironing boards. This is the shape…
or it’s the bed. There’s no other… You can’t be like, “Sir,
do you have a circular one?” He’s like, “No! Get
the fuck out of my store.” Okay. I hate putting clothes for drying. It’s the worst thing.
I don’t like it. But, some people like it. And then, my mom
has a very strict rule. Three clips
or… go home. I’m like, “Mom, I’ve faith in this clip.
I think one clip is enough.” ‘Cause I’m lazy to go down
and get more clips. I’m like, “No, mom.
One clip is enough,” And the clip is telling me, “Bro!” One gust of breeze and
I’ll fly like a bird. And you’re sitting by the window and
see all your underwear flying by. Mom, I’ll be back in a second. Three clips, man. You need three clips. And then, comes the worst part
which is… folding clothes. Yeah. This is where, my dad or mom,
depending on whose folding, gives life advice. Don’t walk into a parent… folding… Something… they feel like
giving advice at that time. You know, have you thought about your job…
Like… oh, shit! How many clothes are there to fold? It’s been a while since
we went on a vacation. How’s that girl you’ve been
dating for so long now? Just… The beautiful life-cycle is
when you give away clothes. Okay? And that’s the heaven version. When you give it to the watchman
or someone, that’s like after-life. It’s nice.
We give it to people who need it. The shirt is happy.
He’s like, “Oh, I’ve a new family.” Yay… I’m adopted.
Yay! Hell is when you use it
as a car washing cloth. That is hell for the life-cycle
of clothes. As a watchman passes by the car… the cloth is like, “WHY!” Why? Just because there was a hole
in the crotch. Guys, if the most common part
for the pants to get ruined is the crotch, why don’t they put a triple stitch there,
I don’t understand. They instead put one stitch there, dude. I think about all this. I think about all this. There’s another iron that most women
will relate to, which is the hair iron. Which I’ve also used. I used to have long hair
and I used to iron my hair ’cause I’m a Malayali and the moment I used to bring the hair iron
close to my hair, it used to give up. Oh, Mallu hair… it’s not working.
Bye! It’s weird.
They’re not safe at all. But, no one gives a shit.
They give it to young girls and all. You won’t let a young girl catch a…
It’s hot! Don’t touch the cup, it’s hot. Okay… It’s damn dangerous. And… I don’t know…
women go into this… meditative state when
they’re ironing their hair. Where they have to follow the iron
and it’s movement. The poor girl’s been doing this
since two years… Since her Pomeranian has run away… she’s been ironing her hair. It’s the funniest to see when you divide it into sections… the same hair clip from the terrace
is coming… One clip is enough, bro.
One clip is enough. There’s… have you used the… There’s another version of this
which is the previous version. Which is the same thing
but it runs on coal. Yeah. It’s the ‘giantest’ upgrade of any equipment
on this planet. It went from coal to electric.
That’s an amazing jump. That’s like before you bought a hatchback,
your family traveled in a steam engine. Oh my God! I’ve seen people iron with that.
It’s like an arm workout. The whole shirt below’s like… It’s super scary. No, that’s the thing now…
I’m scared of assembling this… It’s… I hate this ironing board. I’m going to try and clean this up.
-Try. Now, please when you dispose off irons,
put them in a respectful place. Don’t leave them on the dining table
like this. ‘Cause your young cousin, who’s an idiot
will do this… No, seriously. My parents said,
“Please don’t put it here, put it… here”
I’m like, “Why?” “‘Cause someone will pick it up.” I’m like, “Dad, if someone in our family
is so dumb, I think you should let them go.” Oh, this is the miniature version
of a bedsheet. Which is the hardest thing to fold
on this planet. ‘Cause you need a trusting family member whose going to mimic
your hand movements. Now, we shall do the right side. Now, not the right…
the left side… no, shit! And then, one of you has to take the fall…
Okay, I’m going to run towards you. I’m going to run towards you. And… we’re going to have
a weird sexual moment. Where both of us hold hands. No, not today. Prakash, not today. The difference between men
and women is… after my dad folds it, he does… this. He folds it and puts it down. My mom… she gives it love. She’ll do this, she’ll do this
and she’ll do… I was going to do a segment about
my underwear but I didn’t want to do it. Yeah… because that’s a really weird
part of a family when… your washing stuff…
I have flatmates. We have two guys
and this one girl. And it’s all chilled but then,
the moment she washes her clothes… we’re not allowed to walk
near the washing machine. ‘Cause she’s like, “What if
you see my bra?” Yeah, you’re right.
Then we’ll stop being friends. It was like…
It’s like… you walk into drying bras and… like… bras also look
so amazing when they’re drying. Like… Ah! Like male underwear’s like… Also, male underwear
are staring at the bras. Drying. Clothes also are fuckers, dude…
Male clothes… Did you guys… any women here
who stay with male flatmates? Please… if you see that underwear like… cotton fibers flying everywhere… yeah, like it’s too worn out. I don’t know what they’re saving
their underwear for? They hold onto their underwear like
they hold onto their jeans. Like bro, this underwear
has seen my graduation. I’m not letting go of this one. Bro, there’s a hole in the front. Yeah, it’s easy, dude. For peeing… for peeing… You guys are all sick,
you know that? You guys are all sick. How do you honestly…? When you’re checking which underwear is used
and all… how do you check? I asked.
It’s a personal question. I don’t know why we do that? It’s the most horrible way to check. But, why do we all do that? Yeah, it’s used.
Why do we all… ? Why do we all do that? Don’t act like you don’t do it. Why do we need to? Don’t act! There’s no Sherlock Holmes detective
who like… March 8, 5:30 pm. Yes, this was… Said it!
Someone had to say it. Women will nicely fold
their underwear. This is how guys fold underwear. Where is my pile of underwear? It’s clean! Don’t act. Can you do some… ? He was telling me
to stop giving him looks. Throughout this segment. -Guilty conscience.
-Okay. Are you guys flatmates or something? -No. Best friends.
-Best friends. Okay… What is relatable about that… then? I was telling her not to give me looks
because that’s not what I do. He stays at IIT, Bombay. He stays at IIT, Bombay? Fuck it. You don’t wash them.
What’re you saying? What’s he acting noble for? Six months, minimum…
you have to use it. Till it’s not foldable…

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