CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Youíll have to pardon my lack of enthusiasm
here. Because itís not at all about the quality of this game. Iím not telling you this is
a bad video gameóalthough I have a slight argument over the application of the term
video game. This is more like a video. Stop there, and
youíd be more accurate. I used to really like this game, but I donít
anymore. And I think I should make this abundantly clearójust because I donít like something
doesnít mean I think it sucks. People get inexplicably defensive about things like this,
and the last thing I want to initiate here is some kind of idiotic flame war. Bloated,
boring, all words Iíd use to describe Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. But wait, waitóbecause, my personal views
on a game that only lets you grab a backpack within its first 40 minutes aside, Iíd also
call it an amazing 3DS game. That is, if youíre into this kind of thing. And call it a hunch, but Iím assuming a vast
majority of gamers are. And thatís fine. In fact, I wish I still had the patience for
this. Snake Eater is a phenomenal experience as a whole, provided youíre willing to invest
a substantial amount of time into what is largely a passive interactive experience. I know Iíve been doing more editorializing
up to this point than reviewing, and thatís because I made this major realization about
the evolution of my tastes in gaming when returning to Snake Eater on the 3DS. That
said, if you want a full review of Metal Gear Solid 3…we have that here on CGRundertow.
And it should also please you to hear Snakeís first mission on a Nintendo system in nearly
a decade is a great one. I just wish I still liked playing it. If youíve never played the game, the storyóand
believe me, thereís a lot of storyóis about a CIA operative codenamed Naked Snake. His
mission is to take down a major nuclear threat in the Soviet Union, and of course, he does
that…by sneaking through forests and stuff. This is a very smart and very slow stealth
game predicated upon immersion, deliberateness and ultimately, patience. But speaking more specifically about this
3DS version, this is a fantastic port. Snake Eater looks incredible on Nintendoís portable,
and its implementation of 3D visuals is among the best weíve seen. The problem, of course,
is that the 3DS doesnít have a second analog stickóat least, not standard. And Snake Eater
was designed to be played with one. So unless youíre playing with an ugly plastic
tumor attached to your system, it takes some time to get used to the controls on the 3DS.
You move the camera with the face buttons and crouch with the d-pad, neither of which
feels quite right. Fortunately, you can actually walk while crouching in this 3DS version,
which is a nice addiction from prior versions of the game that compensates for some of the
awkwardness. But apart from that, Snake Eater 3D is, in
most ways, an improvement. Itís just that, I donít know…I guess Iím
at a point in my life where games with such an overwhelming emphasis on story just arenít
my thing anymore. But if youíre fortunate enough to still be interested in watching
Snakeís story unfold and occasionally being asked to participate, the legendary Snake
Eater is even better in 3D.

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  1. i added u 😛 ur playing, super mario 3d land, btw i bought MGS 3D and playing it now ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no framerate issues at all untill now like they say in reviews, i also got RE:Revelations its amazing too!!!, but i kinda like MGS 3D more cuz i really love snake and the story is intresting and I <3 STEALTH Action games, RE Raid mode is alot of fun too 😛 , btw iam playing them with the Circle Pad Pro they work fine with the default controls but with the CPP it works better

  2. i also coudnt find RE Revelations, i live in egypt region PAL and my 3ds is Region NTSC so i get my games from US, and my father was there the only RE copy i found was used game without a box only game 😛

  3. i will check, why dont u use facebook? what i hate about a 3ds there is no messing system there is swap note but its diff they should make like a chat app or something

  4. Swap Note is great and amazing but its not for chatting and stuff, its like for sharing stuff with your friends

  5. Why are u qqing… He is saying that he dont likes the game, but he recognice is an awesome game… u cant blame him for not like the game…

  6. This is a great game, I have it, but I wouldn't say that porting it to the 3DS was an smart move, you see, this game doesn't fit well with what portable gaming is about, you have to sit through videos that are over 15 minutes and that's something hard to do on the go. I've had to see how my 3ds discharges when playing this game with merely 10 or 20 gameplay time, 'cause I spend all the battery watching videos lol. The game is great with circle pad pro if you're interested.

  7. That's where investing in the playstation vita and getting the hd collection for the vita you get a better controll set up thats more natural

  8. This is a bad video game? That's funny, cause in all of your past reviews of this game and the new one for PS Vita, so say this is one of the best games ever made. Is it because it's on the 3DS? Don't judge a game just by the platform it's on.

  9. This was a review? The only reviewing you did was talking about being able to crouch run.
    You even stated the game was an overall improvement, in what ways? Spent most of the time talking about your "great" epiphany in tastes and cracking bad jokes =/

  10. Another reason why Derek should only review 1st party nintendo games, especially those with "Mario" in the title (This is coming from a guy who still believes the PS1 MGS was the best..)

  11. Derek constantly "reviews" games in this manner. He's annoying. He tries to sound smart, but just sounds pretentious and childish.

  12. You rock, Classic Game Room ALWAYS delivers; appreciate your candor and lucidity. I wish there was a way to filter YouTube by these criteria.

  13. This reviewer makes no sense what so ever. You're giving the game very bad reception just because you don't like the kind of story telling anymore? Tough shit, This is a port of a 7 yearold game, you can SKIP them, its something personal opinions that you think makes it a bad game shouldn't even be or effect the review. I love how he just focuses on story telling than anything else. Story telling? From a 7 yearold game. This is nothing new, just an updated version of MGS3.This review sucked ass.

  14. I'm pretty sure the reviewer put extra emphasis on the fact that it's an excellent game that shouldn't be missed by anyone really, but that he personally does not enjoy the type of game anymore. He pretty much gave it the highest recommendation but said that his tastes had changed. I don't know where you get the idea that he said it sucked

  15. game is much better on 3ds xl and ps vita, when I played it on the original 3ds I was like "wtf how am I supposed to see that guard over there"?

  16. i dont want to hear your fucking life stories on a review of a good game
    you are not worthy to be an underling of cgr

  17. Snake Eater wasn't originally designed around a second analogue stick; it played from an almost top-down view, like previous Metal Gear Solid games. They later changed this in the Subsistence version, and it made the game much better. But I'd have thought there'd still be the option to play from the original perspective – if you're that against using a CPP, I'd play through that angle.

    Utlimately though, you're best off getting this on console via the HD collection. It looks gorgeous.

  18. this is not even a review, all he did was say how he did not like games like this that have loads of cutscenes and focus more on story than gameplay, why was he chosen to review this? There are other reviewers who could have did this on undertow, better yet, send this game to mark so HE could review it.

  19. you gotta be pulling my leg, on a 3.5 inch screen it's so hard to play mgs 3 which was MADE FOR CONSOLES, I have no trouble playing peace walker on the psp go (same screen size as 3ds) because it was made for handhelds and the screen is not cluttered with grass and trees

  20. Isn't that hard to see guards in a jungle///plus I played the game a lot of times so I know every guards location and patrol route 😛

  21. >circlepad is a tumor
    so you want your cake and to eat it, you either use the face buttons or the "tumor", "do you eat shit" – kamiya, also the game has too many custscenes ? i'd love to see you play mgs 4

  22. Not so much a review as much as it is him saying it's a great game, but not his style, besides that, he gets the point across on the game being a bit strange till you get use to the controls. Also, why am I one of the few people who can see that the reviewer is saying the game is great, but isn't his style of game anymore? seriously people have such tight asses about this stuff, and should learn to loosen up a bit.

  23. Ya, you can skip the cut scenes, and a lot of people did skip them first time through just to play the game, but there is still a ton of them to go through. Also the reviewer clearly says it's a great game, it's just not his style of game anymore, which is reasonable, tastes change as people mature. So are you getting the "people these days can't appreciate good games" from the reviewer? or just people in general?

  24. It was slightly biased, and I can agree that it would have been better if someone else had reviewed it, but at least he's not biased to the point of saying the game sucks, and gets the point across about the controls being a bit strange, not professional, but still helpful to some degree.

  25. I can agree with that, and honestly the comments about the controls did make me second guess buying the game, I suck at the game on the ps2, having strange controls would make it harder for me. But i'm still going to buy it because my ps2 copy doesn't work anymore, and it's personally a game I would want to play anywhere, allowing me time to get use to the controls. But that's me, not everyone else, so I see what you're saying.

  26. Regardless the reviewers feelings of the original game, he neglects to mention glaring flaws that stick out in this port. The framerate is just wonky and for cutscenes it is awful. There's pop-in with grass that appears out of nowhere. And I can't see how someone would defend the visuals when they just don't work on the 3DS' small screen. It's jaggy, muddy, and just hard to see.

  27. I'll be honest I'm a bit biased when it comes to the whole console ordeal. But I'm being completely honest when I say there's no reason for the 3DS to have this

  28. your fucking babbling about how you don't like the game you chose to review takes up so much of the video. quit your fucking blubbering next time because this "review" was mainly just stupid apologetic "OH WELL ITS NOT BAD BUT I DONT LIKE IT" garbage. I don't fucking care just review the game objectively, you dunce.

  29. There is a Vita version as well. But why do you say the 3DS does not deserve it? Doesn't everyone have the right to play a good game like this one?

  30. Because it's weird that this game is on handhelds. I even find the Vita version weird, with it's gimmicky controls. The problem is that EVERYONE is always trying to make something new, and the 3DS version tries waaaay too hard to make this another Peace Walker.

  31. What do you mean, "how?" There's a crouch-walk and a numeric damage indicator in the 3DS version. There's a finicky and pointless "knife" gesture in the Vita version. The numeric damage display was in Peace Walker to compare damage because of the large array of weapons in the game. MGS3 doesn't need it. At all. You can already tell which does more damage in the right situations. But the knife gesture. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE STUPID KNIFE GESTURE. I WILL KILL A MAN IF TEMPTED INTO THE CONVO.

  32. Butt hurt is a non-existent term. And I'm only saying that they really shouldn't fix what wasn't broken at all.

  33. You forgot something: Is this the subsistance version? IE are the original MSX games playable here with some of the extra features? Because the Vita certainly has that version, plus the special ed. of MGS2 all in one cart with better controls… and framerate.

  34. you're wrong, the first Metal Gear game on a Nintendo platform was Metal Gear! or at least, the shoddy NES version.

    nah, it's alright, the first Metal Gear SOLID game was definitely Ghost Babel, followed 4 years later by The Twin Snakes

  35. You'd think that they would port over Peace Walker to the 3Ds. The controls are the same, it shouldn't be that hard and it would benefit from being on a cartridge instead of a disc.

  36. One of my favourite games of all time, and I agree, if you don't mind the lack of HD textures this is the best version with the addition of crouch-walking and third-person over-the-shoulder aiming. Glad the reviewer gave his perspective on things, and explained that the game isn't the problem, it's just how he views games like this.

  37. Konami kinda false advertised this game because the demo trailer for this looked like it was going to be a full 3DS remake but instead we get a bit of a butchered port.

  38. Trying to say that Snake Eater is "a video" rather than a video game is a completely unjust and exaggerated statement.

  39. Fuck I hate a lot of Derrick's reviews, but at least he makes me think from a different point of view. I hated this port just because of the controls. I love the original, I've been playing it close to ten years and I still discover new things, same with 2.

  40. the reviewer just said that he doesn't like reviewing the game and has bias against it. then why the hell is he still reviewing it. just the tell us the good and bad points of the port and stop padding the review with your "oooohhh, i don't want to review this cause i have a sophisticated taste in games now.", what the hell is the importance of that in the context of the review. we watch review so it will help us decide whether we should buy a product. 

    but this reviewer gives us a rather confusing reviewer, "it's a great game, WAIT! I still have to whine how this game is stupid, for ME, BECAUSE BIAS OPINIONS".  this guy should learn  to think what his viewers really need, info on a game. if reviewers don't have any substantial thing to say about a game and has a more in depth video about the same game about story, sounds, gameplay ect. then focus on what you can review. 

    if this guy just stopped whining and focus on the review this video would be more or less 2 mins, unless he was deliberately padding the video to make longer and also trying to make himself cool and sophisticated even if come across as annoying.

  41. I hate the controller use on the 3ds for this game even with the 2nd joystick I tried it later on the vita and I loved it if only vita had better games ,translate those games from japan and send them my way

  42. Is it just me or is it that when ever this guy reviews a remake of a ps2 classic that everyone loves the there are way more dislikes

  43. I bought this game just now.Played the demo on the new 3ds XL last week and I've been itching to get it since.Loved the demo.I've played all versions of snake eater.I'm a big metal gear solid fan and if the full game is anything like the demo I am gonna be very happy with my twenty Euro purchase.The new controls,the 3d,the sound quality and heck even the graphics all impressed me hugely.I've heard tales of frame rate issues.I am hoping this will not be an issue on the new 3ds with its faster processor.I encountered none while playing the demo.Fingers crossed.If your a big metal gear fan also.I recommend the purchase and 20 euro is not that much money for a game that has a heckler of a lot of replay value.I've passed it countless times getting foxhound rank etc and I still enjoy it.I'll comment on this again after passing it on the new 3ds and let Ye guys know about the frame rates.Peace.

    Ps: No offense uploader but this was a God awful review.I've seen other reviews by you and they were just fine but this one sucked donkey balls.

  44. I kind of wish they held out for the New 3DS when making this, but they didn't know about it all the way back then,  so I don't blame them. Still, Three was the one that I enjoyed the most and felt the most attached to when I was a kid, and even inspired some of my friends to join the army. This was such an emotional roller coaster and I'm really glad I get to play it again.

  45. spot on review derek …. the cut scenes are one of the reasons i packed it in on this lackluster series years ago…. im not gonna waste money just to watch cut scenes and occasionally play the game….. complete garbage

  46. This was the only game I could afford and really wanted play. It was late at night and I found out that I have no games for my 3ds.

  47. i played MGS5 because ground zeroes was free for psplus and it blew me away i loved them both and decided i wanted to know more. so i got the legacy collection and have played through every single one back to back snake eater's story and survival mechanics combined with the very overdue 3rd person camera made it easily stand out as the second best in game play only to mgs5 and 1st in story. i was excited to see snake eater in 3d but of course the crappy second analog and from what i can see far simplified shooting i doubt i will ever pick this up

  48. I have to admit when I heard this was on 3ds with a collection​ edition face plate and carrying duffle bag. I geeked out, It was a first full length storyline in MGS on a portable Nintendo system in some time. ( I still have G.B.A and a copy of the G.B Metal Gear. I still have Portable Ops on Psp) It's a great port from PS2 and its portable which is what I always wanted. Wish there was more MGS games for 3ds.. E3 is on now so maybe they'll surprise us..

  49. Metal gear solid snake eater was good man. But it was the worst in the series in my opinion.

    Played everyone through and through.

    Didn't like the visual novel style. And the controls were difficult given the single analog stick.

    Meh. Loved the mobile MGS games on vita though.

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