CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER: HD EDITION for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGRundertow METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER: HD EDITION for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD. Ok, where do I start
with a review of this game? Metal Gear Solid 3 is by far my favorite game in the Metal
Gear franchise. It was just perfect. It was the perfect mix of everything that goes into
a great game but they don’t interfere with each other. The story is a cool James Bond
like 60 drama, filled with espionage, betrayal and cool story turns. The gameplay is more
solid than pumice that has been soaked in superglue. I mean seriously, I cannot say
enough about this game. Like an upset girlfriend, the Metal Gear Solid
franchise is going back into the past to explain why things are so messed up right now. After
the Sons of Liberty story ended, people were left confused and wondering what was going
to happen next. And so was Konami, so they went back to the Cold War to lay the groundwork.
You play as Snake, or Naked Snake, and are sent into Russia with a mission of high importance.
I would go into detail about the mission but I know someone who just got back from Rwanda
and has not seen the Metal Gear Solid franchise since the PSone days and has been dying to
play more would cry spoiler right after they take their malaria shot. So I’m going to
just leave it at that. Gone now are the narrow corridors and confined
indoor locations. Instead of all the claustrophobia you are instead treated to Russophobia. You
are alone, in the jungle, surrounded by wildlife and Russians. And you thought High School
Musical 3 was scary. This is what an episode of Survivor should really be like. Snake has
to hunt and eat the local wildlife to survive… and refill his stamina bar. He also has to
heal himself through the cure menu. Rather than just taking a Ration like in previous
game, you know have to cure yourself. Using your knife to cut out bullets, and your cigar
to remove leaches. All the things you will see at any West Virginia family reunion. The
biggest edition to the game is the Camo index. You have to change your Camo to blend in with
the area. Gone is your radar, this is the jungle son. We don’t have those fancy samcy
radars. The higher the number the more hidden you are so you will constantly be going into
the menu to change your Camo to stay hidden. The game looks amazing and this was before
the HD upgrade. It is hard to believe that this is a PS2 game because it looks better
than some PS3 games I’ve been playing. The HD really adds to this game, more so than
in Metal Gear Solid 2. The jungle looks more defined and you will notice more wildlife
and little things as you crawl through the grass. All the environments look crisp and
clean. This really came in handy during the boss fight with The End, which is my favorite
part in the entire series. Take that old man. The game is the Subsistence version of the
game, which means you get all those extras that you like, like Snake vs Monkey modes,
Secret Theater and Boss Survival mode. Also added are the original Metal Gear and Metal
Gear 2: Solid Snakes from the NES. Gone is the original Metal Gear Online, which I played
obsessively when it was released. If you have never played Metal Gear Solid 3 before, there
has never been a better time. Except for the first time it was released, or the second
time for the online. Getting this collection is worth it if only for this game. It holds
up to anything released today and still gets my vote for the best of
the PS2 award.

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  1. I always dreamt of doing the cool CQC snake uses in the MGS3 cutscenes, in-game the hand to hand combat is crap unfortunately… But in MGS5 the CQC was amazing! (but the story was weird and unfinished… and SEHALANTROPUS… WTF!!)

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