CGRundertow BATTLE CHESS for NES Video Game Review

CGRundertow BATTLE CHESS for NES Video Game Review

As a lifelong gamer and most of all as an
adult, my head is filled with distractions. That’s probably why I’m not a very good chess
player. Combine arguably the most popular board game in history with 8-bit representations
of chess pieces that have come to life to serve your purposes, and you’ve got…well,
chess. Ok, not just any chess that you’ll see at a bingo hall or hip coffee shop, but
Battle Chess from Data East and Beam Software for the NES. For those who are familiar with
the Amiga, 3DO, hell even the Atari ST, you’ll no doubt realize that this is not the best
looking version of Battle Chess. The graphics are flat and boxy, not too impressive. Take
a look at any screenshot of any PC version of this game and you’ll see what I mean. But,
to be fair, this chess game clad in steel plate armor and magic spells still has a certain
retro flair. Each game starts out like any other game of chess. You can play against
a friend or the computer, whose AI has come into question many times over. Nonetheless,
I’m way out of practice, so it wouldn’t matter if a chimpanzee was on controller 2. As you
go through the movements in your strategy, you’ll come to either appreciate or loathe
the slow piece movement accentuated by the clanking of steel boots as your pawns and
knights move. Rook movement is particularly good for a laugh, as their true form is revealed
when you find out that they were rock monsters this entire time. When it comes time to get
your hands dirty in some head-to-head chess combat, it’s on to the battleground that looks
like the first hole in your neighborhood putt-putt course. Now I know it would go against the
hallowed laws of the game, and maybe I’ve been playing a little too much Skyrim lately,
but you should be allowed to make something happen during this battle sequence instead
of just sitting through a short and kinda boring video. Like cast magic spells or swing
a sword. It just feels like a detachment from the action and the game may actually be better
off without them. If you find yourself a little flat footed, as I surely did throughout the
course of the game, fear not. The archangels from heaven will save your pious ass by offering
you the option to suggest a move to make. Call it cheating, but it’s a great way to
get your feet wet again if you haven’t played chess in a while like I have. Also available
is a take back option that acts as a do-over, especially helpful if you give up checkmate
too early, so Battle Chess can effectively be dubbed as a beginner-friendly chess simulator
as well as one for the pros, since there are up to six difficulties, from novice to Level
5. Which I’m assuming is like playing against Deep Blue. If you’re jonesing for the King’s
Game, Battle Chess, just like any other version of the game, will do in a fix. And for the
iNerds out there, or just people who would rather play Battle Chess with next-gen graphics,
a spanking new version was set to be released this summer for use on any iOS, and also for

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  1. 3:42 "For the iNerds out there, or people who would rather play battle chess with next gen graphics, a spanking new version was set to be released this summer for YOUS on any iOS and also for PC."

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