Newton’s First Law of Motion – Class 9 Tutorial

Newton’s First Law Of Motion In our everyday life we observe that effort is required to put a stationary object into motion or to stop a moving object. Have you ever wondered if a ball, kicked on the ground, would keep moving forever, or, after some time would it naturally stop moving? Until Newton, most […]

Joseph Sifakis, 2007 A.M. Turing Award Laureate Interview

A.M. Turing Award Oral History Interview with Joseph Sifakis by Cris Calude Athens, Greece September 6, 2019 Calude: This is a video interview with Professor Joseph Sifakis for the ACM Turing Laureates video interviews project. We are on the Friday, 6th of September 2019, in number 3 Stisichorou Street, Athens, Greece. Joseph received the award […]

Snake Game web app Tutorial last part

Hello everyone and welcome in Source Code Planet , this is the last episode of making Snake Game web app Sorry add some styles to the button to make it attractive Add some effects when the user clicks on it Now we need to wrap the starting code of the game in one function let’s […]

Snake Game web app Tutorial part5

Hello everyone and welcome in Source Code Planet this is the fifth episode of making Snake Game web app Ok when the user collides the head of the snake with another segment the game should end So we stop moving and drawing Cool add a div with an id ‘game-container’ add some styles Style the […]


*Evil Laughing* (Kicked Chase) *More Evil Laughing* (Chase Screaming) (More Chase Screaming) It Was Just A Bad Dream Bad Dream Huh What Was It Bout? Another Bad dream What? Do I have a booger? *Laughing* intro lol *Chase Scream* We’re done with the skit you can stop screaming, so FGTEEVers what is up we are […]

СУПЕР МАРИО ОДИССЕЙ #29 мультик игра для детей на СПТВ Super Mario Odyssey Детский летсплей

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The Rules of the Game: DVD 01-02 The Game of the GoldRing Begins

The Game begins once the player sees the end of the game is scarcity, poverty, depression and the fascist control of the few over the rights of the many. The Game starts when there is a realization that the biggest lie and the biggest theft was the willing enslavement of each individual to a corruption […]