‘Gilmore Girls’ Trivia: Melissa McCarthy vs. Kelly Clarkson

– In honor of “Gilmore Girls” that we have that we each have, an Irish whisky, decorated by Michael with our face. That’s right. And you know what, I don’t want to be rude. And it literally has whisky. And you have a little cup holder. – Yes. I thinks somebody’s like, “there’s a splash […]

Hare&Tortoise/Council of Verona: Alison Haislip, Jessica Merizan + David Kwong on TableTop S03E04

– TableTop Games take their inspiration from a number of different sources. From the mythical stories of ancient times to our imagined futures, we can visit any world we want when we sit down to play with our friends. Today on TableTop, David Kwong, Alison Haislip, and Jessica Merizan are here to play a pair […]

Разбор обновления Might and Magic Chess Royale – Сильнейшие сборки / синергии в текущей мете

Table Tennis at the Olympic Games #273

One of my strongest memories of the Olympics is playing against Timo Boll and Jorg Rosskopf. Two incredible table tennis players. Obviously Timo Boll one of the best players in the world Jorg Rosskopf was World doubles champion and then we were playing them in doubles so you know it’s going to be really tough […]

DC Funkoverse | Game the Game

(energetic music) – Hey there, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott, and today we are playing DC Funkoverse. I can’t wait to get into it and introduce you to my guests. Of course you all know and love Amy Dallen! – Hello, I’m so excited to be here! Specifically for this […]

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call | Game the Game

(upbeat quirky music) Hey, friends. Welcome to Game The Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott. And every week on this show, we bring you a cool new tabletop game. This week, we have Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call. And I have some amazing guests, including the game’s creator. Right here, we have Tom Gilliland. […]


Hi everyone! After a super short break we are back with a new video! We created a new website – go check it out! Also a new line of t-shirts is coming really soon! Today we are in Olomouc and we took our street-trial bikes We will play a card game – we got inspired […]

Western Legends | Game the Game

(upbeat rock music) Hello and welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host Becca Scott and today we are playing Western Legends. Before I introduce you to my guests, let me show you how to play. We’re pannin’ for gold, arresting criminals and robbin’ folks. That’s right, it’s Western Legends from Colossal Games. (upbeat music) […]

How to Play Pandemic

– We’re treating diseases and researching cures! That’s right, it’s Pandemic from Z-Man Games! (upbeat music) This contagious co-op pits two to four disaster specialists against the dangerous diseases spreading across the globe. Using their wits and action cards, players travel the earth, hoping to stamp out the infections before the population is overwhelmed. Quick […]

New Best Friends Song Reveals Secret Hidden Cameras in House! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)