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  1. Beautiful,Rites of passage,archeological accuracy,Plato,ancient architecture, gladiators,sea vessels,battles btwn empires,etc,.The real Mc Coy of Informative and responsibly accurate animation! Bravo!!!!

  2. Computer animation not nearly as good as hand drawn artwork is true antiquity.I recommend a film named "Sword of the stranger" as a masterpiece

  3. Love the way they show their prejudice and modern assumptions. With all the research, didn't they discover that most of the slaves WERE NOT BLACK? Or did they just assume that slave=black. Most of the slaves were prisoners taken in their wars, and there were so many that they were so cheap that the life of a slave was almost worthless, since he or she was so easily replaced, unless he was a scholar who could teach or attractive enough that he or she was wanted for sex.

  4. Beautiful movie which show us how was the life un Roman Empire in one of theirs colonial cities.
    Cartago Nova ,Cartagena today.

  5. Good movie.I liked ver y much.I think it' s the best manner to know the history of our countries,especially to kids ,young people and adulta.Thanks to directors for this movie and alzó forma tour big contribution to know cultur and history

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