‘CARROM’ Tamil Short Film – 2014

‘CARROM’ Tamil Short Film – 2014

Carrom is a life for some, For some it’s just a game,
For some it’s an entertainment. This story is about how these four guys play…… Just see how I pot the Red coin! First brush your teeth! First Carrom, everything next. By the way, where is Karthy? He will be coming Hey pocket the thumb pin. Ish… You are right…… Hey machang, what’s up? See, my uncle sent it from France Let me tell you one thing, Even if you wear a new dress, you are nude inside it. What, are you kidding me? Machang, there is a carrom tournament. If we win we can bag 50,000. What say? 50,000?
When? Welcome to the carom tournament 2014! You got to flick carefully, dude! They are coming! Are they the ones who have been selected for the finals? Yes dude. Their co-ordination and their spirit are the reasons for their success. If we break it…… Machang, somehow we have won the semi-final Yup, it was an amazing flick. You won it for us dude! Cannot get better!
Thanks dude. Machang you played the semi final really well. Let Varna and Yasa play the final, what do you say? Ok dude! Let’s rock!
Let me have a shower and I will be back. Have you taken a shower so quickly?
Yes machang! Let me play the finals! Just now you told me that you are Okay with these two playing? I played the semi final and I will play the final. That is what I am saying. You played the semi final. So let them play the final. You just sit back and watch them play. No, let me play the final. No way. Yasa is a better player than you. Let Varna and Yasa play tomorrow. You just watch the game! He plays better than me……Ohh… Machang today is final. We need to win it at any cost. Where is Karthy? He will come…. Hey, when did Karthy join that eam? Dazed?
Let’s see him in the game. narrative back in time from the current point the story has reached(Flashback) ill join in your team You missed a wonderful player! You play machang! Pocket the white………..! Hey, You! F…. He doesn’t know our game! narrative back in time from the current point the story has reached(Flashback) Planning You played bad. Not in the game. But in friendship. Better luck next time. So, isn’t what you did wrong? I told I will in your team, but I never said that I will play for you! its not only Carrom Go men! The god is behind us..!

20 thoughts on “‘CARROM’ Tamil Short Film – 2014

  1. hey piraveen nuwan udugampala here(HBSI) great work bro 🙂 BTW need Subtitles men ( otherwise nO Choice) LOL

  2. Good job 🙂 Everything was nice but my suggestion is actors need more emotion when acting 🙂 Give a realistic acting (y)

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