Cards Against Humanity!

Cards Against Humanity!

– How many have played the game
Cards Against Humanity? Do you know the game?
[cheers and applause] Popular game. We’re gonna try it right now
with Derek and Julianne and Nicole. And so here– I pick the category. And you’re gonna
pick the card. And then I’ll turn my back
and I’ll figure out who picks the best,
funniest card. You see if you’re gonna match
what I’m gonna say, okay? – Yeah. – All right,
so the first one is… “What never fails
to liven up the party?” I will turn around
and not look. – Okay. Okay.
– Okay? – We’re done, yeah.
– All right. Uh…
Oh, then I turn them over. I see, I see. But you probably
mixed them up so that you’re not
in order like that. – Yeah. – “Extremely tight pants.” “My humps.” “The miracle
of childbirth.” [laughter] You know what?
They’re all good. But I’m gonna go with
“The miracle of childbirth.” – Yeah!
[cheers and applause] – I think you said
tight pants. – I did actually.
– Yeah? – And I know about
your humps ’cause we’ve danced
together at a party. – Yeah. – All right.
So do I move these? All right,
let’s see the next one. “I drink to forget…” – Oh, shoot.
Okay. Okay. Ready? – Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait. – Okay.
– Yeah. – “I drink to forget…” “Your weird brother.” “Daddy issues.” “Lumberjack fantasies.” I’m gonna have to go
with “lumberjack fantasies.” – I love it.
– Oh. I’m gonna say “your weird
brother” was you. – No, “daddy issues”
was mine. – That was me.
They’re the same. – Yeah, yeah. – All right,
it kinda is the same. All right,
let’s see the next one. “A romantic candlelit dinner
would be incomplete without…” – All right.
– Okay? – Yeah.
– All right. Without “a can of whoop-ass.” Without “puberty.” – [laughing]
Without puberty. – “Full frontal nudity.” [cheers and applause] – Agreed. – Hmm. It’s kinda down
to these two right here. Uh, I’m gonna say
“Full frontal nudity.” [cheers and applause] – Good choice. Wildly inappropriate.
– All right. You win.
Look what you won. You win, Julianne.
– I win? Whoo-hoo!
– Yeah, a blender. – Oh, I have, like, five. At Derek’s house.
– Yeah. – Yeah, a blender.
– Yay!

25 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity!

  1. I don't get this game. What is the point of Ellen choosing a card? Is that the "correct" answer? Maybe I've been watching too much Family Feud

  2. This game is extremely rude nd has causes many arguments nd disagreements which have led to many physical fights nd injuries

  3. Love this game! It's so much fun to play and really is hilarious… received it as a birthday gift. 🙂 Highly recommend if you're a horrible person. HAHA

  4. I play the “Darkest Dungeon” version… a party usually has a Vampire, A mutant crocodile, or giant f***ing mosquitoes, a romantic date would be incomplete without A pelagic fish monster, a hideous shape shifter, or a half human insectoid who drinks corrupted blood, I drink to forget The cyclopian ruins, the unholy undead, or the voices echoing from pig like demons, so on.

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