Card Skills that Will Leave you SPEECHLESS!!

Card Skills that Will Leave you SPEECHLESS!!

What’s up guys, welcome back! Cardistry-Con in the butt 2019 just happened in Portland and it showcased some of the world’s best cardists. Every year They have a competition in the Cardistry-Con championship and today we’re gonna look at some of the submissions for the finals, the bonus round, as well as uno, which is a cardistry video by Noah Heath one of my favorite cardist’s on the planet these kids are outstanding insane and Possibly from another planet. By the way guys if you want to check out all these channels I left their instagrams and videos below you Can go ahead and check them out. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some entertaining content on your phone Without any further ado. Let’s get into start watching these things. Let’s go. I like the music choice not sure if this is gonna get flagged or not, but We’re going with it And that’s cool. I wonder who made that animation Okay, whoa, whoa, okay, okay What! oh my god tell me that’s gonna be yup four aces Dude it looks like you just taped all those cards together Oh What Okay, hold on a sec, I want to try that So he just like, huh Is that working is that looking huh, huh? Let’s keep going Look at that grip look at that weird weird ass grip what is happening? Oh, wow. Ah Just when you think it’s like… that’s the thing with these guys man… just when you think they’ve… oh! My god, just do you think they’ve done everything and then like it keeps going like here. He’s gonna close it. Oh, So good dude, what?! How the heck does that work? Wow… kinda looks like a swastika Wow!! Wha-what is this That’s my coffee machine You done? Check them out They’ve got some cool decks there. Next we’re gonna look at this is Lars Mayrand For the final at cardistry con 2019 let’s go Whoa! Let me turn this up here.. Wow that display! The music is really calming here. Oh that move.. Oh… What this guy is insane! Who is this guy never heard of him? Wow Wow That’s so beautiful My god what is even happening What was that? what’s goin.. how does he even cut that card?! Who is this cut? Oh I see, going green! He’s wearing green, the cards are green Wow Nuts dude! this kids nuts! what? How does that work?! I wish I was that good man. This is insane. Oh he built a car castle Know what? Whoa What Dude! On that little golden brick That’s kind of cool but how’s this happening? How is that happening? What was that Throw a thumbs up of this guy that’s insane. All right next. All right gal lock. This guy, I follow him on instagram. He’s really great I’ve cut the music out here because I believe it might be copy written Who knows at this point bonus round? gala, gal lock What? It’s the slowest color change you’ve ever seen Wow Ooo, he catches it Worm.. what! To sybil? How does that even work. Thats like a magic trick in itself- Wow! Oh my god All right, let’s see what’s going on here- what! what! Yeah, this guy’s nuts That’s cool, It’s like a little buzzsaw What’s going on here? Grabbing some books. He’s Pharaoh’s shuffling with a with a book?! Oh then a waterfall with a book?! That was insane! Whats this? A knife? I don’t understand what’s happening? This guy’s like a physics professor. It’s pretty cool Whoa! The old flapjack move What’s going on here? whoa build a little house All right, it’s getting a, he’s getting a board Like a, what’s happening here? What’s that That’s it okay, I thought he was gonna pull some crazy stuff. All right next up and lastly Aslan Valentin with The bonus round in 2019. Let’s check it out. Ooo, Ooo! That’s cool, these cards are dope This guy’s really gonna like flipping that deck. Whoo Very smooth and clean. Wow, that’s confusing- hurts my brain You gotta be kidding me Dude the talent that these kids have is insane- it’s like that 16 year old who just won fortnight man That’s what this reminds me of Insanely talented kids got a bright future Nuts- what? He just grew an extra hand! I’ve been working on my Carnahan Finn recently. That’s a really hard thing to do Trying to get it to go all the way wow, look at that These things look so simple, but when you start learning them you realize how difficult they actually are It sounds like the Cosby’s intro here All right, the big move here we go whoo, whoo whoa Yeah, how do you even close that out Well, well, well Okay, I think that about wraps it up for today. That is some insane insane cardistry as often when I watch these things I feel one of two things- inspired to get you know, really in the cardistry And two- I just wanna quit cardistry and never do it again Those are the two conflicting thoughts that I had go through every time I see these videos, you know one because yeah I’m never gonna be that good but two because I don’t have to be- it’s just fun to learn I’ve been looking for something to something new to do some some new cardistry Moves so maybe something that’s not, you know too much on a really crazy level. I’m not you know, I’m not a great Cardist But something easy that I could learn that looks cool Drop a comment below what you’re working on or where you’re what you’re learning and I’d love to I’d love to get to know Just get to learning something new. So hit me up in the comments like this video Don’t forget to follow all these people. I left their links below if you’re interested in seeing what they do these guys got a lot of talent and every year we’re blown away with the amount of increasing talent on- in Cardistry-Con so pretty crazy Thanks for watching. Thanks to all these artists that I featured and we’ll see Wednesday for another puzzle piece

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  1. Organic Playing Cards has a whole list of amazing moves here Or just search for Organic playing card tutorials

  2. I love the third guy since he used different house hold items for cardistry! Although they are all insane!

  3. Right now I'm working on a move called Curly Q. You should check it out it uses the mechanics of a Lepaul spread to do a one handed fan. Very cool

  4. really enjoy your channel. I while back you showed a deck of cards with one of the ad cards with the finger game as the image. I cant find that video again or remember the name of the deck. if you could help me out and let me know what it was and if you know if it is still in production that would be great. thank you cody

  5. hey I was just wondering if you ever gave Jason Parker any love on his channel – I started watching both of you guys the same time and both unique to your own styles you guys are even in worth, follow, watch and subscribe – I just hate somebody with just as much passion not be recognized – just spraying whiskey out me mouths

  6. I suspect they apply a topical coating to their fingertips for additional friction. I don't do magic or any cards or performing. But it makes sense

  7. People who do cardistry have the wierdest double-chins. (That's probably why chris is keeping the beard)

  8. Im watching a guy saying what nuts and how does that work for 12 minutes..

    And i dont regret every second of it <3

  9. When I was younger I thought this stuff was so cool looking, now…I find it dull, boring, useless and a waste of time.

  10. when you say azlan has a bright future um well with the way things are going for him it probably wont work out to well with the fact that he keep trash talking and causing a lil bit of toxicity and is being a sore loser then again hes a kid so its wtv we just should ignore it

  11. Random story time: Ok so I just brushed my teeth because its 10:00 where I'm at so I am using this new mouthwash and it was really hot. Moral of the day, dont try new mouthwash.

  12. Watching these videos there in a room full of people who are all as into it and appreciative of the craft as you is indescribably awesome

  13. You should definitely have a look at Mocking God, it's a super flashy move and an amazing fidget move as well.
    The only real prerequisite is BoBO 3, and you just need to get used to the move.
    Tutorial is on but it seems to be down at the moment

  14.'m NOT a yoouutuber or anything..I don't "make" $ thru YouTube or anything..I've never had a "copyrightstrike" thingy or whatever..until you flagged one of my viDeos,that was featuring a feature of my feature that I featured..or..something..whatever you did..cuz I featured part of a video..of you "featuring" underpressure card manipulation thing..that was featured on Dan and dave bux first DVD set ever..beFore youtube even big deal..really..just felt it kinda ruude-ish..and rather ironic .since you "constantly" feature parts of other people's vids and such…so why do I get a copyright strike?? Anyway still a fan of ur channel and stuff.. not even sure you did that on purpose …or hired a temp that did that..idk..

  15. And I thought I was good because I could do A card spring, a thumb fan, and this thing where I would spread the cards, raise one up and slide it down the deck.

  16. Dude at 5:46 is using a rigged deck for sure. If he's not, then I'll admit I'm a codfish and jump back in the ocean where I belong.

  17. Hey, since it got demonitized, and it's relevant, Cardistry Touch has released this August 1st

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