Caravan of up to 2,000 migrants headed to the US stopped in Mexico

Caravan of up to 2,000 migrants headed to the US stopped in Mexico

Authorities in Southern Mexico detained hundreds of African, Caribbean and Central American migrants who were heading north Sunday as part of an up to 2,000-person caravan aiming to reach the United States   The group set out before sunrise Saturday from the town of Tapachula, Mexico, where many had been marooned for months unsuccessfully trying to get transit visas They carried heavy backpacks, babies and parcels on their heads.Just before dusk, after having trudged more than 20 miles north, they were surrounded by hundreds of National Guard agents and police who persuaded the exhausted migrants to board vans back to Tapachula Children cried, and women complained angrily about waiting months for papers. It was unclear if any would be deported Authorities in Southern Mexico detained hundreds of migrants who were heading north in hopes of reaching the US Migrants are seen here walking down Highway 200 en route to Huixtla near Tapachula, Mexico, on Saturday A migrant carries a child and water as he walks along the highway Saturday The migrants were largely from Africa, Cuba, Haiti, and other Central American countries The migrants set out before sunrise Saturday from the town of Tapachula, where many had been marooned for months unsuccessfully trying to get transit visasWitnesses told Reuters that the caravan included up to 2,000 people and that about 500 members of Mexico’s National Guard military police blocked the highway on both sides Some of the police were also seen chasing migrants as they fled into neighboring fields It was estimated that about 150 of those migrants who were stopped elected to walk back to Tapachula on foot  The crackdown on the caravan, many of whose members were of African descent, underlined the sharp reversal from the immigration policy at work in Mexico a year ago, when officials looked the other way as large groups of migrants traversed the country heading for the U S. But under pressure from Washington, the government has been taking a tougher stance in dealing with migrants, and many Mexicans are being less welcoming Salva Lacruz, from the Fray Matías de Córdova Human Rights Center in Tapachula, called the roundup a ‘human hunt’ and noted officials waited until the migrants had tired out before forcing them into vans Sending the migrants back south was an ‘exercise in cruelty,’ Lacruz said, saying the migrants have come to Mexico because ‘they need international protection ‘About half of the migrants in the caravan were black, including Haitians, estimated Lacruz, who accompanied the group Wilner Metelus, a Mexican activist who was born in Haiti, described the government’s behavior toward migrants of African descent as ‘shameful ”Today the Afro-descendants are alone,’ he said.’Migrants of African descent don’t represent a threat to Mexicans Many of them are highly educated and could offer a lot to the country,’ Metelus added It was estimated that about 500 Mexican National Guard members (pictured Saturday) blocked the highway on both sides so that they could half the caravan’s progress Migrants are seen here being detained by authorities on Saturday as they walked north  A federal police officer speaks to a migrant carrying a child near Tuzantan, Mexico, Saturday It’s said that hundreds of the migrants were detained by authorities, while the rest were placed on buses to return them to Tapachula About 150 people were said to have walked back A migrant checks the diaper of a young child alongside the Highway 200 en route to Huixtla RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Son of Texas sheriff who slammed illegal immigrants as Gunman who ‘opened fire in revenge attack’ at a wedding,. Share this article Share The National Migration Institute said in a statement Saturday that each member of the caravan ‘will be treated in a personalized manner’ and that some will be returned to their countries of origin The situation for migrants in Mexico has changed dramatically since a caravan set out exactly a year ago from San Pedro Sula, Honduras  That group swelled at its height to 7,000 migrants who banded together to find safety in numbers as they trudged through Guatemala and then Mexico in an attempt to reach the U S.Mexican townspeople greeted that caravan with fruit, tortillas and water, while mayors cleared space for the large group to sleep in town squares Some cities even received the caravan with live music.The caravans’ unfettered passage north also earned Mexican officials the ire of U S. President Donald Trump, who threatened to close the U.S.-Mexico border if Mexico failed to staunch the flow of migrants Mexico’s export-driven economy is highly dependent on commerce with the U.S., and the government has become far less hospitable to migrants In June, officials broke up a large caravan, pulled migrants heading north from trains and detained two migrant advocates for questioning Migrants also have received less help from townspeople, while governments in Central America have agreed to work to slow the tide of migrants The migrants were said to have started walking from Tapachula just before dusk and had trudged more than 20 miles north when they were surrounded by National Guard agents The guardsmen and police persuaded the exhausted migrants to board vans back to Tapachula A migrant is seen being detained by Mexican authorities (left), while another migrant is seen riding a bike, laden with a small child and their possessions (right) Migrants are seen here walking towards Huixtla early Saturday morning It’s unclear if any of the detained migrants will be deported Migrants are seen here walking down the street as part of the up to 2,000-person caravan ‘It seems like there is increased enforcement across the region in response to U S. pressure,’ said Maureen Meyer, director for Mexico and migrant rights at the Washington Office on Latin America Migrants from conflict-wracked African countries set their sights on the Americas after doors began to shut in Europe A typical journey from Africa involves a flight to Brazil, which has been amenable to granting visas, followed by a long and perilous trip north The worst patch, many African migrants say, is the trek through Panama’s Darien Gap, a dense tropical forest inhabited by venomous snakes and ruthless robbers Now, southern Mexico has become a frustrating waystation for thousands of Africans, most of whom would prefer to start anew in the U S. or Canada because of language and cultural barriers in Mexico.’These are individuals that have gone through numerous horrors both in their home countries and then on their journey,’ said Meyer Most of the Haitians arriving at Mexico’s southern border, meanwhile, have lived in South America for several years after some nations granted them protected immigration status Now such policies are less favorable, propelling the Haitians to seek a new home at a time when their country is mired in an intense political crisis Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.Mexico has offered refugees the possibility of obtaining work and residency permits to stay in southern Mexico, far from the U S. border. But those asylum permits are slow-coming in an overstretched immigration system Also, southern Mexico is the country’s poorest region, so job opportunities there are scarce Hundreds of African migrants stranded in Tapachula opted against joining the caravan on Saturday and continue to bide their time on the streets Joseph Pele Meza, a father of two from Congo, said he feels it’s important to respect Mexican laws and wait for a permit to head north ‘Here I am waiting calmly,’ he said Sunday. ‘We just ask the authorities to open their hearts, to open the doors to give us documents ‘

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  1. Mexico's only priority is to send these liars back, what in the hell do you owe them mexico??? NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING,you owe your CITIZENS,security and peace

  2. As for DACA, we cannot give amnesty for DACA families,
    because their cost of education, medical, housing, welfare cost will be a
    astronomical amount of taxes that Americans will have to pay. They don't even
    pay nowhere near that amount in the taxes that they do pay. They are a public
    Charge and a burden on our country. It has to stop. They have to go home. DACA
    is illegal and no longer exist. DACA is going, going, gone. This is why they
    want to have anchor babies… (That is going next) It cost the US too much for
    these illegals to stay. They are draining this country all because they don't
    want to go home. I can see that activist don't even love this country. They
    need to leave also. They are basically attacking America in their own diluted
    way. Why do they want people to come here if we are so bad???? Why are they
    here, if we are so bad? our Citizens are wasting money on people who don't want
    to fight for change in their own country. Of course, people will die. Black
    Americans sacrificed their lives. These Migrants want to walk away from their
    country and reap the benefits of what my people did in the past. That is a weak
    people. The all came here singing their anthems and Holding their Flags as
    proud Hondurans and Proud Guatemalans, but yet they were coming to invade
    another country leaving a trail of garbage everywhere they went. People are tired
    of it. They want to bring their garbage to our country. They need to take that
    pride home and fight for change for themselves. Yes it is OK if some die. We
    had many losses. I see fat people in the caravans. They are not starving. I see
    women with 4 to 6 kids. They say they cannot take care of their families and
    they were threatened by the gangs. Hell, we have gangs and poverty here. You
    activist are teaching these people to come lie and America will take you if you
    have kids. The word has been put out there. You activist people think
    international law is something powerful. It will never rule over the US
    Constitution or our US SOVEREIGNTY. You Activist say we were Meddling in other
    countries. It is not the issue. They must have needed the help. We did not sign
    to be in the Migrant Pact. Activist sound like Migrants, claiming
    "International Law, International Law, we have a right to live anywhere we
    want" . The activist and the Lawyers know you cannot just invade another
    person’s country!!! They know Migrants have no constitutional rights. They are
    not citizens. (EXAMPLE) (Thousands of Americans want to live in a Hollywood
    Mansion. Why don't we all just go set up camps in those neighborhoods and claim
    we have a right to live in this nice area just like these rich people. we want
    a better life??? ) It doesn't work that way!!!! That is the Migrant Mentality.
    Activist and Lawyers want to convince Migrants of this and they want them to
    lie to get it done, so they can destroy this country, just like they are arguing.
    Migrants just want to come into America. We don't want to educate, feed, house
    the world poor and illiterate. That job would never stop. They are economic
    migrants and all these months they were safe in Mexico. This is not Racial as
    the Democrats say. Migrants fellow Mexicans don't want them in their country
    anymore. It's not just Americans. Mexicans want this migration mess over. How
    many of them have you offered to take in your home??? None!!! They do not want
    all these migrants taking over their country. They are proud Hondurans and
    Proud Guatemalans and they need to take that same Marching and songs back home
    NOT to invade a neighbor’s peaceful country demanding rights. You sound pretty
    smart, but that is just dumb. Now, if we went in and took over the country, you
    would be screaming like you are now. "THE US STOLE THESE PEOPLES
    LAND"/ You cannot have it both ways. Mexico is losing the tourist income in
    their country. Americans don't want to visit or cross the Mexican border. This
    needs to be over. Migrants have to go home and fight for their country Just
    like Black Americans did and Just like China is doing. Yes, some will die. That
    is OK! They don't want to die for their own people and country. That is weak
    and crazy. They want to go where someone already did the fighting and reap the
    benefits of the blood black people shed get taken care of. They don't want to
    shed blood for their rights in their own country. That's not cool! Look at
    China. They are fighting for change right now. Migrants need to do the same.
    They want to run to be taken care of…. This drains our economy. Trump is
    Right! Every person with a brain knows it. The Democrats and activist like you
    fight and appose Trump simply because they don't like him…. Every Migrant
    here needs to have stay in SHARED FACILITIES ONLY, at all times until their
    hearings. While they are here, if they get pregnant while they are waiting for
    the Courts, they should be sent back. They have no business getting pregnant
    again, while they are waiting on their court date, when they came over her with
    all their kids. (They want a US citizen child). The men cannot be in the shared
    facilities. We are so stupid, that we give the entire family a house for them
    to have other children. If they were separated the men in one and the Women in
    another facility. These people had lives, homes and food as you can see. They
    are not skinny or starving. They want the US Tax payers to take care and
    educate them when we send money for that to their country. This has to stop. That
    Poem is not the Law. That is a Poem written by the French. It means nothing to
    us. It was written in a way as Jesus Christ says, "Come to me all Ye that
    Labor and I will give you rest. The worst thing about your education is that
    you need to simply read the BIBLE. It was God who separated us at the Tower of
    Babylon. Now Countries have their own rules and Laws. They live differently
    than we do. It will always be there. The rich and the poor. People have said
    that I wasn't acting like a preacher. I disagree. I am the only one who is
    speaking the truth. We must stop victimizing these people. It makes them week.
    If you really know the bible, you would know that at the Tower of Babylon, it
    was GOD who separated us all. He then sent us to our own countries. Many of
    wars and fights have gone on, and now the boarders are set. The bible tells us
    to take care of the land that he gave us. He tells us to love our brothers and
    treat our neighbors right. It tells us to help and feed the poor. It tells us
    to give Caesar what is due to Caesar. But it also tells us to obey the laws.
    They violate those all the time when you decide to rush boarders to get to a
    place where you can get stuff for free and take advantage of their brothers
    Country. That is wrong! You and your Democratic, activist thinking are always
    victimizing people and making them weaker. this is where the problem is. It
    comes from our leadership. That is crazy and sad…. Sorry, that last message
    was a copy from another activist who I had to biblically straighten out, when
    they attacked my calling. What I am saying is true. Think about it, If they
    run, who is going to fix their country. with the same energy that they came
    breaking down boarder, they need to storm their Leaders and get it fixed. I
    said the same thing about the Bahamas. The UK needs to rend some of those
    Cruise ships and allow those people to live on them so that they can be there
    to rebuild their own country. Why should we pay Americans $30 per hour while we
    fix it and pay them Welfare to wait in the US??? That would be Stupid. They
    understand Island Life. Storms come and storms go. We make them victims. They
    will never want to go back to their beautiful countries if they come here. Who
    will rebuild it??? Who will fix their countries if they don't? Bless You

    We cannot take care of the world’s poor. They are not being
    persecuted in their country. Democrats want to always keep All Migrants
    victims. Who will save and fight for their country if they all run away? We
    have to make them stay in their own land All of them including Africans. Most
    Americans believe we all have to preserve our national security, our culture
    and defend our sovereignty our Spiritual, moral welfare in traditions and
    standards in our normal lives. At the border, Question to ask them; Do you have
    an appointment? did you apply for asylum at the embassy in your country? The
    average Migrant has a 4th grade education. They do not have the kind of
    experience to make them a contributing member of society. They will come and
    live and sit have kids and sit on Welfare like most do. We cannot be a country
    that should be required to take care of the entire world’s poor and uneducated.
    That is silly thinking by the Democrats. We cannot afford it. In-fact, it is
    nothing more than the Democrats pouting because they lost the election. They
    strive daily to humiliate and disrupt the Presidency of Donald Trump by whatever
    tool they can use. Migration and free everything, is the Democrats tool now, to
    use to get votes. Democrats want to embarrass Trump because he tries to stop
    the Migration while they block his every move in the courts with a lawsuit.
    When we allow the mass flow of migrants to come in the US, and when some of
    them get government Jobs, they all help each other game the system for all the
    free stuff. Some even become activist for the Democrats and their migrant
    people to change our American culture to make it easy for illegal and legal
    Immigrants to come in. We have to help them and teach them to preserve, fight
    and sustain themselves in their own countries.  Salvador da Bahia is in Brazil. Most African
    city’s and their cultures are thriving


  4. It's tiring to keep hearing that immigrants built this country. Immigration is not like it was 100 years ago. 100 years ago people came here legally, worked hard & embraced the American way of life & built a civilization. Now you have illegal immigrates who come to our well-established country & sign up for welfare.

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