– You guys actually got
a snake for this. – I’m terrified of snakes. – I’m gonna quit. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) All right, so today
we have a game for you and it’s a little bit of
a variation of a classic game that people have played for
a while before. It’s also got a little bit of
an homage twist from a classic scene from a movie
you may have seen, The Princess Bride.
– Are we gonna drink poison today? – It’s a game of truth
and lies that we are calling Poker Face.
– Okay. – I’m really good at lying,
so I think I’ll do great. – (FBE) A game’s three rounds
of challenges that essentially boils down to manipulation
and lying to each other. – Jordan just gave me the look
of “I got this.” – (FBE) So each round,
one player is gonna get to look inside their box
and decide whether they want to keep it
or switch it. The other player is gonna
have to decide whether they think that first player
is deceiving them or not and ultimately will get
the final say on whether to switch those boxes
or keep them. Whatever is in the box
in front of you at the end of this game, will be
your reward or your punishment. – Okay.
– Okay. – That’s really crazy, though,
because now it really depends on how good you are
at reading their facial features. – I have an awful poker face.
I’m a good liar, but in my face,
I’m very… – I’m good at reading people, too.
– Oh, okay. Maybe you think you are. – (FBE) This first category
is gummy food versus real food. – Okay. – (FBE) So, in one box
is a giant, large gummy spider. In the other box, a real,
edible tarantula. – Why?
It could have been anything else. It could have been a gummy
pizza and a regular pizza, but no, let’s go into bug
territory on the first one. – If I get the real spider,
this will be the third spider that I have eaten on this channel.
– I’ve never eaten a spider. I don’t think people do that,
so I’m kinda nervous. – Tori, you can go ahead
and peek inside your box and you get to know what’s
in front of you. – Oh, I’m scared.
Wait, no. – (FBE) The game begins.
Go ahead, Mikaela. – I’m nervous for you and it’s
not even my turn. – I mean–
see, ’cause I’m like– hmm. – Okay.
– I already have my decision based on her face. – I like what’s in front
of me right now. – What color is it?
– Do you wanna know what color it is?
– Yeah. – You don’t wanna be
surprised? I’m gonna go ahead
and keep it. – I feel like whatever I pick
doesn’t matter because he can do whatever
he wants after, so I guess I’ll keep it. – I think she’s got
the real spider because she looked in the box
and she goes… She cringed a little bit.
I saw it in her eyes. I’m gonna keep.
– Okay. I feel like this is
the best outcome, so I say don’t change
your answer now. Keep it.
– You know, that makes me change my mind a little bit.
Dang, Tori. – What?
– Do I want it? I wanna keep it.
– Okay, we’re gonna keep it. – She’s expressing herself
too much, so I’m gonna switch it.
– There we go. – (FBE) Go ahead and open
those boxes. – I got so close to faking
Jordan out. Oh no. – Happy eating.
– Dang it, no! – Ew, look at its mouth.
– Stop, stop! Do not turn it around.
I was happy looking at the other side of it. – Eat the whole thing.
Just take it in one bite. This is protein.
– I’m scared, dude. I don’t wake up in
the morning and be like, you know what?
I’m gonna eat a spider today. Dang it.
That’s so gross. – Don’t look at it.
– You’re right. It’s a potato chip.
It’s a potato chip. You know what, it doesn’t
taste that bad. It’s just the fact that I know
that it’s a tarantula is in my mouth right now. – Cheers.
– Ah! I’m gonna cry. This is not something you’re
supposed to eat. It just tastes like dried leaves.
This was round one. I don’t wanna know what’s
gonna be round two or three. – (FBE) This next round,
we are calling “Boa vs boa.” – Snakes? – No, you guys did not get
an actual snake today. – I like snakes.
– There’s no way. – (FBE) Both of these boxes
have a boa inside of them of some kind.
– No. – (FBE) One is a harmless
feather boa. The other is a much more
intimidating type of boa. – I’m gonna quit.
– I’m terrified of snakes. – (FBE) The other box is not
the real snake, it’s just a toy representation of a snake.
– You guys actually got a snake for this.
– I kinda want the snake. – (FBE) We’re starting with you,
Jordan. You get to peek inside your box
and see what you have. – I’m shaking.
Wait, you’re really scared of snakes?
– Oh yeah. – Wow.
– I feel like he probably has it, because he opened it
and I felt like I saw a little bit in his eyes. – Okay.
– Are you scared of whatever’s in that box?
– No, not really. – Hm.
– I kinda wanna keep it. – You know what?
I’m gonna keep it. – Okay. – I’m gonna swap it,
because I feel like if there was a real snake in there,
or a real boa in there, Jordan would have had a little
more of a shocked expression. – I can’t 100% read him,
so I think I’ll just– I’ll trust his choice.
I’ll keep it. – You’re sure?
Okay. – I’m terrified, because I’m not
the best at reading people. I just felt like I would have
expected a bigger reaction from Jordan. – (FBE) Open your boxes.
– (laughs) – Wait, did I get the wrong thing? – (FBE) Go ahead.
– No, no, no! – You’re basically
Britney Spears. – Go ahead.
Bring this random snake on my head.
That’s so gross. – Here’s the thing,
I love that I feel like Britney Spears right now.
– Why did it come towards me? – I’m scared, but I’m
cool with it. – Oh, he’s coming up to say
hello to you again. Look at him.
– It’s a snake. – Please just constrict
the life out of me. – It’s tongue is going…
– No. I know you’re not supposed
to freak out snakes, ’cause they can probably–
Oh my God. Okay, I’m calm.
Oh my God, the tail! – You know what?
This is my best friend now. I’m taking him home.
Sorry. – Get that thing out of here.
– I don’t think Britney Spears got as scared as I did
at the VMA’s when she had it. – Now it’s like we can catch
on to each other’s crap the longer it goes on.
– Honestly, the way it’s been going, I’m about to take
another fat L right now. – (FBE) We’re gonna do our own
little version of the Reddit 50/50 challenge.
Are you familiar with the Reddit 50/50 challenge?
– Yeah, normally that’s done with videos. – It’s a page and you click
on a link and it’s either a cute bunny rabbit
or murdering people. – (FBE) One box has an index card
that says “bad thing” while the other says “good thing.”
Whatever ends up in your box at the end, you have to watch.
– I have to babysit after this. If I’m gonna be scarred for life,
I don’t wanna bring that to a child’s presence. – (FBE) All right, so it does
go back to Mikaela. You get to peek inside
the box. – I’m nervous.
I’m thinking about how I wanna go in handling this. – Okay.
– I don’t know what that meant. – You don’t know what
it meant? – No.
– Should I just leave it at that then and don’t
say anything else? – Okay.
– Damn, this is really hard. – I’d swap this one.
– Why? – Why?
– Why? – ‘Cause of the index card.
– Why do you wanna swap it? – I just–
I’d rather not. – I’ll keep it.
– She’s doing really good. Honesty, I thought it was
the whole lip biting. I was like, obviously
she’s lying. – I don’t know my strategy.
– That’s what I thought the first round was,
so I switched it and I screwed up
and now she did the same thing, so I don’t
know if that’s just what she does normally
or if that’s a strategy to get me to switch it again. – I feel like Tori’s a good friend,
but also I just was the reason she had a snake on her neck.
I mean, why would she switch it if it was the
good one? I wanna switch it back.
– Okay All right. – She knew that I was
gonna switch it the first round.
Or she knew that I was gonna stay with it,
so I think I have to switch it this round. – (FBE) All right, go ahead
and take a look. – I got a good one.
– No, you actually tricked me. – I lost.
– Yeah, whoo! I got one.
The good one. – Damn it.
I would have been okay eating a spider or holding
the snake. I don’t wanna watch
something bad. – Aw.
It’s a little dog tucking in a baby. – Ew, I hate these things though. – Oh.
The dog’s trying to be a good little mom,
tucking in the baby with its nose. – I like the dog,
but I hate babies. They’re just gross.
They just poop themselves. – What is your deal with babies?
– They poop themselves and they cry.
They don’t have a developed brain yet.
– They’re little people and they’re developing
their brains and that’s the cool part. – I’m not gonna get anything
like that, huh. – If it’s gory, I’m gonna be so upset. – (announcer) What better way
with this young team, – Some guy explaining. – (announcer) Oh my goodness.
– Bro, that was his leg. That was a snap.
That was like a carrot. (screams) – No, no, no.
You guys aren’t gonna show me breaking ankles.
There’s a basketball game. – Oh, I actually like these.
– His ankle’s broken. – Because I’m a pre-med student.
– Ugh. – Tori, it was like that.
His leg. – That was gross.
It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t enjoy it. – It was like a carrot snapping.
Oh my God. – Jordan.
Let me see your hands. I had a snake on my neck. – Thanks everyone for watching
our brand new show Poker Face on the React Channel. – Subscribe so you can catch
all of our new shows. – What should the punishments
be next time? Let us know down in
the comments. – Peace out, everybody. – Hey guys, Vince here,
a React Channel producer. Thanks so much for watching
our brand new show Poker Face. We’re gonna be trying
a lot more new things here on the channel,
so let us know what you thought and show
your support in the comments.

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