43 thoughts on “Can You Guess How Fast These Animals Are? (GAME)

  1. I have to object to the speed of a goldfish. What KIND of goldfish?!?! Yeah maybe a ranchu, but if you get you a full-sized AGITATED shubunkin? Nah bro, that’s fast

  2. Can we just talk about how at the end Rhett guessed the number one the board backwards. The number was 647 and he guessed 746. I'm surprised non of them acknowledged that.

  3. I was on my bicycle with a group of riders one day and a darn horse fly was going in circles around my face, and I was traveling at 24 mph.

  4. Bro when he side I wonder when they stop watching the videos is it now I was when I was going to stop how did he know 🤭

  5. After their first guesses and comments that followed, I thought these guys are not very knowledgeable. Their logic is also questionable.

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