Campus Placement – Never Give up – IT Giant – Final Round

Campus Placement – Never Give up – IT Giant – Final Round

You have done your BE in Electrical So why Software? I have always been interested in Electronics & Programming since High School I have designed my own Amplifier Circuits Android Applications… Ok, Ok, Okay Shashwat Since you are a self taught developer Why do you want to join our company? Sir I can do much more in the environment provided by your company rather than working on my own And taking help from seniors of the similar domain So you are a chess player? Yes Sir You must love solving chess problems Yes sir Here is one for you What is the minimum number of Queen you require to cover all the blocks of the chessboard? You understood the problem? Yes sir Okay, then you have 15 minutes to solve it Sir, I have placed 6 queens in the this manner This is not the right answer Try again Sir, I can’t lower down the number I think 6 is the right answer 6 is not the correct answer If its not 6 It is definitely 5 I want the positions on the chessboard Are you giving up? No sir Okay Shashwat Send in the other candidate And come back within 15 minutes with the solution Don’t ask anyone If you do, I will come to know Right sir Ok Excuse me, Sir has asked to send in the next candidate Ya, cool! So Akash you have solved it Sir I couldn’t bring it down to 5 Why are you in so early? Its hardly 12 minutes So are we done? No Sir, I want to try this Okay, take another 15 minutes Its 1.20… Come back at 1.35 Okay Sir So this is the 8 by 8 chessboard in which we have to cover all the squares with the Queen I have given a puzzle to a candidate where is he? Ya, here he is So you are here? You are able to solve it? No sir, I am still trying Tumse na ho payega bhai yeh (Laughs) Sir, I still want to try Okay You have 1 hour with you I am heading for lunch I will see you post that I solved it sir You had your lunch? No Sir Its 3 O’clock You are here from 11 Have something when you go out, okay? Now show it to me This one Correct

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  1. I am curious to known that…. why did you show a girl taking with someone in phone…

    Is it realated to to his answer….

  2. He already knew all rules of chessboard about how queen in chessboard moves. He was given opportunity to get out and give the answer , why not use some internet if you got opportunity to do?

  3. we can also place 8 queens in the 8*8 chess board
    i've do this many times…
    this is called n-queens problem..
    the answer is n=8.

  4. Thank you RU buZZing team for re-enactment of my interview experience. Upon seeing overflowing comments since the video came out I would like to summaries few of the queries here.

    1) This is not stolen/copied from Quora, it is a re-enactment of a quora answer & a real life experience by the director who approached me and took my consent for making this video.

    2) This is not an N-Queens Backtracking problem. Ponder a while on the question asked and compare with N-Queen.

    3) Girl shown is not directly related to the answer, it was like a reset button to help take new approach in solving the question. While I eavesdropped her chit-chat with bf, for a moment I was cut off from tension, queens, puzzle. This reset actually helped.

    The Question:
    What is the "minimum" number of Queens with which you can cover every square of chess board? Also show their arrangement.

    Some of you asked for Quora link :

  5. I've mentioned chess as my hobby .. And my tcs interview is on 6th … Will i be asked this type of puzzles ?!

  6. i think the solution which he gave at the end has defects because i find two of the blocks in the chess board as unfilled

  7. I want to share my campus placement experience in technical interview I am from aws background and also ball is in my court but due to one unconscious answer I am rejected

  8. Yeah., you guys are making me to feel that what are things still , i need to develop in myself for my coming years.
    I am B.Tech first year student at BIT , Mesra.

  9. I should have done backtracking from the beginning…it's not that difficult if you are a cs student and is familiar with backtracking

  10. Can someone please explain why was he talking about the puzzle with some random person even though the interviewer clearly told him to not ask for any help.

  11. Prime example of "they want slaves not engineers". If you dont have lunch n work like a donkey without taking care of your health. They will be impressed!

  12. Even if he had given me 2 hours, I am not sure if I would have solved this question correctly. There are a few puzzles/questions which can be solved during an interview, within the given timeframe, only if one has come across those in the past. Somehow, in videos like this one, there is always a happy ending, and this harrows me a lot. Apna time kab ayega bey.

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