Bradley Walsh DESTROYED 😱 by Michael McIntyre’s nightmare text – Send To All

Bradley Walsh DESTROYED 😱 by Michael McIntyre’s nightmare text – Send To All

Ladies and gentlemen,
who would like to play Send To All? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This, of course, is where I take
a celebrity’s mobile telephone and send a text to all their
contacts of our choosing and we see what hilarious replies
we get at the end of the show. So let’s see who is in the
Send To All box this week. Please welcome the extraordinarily
multi-talented and brilliant, it’s Bradley Walsh! Bradley! We love you, Bradley! I love Brads. So much love for you, Bradley. Thanks, Mike. How are you? I’m really well, thanks.
I’m really nervous. Don’t worry, it’s really fine. Don’t panic, Bradley. How are you in your life? You’re doing so many things –
you’re a very busy man. Yeah. Yeah. I am. So, Doctor Who, this is
an extraordinary turn of events. How did it come about, Bradley? It’s not a phone call
you were expecting? No, it wasn’t. I mean, it’s a great team,
I’ve got to say. And the show is, obviously, you
know, is just fantastic. My son is obsessed with Doctor Who. Yeah, it’s really great.
It’s great. So Doctor Who is
tremendously exciting. Yes. And then, The Chase. How many Chases are you doing? You’re constantly being chased. We make three a day. We probably make 200 a year. It’s amazing. Yeah, it’s great to be able to
do it cos it’s a fun show. I literally get paid to go
into work and play. I don’t know who the Chaser is. I don’t see the questions. But that, I think that’s what makes
it so spontaneous and hilarious. Also, you get the giggles a lot.
Yeah. What’s the ones that
have made you laugh a lot? Well, the original one… Fanny Chmelar, of course. And then you’ve got Dick Tingler. Willy Whacker. SHOUTS FROM AUDIENCE Sorry? That’s my mother. I’m sorry. Just finally, before
we play Send To All… Yeah.’re singing, Bradley? I mean, this is
an extraordinary thing. There’s a few people
here who are familiar with your singing. But that’s not to say that you
haven’t enjoyed humongous success. Didn’t you have something like the biggest-selling
album of last year? Well, it’s the biggest-selling
debut album, yeah. Wow. And you beat Zayn Malik?
This is the thing I can’t get over. Yeah… Zayn Malik went solo
after One Direction, the biggest boyband in the world,
and you ended up beating him. You sold more records
than Zayn Malik. You know, who knows,
we may collaborate. Zayn Malik featuring
Bradley Walsh… ..with Fanny Chmelar. I’d buy that. Yeah, quite. Well, thank you so, so
much for agreeing to do this. You’re welcome. If you’d like
to pop your mobile phone into this contraption…
There you go. ..I will bring it… GASPS LAUGHTER I thought you were
going to catch it! Bradley, what have you done?! It’s completely smashed up. It’s all right. Here’s mine. Got to be worth a tenner,
isn’t it, yeah? All right. So, I’m going to just move this,
and that should come down now. DOCTOR WHO THEME PLAYS Oooh! That’s on my next album. Ladies and gentlemen,
I am now in possession of Bradley Walsh’s
actual mobile phone. So if I plug this in here… Hello! There it is. Oh, I smell somebody who’s
changed their screensaver for the show. There’s no way
that is you, Bradley. No, that was a photograph
I took on a beach when I was on holiday in Portugal. I waited for ages for
that bird to fly across. Honestly, I sat there,
my wife said, “We’ve got to go, “come on, we’ve got to go.” I said, “No, it’ll be here
in a minute.” It’s a beautiful picture. OK. Where are you?
Where’s all this weather? Almancil? Where’s that? In… Near Faro, where I go
quite a lot on holiday. Epping? Epping… Epping… Epping! You go on holiday in Epping? Epping is where I live in Essex. CHEERING There you go. Newport. We’ve actually filmed
Doctor Who in Cardiff, but I stay in Newport. And the weather differs massively
from Newport to Cardiff? Shenzhen? Um… They do the best crispy duck,
and I have it sent… You’ve got weather in your
local Chinese restaurant? Shenzhen’s in China,
and my wife works in China. Right. Occasionally. Sheffield? It’s where… West Hollywood? Are you on the run, Bradley Walsh?
No. My son’s in West Hollywood. Beverly Hills! Woo! Look at this. Has anyone in the world ever
had Southend and Beverly Hills back-to-back? No. This is a unique phone, Bradley. Where am I today, oi, oi! Is it Southend…
or Beverly Hills? Or Cowbridge! Where’s that? It’s… It’s… It’s a place in Wales.
It’s beautiful. Beautiful Cowbridge.
La Calahorra? I have absolutely
no idea where that is! OK. Quick look at some photos. And this is… That’s my wife Donna with
Winston Churchill and Eisenhower. Really? Were they sitting like
that when she sat down? I’m a bit worried where
she’s got her hands, actually. Yes! She’s really into
Eisenhower and Churchy. It’s a wonderful sculpture
in Old Bond Street. Um… I can press play on this. # Mamma mia, mamma mia # Beelzebub has a devil
put aside for me # For me, for me! # Oh, my God, Bradley. Bradley, what’s that? So… I don’t do any social media at all,
and I got into Instagram via my son, Barney. That’s called
Bradders’ Bangers. Brad’s Bangers! So you’re posting these online? Every morning, just to get people
out of bed and get in the kitchen, you know, laughing and joking,
you know what I mean. You’re going to have
to post tomorrow morning, because everybody watching this is
dying for the next instalment, Brad. Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a crazy guy! Now, let’s have a little bit of fun
with a man who is all about fun. So, what are we going
to pop into your phone? Singer, actor,
comedian, photographer. “Just woke up… “..from a power nap… “..and had the weirdest dream.” Oh, no. Now, the dreams are funny,
because anything can happen in the dream. That’s why we went
for the weirdest dream. “I was lying on a beach… “..between… “..the Beast… “..from The Chase…” Oh, no! “..and a Dalek. “Being served cocktails…” Oh, no. “ Zayn Malik.” Right, here’s where it gets tasty. “And you were there, massaging… “..sun cream…” Oh. “..into my thighs. “And calling me…” Oh. You’ll like this. “Your Highness. “What do you think it means?” How would you sign a text? Brad. Good idea. The text that we’re going to send
to everybody in Brad’s phone is the following. “Just woke up from a power nap
and had the weirdest dream. “I was lying on a beach
between the Beast (from The Chase) “and a Dalek, being served
cocktails by Zayn Malik. “And you were there,
massaging suncream into my thighs “and calling me Your Highness. “What do you think it means?
Brad.” Shall we send that to everybody
in Bradley Walsh’s mobile phone? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It’s a fun one! And it has gone,
ladies and gentlemen! We will be finding out later
in the show what replies Bradley Walsh gets,
but one more time, a sensational sport, the hilarious
Bradley Walsh, Walshy! Thank you so much. Very good. So, let’s remind ourselves
of the text we sent into Bradley’s phone. Well, we’ll just crack on with this. This is from Pip Skoda and Steph. Who are they? That’s Phillip Schofield
and his wife, Steph. Oh. Pip Skoda. I can’t believe
you’ve just read that! That’s what I call him,
but he doesn’t know I call him that. I can’t believe… I can’t believe you’ve just
grassed me up. Well, Pip Skoda…
Yeah, Phillip Schofield. Phillip Schofield.
Phillip Schofield and Steph. He’s just texted… Oh, no. ..”You’re just having
flashbacks to the summer. “Wow, what memories.” And he’s signed it, “Your Highness.” Gibbo. Who’s Gibbo?
That’s Terry Gibson. Used to play for Man United
and Spurs. Terry Gibson. Gibbo. Terry Gibson, yeah.
“I’m not entirely sure. “I need a few more details.” Thinking emoji.
“What particular beach are you on? “What cocktail was it? “And did I make sure that it was
a high enough factor?” Right, OK. Matt Up Yard. What’s Matt Up Yard? Who’s that? That’s… Who’s Matt Up Yard? It’s just Matt up the yard. He lives at the end of your garden? It’s just…
It’s just Matt up the yard. Which yard? It’s just the yard. The yard… Where there’s,
like, workshops and stuff. Right, yeah. The yard.
Mechanic yard? Well, yeah, but he wraps cars.
A rapper? I don’t mean like he raps
cars, he wraps cars. OK. So, Matt Up Yard, “Seriously,
it probably means that you need “to have a moment to ground yourself
and get some quiet time. “Try a bit of meditation. “Let me know if you
need help with that.” On the side, Matt does
all the crystals and stuff. He does crystals and cars? Matt Up Yard? Matt Up Yard.
Does meditation and he fixes cars? Is business not booming? I’m going to text him back,
“Can you do Tuesday at two?” Oh… Oh, no. Mandip? That’s Mandip Gill, who’s in Doctor
Who with me. “I’m most alarmed as to why
you had a power nap at 9pm.” OK. Rick Wakeman. Yeah, Ricky Wakeman. Yeah. Wow. He’s just texted, “It means
that dreams can come true.” Wait. “I’ll bring the sun cream.” Wakeman’s on his way over
with some sun cream. One-word reply.
“Hurry.” Alex Adams, who’s that? Oh. That’s my dentist. He started with, “Well, Brad,
if that was really meant for me, “then you’ve got me worried. “But if you heard me
asking to open wide, “then it is the sort of message
that we send out to patients “when they’re well overdue
for their check-ups.” He’s a great dentist and I haven’t
seen him for about a year. I’ve got to go. I’ve got to… I’ve got to go,
that’s the end of it. I’ve just got to go. OK. Just to let you know
that Matt Up Yard has answered the “Can you do Tuesday?” “Yes, mate. Can’t do it here
as place full of cars and spares. “Might be able to shift
things around if needs be. “Let me know.” He’s actually never
had an appointment ever. He can’t believe it. “How much will this cost me?” Oh, my God. Shane? Shane? Shane Richie. Shane Richie. “No idea, but it’s a great
storyline for EastEnders.” As we know and love him, Gino DC. Gino D’Acampo has texted back,
“Oh, dear. “You maybe want to cut
down on the Viagra. “I know it’s helping you,
but it’s definitely messing up “your brain, my friend.” What an absolutely sensational
Send To All that was. Wonderful guest tonight, the
fantastic Mr Bradley Walsh, Walshy! Bradders! Thank you. There you go. Absolutely brilliant.
One more time for Bradders! We will see that your phone
gets back to you. Absolutely brilliant.

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  1. Its amazing what these people who do nothing practical for the better of their country except play around like children and get paid millions…..yet the people who have to work for a living like working thousands of feet above ground level building Tower Blocks etc in all weathers get paid peanuts.

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    How many of you ever came to Portugal ? (Thoughts in reply, presence in likes.)

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