Boris Spassky Turned 80: World Champion Recalls Golden Age of Chess and Bobby Fischer

Boris Spassky Turned 80: World Champion Recalls Golden Age of Chess and Bobby Fischer

Legendary Soviet, Russian and French chess player
Boris Spassky recently turned 80 years old. At the age of 18, he became
the youngest grandmaster at that time. He was crowned champion nearly half a century ago. Boris Vasilievich told Ilya Filippov
about the game that he plays today. The tenth world champion was
a favorite of the chess goddess Caissa. This, at least, is what the champion,
Boris Spassky, thinks. Each part of his story is, as always,
built on self-irony. Playing chess was easy for me. So did you take advantage of your talent? I did, of course. I, unfortunately, had classic Russian
drawbacks though. Laziness and faith in luck. It all started in Leningrad. In 1946, the Spassky family returned
after they had been evacuated, and that is when 9-year-old Boris saw
a chess pavilion in the park on Krestovsky Island. In reality, I became a professional when I was 10. My first teacher was Vladimir Zak. He was not only my first teacher, but I
believe that he was also my guardian angel. Thanks to Zach, I received a scholarship which supported our whole family. The golden age of Soviet chess began. Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, and finally Petrosian,
who lost his title to Spassky in 1969. It did not happen by chance. The Soviet Chess School was
the best school in the world, a school where Spassky’s future main rival,
Bobby Fischer, studied. Reading all the Soviet books, he was
getting ready for, perhaps, his biggest battle. Reykjavík, 1972. Fisher was difficult, cameras disturbed
him, but in the end, the game took place. Fischer is just an overgrown child. He has such a character. It was called the match of the millennium. After Fischer’s scandalous victory, American
comedian Bob Hope invited him onto his TV show. The Spassky-Fischer chess table
was set up in the studio, and the host was wearing a fur
hat and pulled out a bottle of vodka. You’re too late! I am the new champion now! What? Are you kidding? They met again 20 years later at a tournament. And until Fischer died in 2008,
Bobby and Boris remained friends. One lived in Iceland, the other in France. Since 1976, Spassky has been living in France, but for tournaments, he performed
under the Soviet flag. He returned to Russia not so long ago. Today, Boris Spassky does not miss a single game of the young champion Magnus Carlsen and
his challenger for the chess crown Sergey Karyakin. However, the tenth world champion
says that chess is different now. It is not the same as the one that made
grandmasters of 1960s go crazy. Now, they have, says Boris, become more pragmatic. Ilya Filippov, Pavel Meyer,
Mariya Dementieva.Vesti.

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  1. why no translation? the title is in English but the vid doesn't have any translation, how the other people will understand? think Vesti News

  2. Great champion. Never underestimate the Russian bear. Thanks to the sportmanship of Spassky Fischer could become world champion.

  3. Bobby Fischer was not a chess player – He was a chess magician….able to do the impossible tricks which even grand masters' brains could not comprehend.
    Had he continued his play, he would have whipped many more asses in the world of chess championship play.

  4. I promised to shot myself long before I turn this old. Nothing against Boris I love him but I am against being old and suffer to get out of bed 🙂 He even brought a pillow out of bed 2:43

  5. As much as i love Fischer, i think Spassky was too much of a sportsman in their world championship match. Fischer ought to have been forfeited.

  6. Spassky could have won against Fischer by default. But he was a gentleman and wanted to win fair and square by playing. Because he decided to play against frustrating psychological odds, he enabled us to view one of the greatest Chess Championship Matches ever played. Thank you, Boris for being the better man! You were the last man standing!

  7. Come one everybody…Bobby Fischer introduced NEW fire into our Royal Game of Chess…His Fischer/Random (Chess 960) inspires young Chess players NOT to mechanically and stupidly memorize bullshit openings (Kings Gambit, Queen Pawn Opening, Caro-Kahn Defense etc etc) and making them into Chess geeks and zombies…Filipino Grandmaster Eugenio Torre said of the "NEW" Chess 960…"The old chess is for cheekens (chickens) the new Chess is for real players"

    Fischer made it possible for Americans and Westerners to earn more money from playing Chess…his so-called temper tantrums ruffled the feathers of USCF and FIDE so much so that the very jealous Jews, the very Jews that control these two Chess organizations stole ALL of Bobby's belongings from a Rothschild owned storage room in Pasadena, California (40 years worth of accumulated personal belongings…expensive Chess sets, tons of books, letters from his mother and sister etc etcv…go to this site and learn from actual interviews that the brave Filipino's (Bobby's real friends) put up and now YouTube carries a few of them but going to this site you can learn a lot about this great Soul, ) That's not all… then to top it all off the Jews that control modern day Japan had Bobby thrown into a prison cell very close to a leaky Nuclear Plant in Tokimura, Japan for 9 months with a fake trumped up charge about a "bad passport"?

    Bobby was a genius that happened to play Chess…Spassky was child's play for Fischer…duhh…As were Petrossian, Tal, Botvinnik, Karpov and all the other Jewish/Russian clowns…Petrossian however was the only non-Jew and Petrossian and other Armenian players have always dominated Russian Chess…

    Gary Kasparov's Mom is Armenian…even though Fischer called him a Jew…hah hah hah…

    Wanna play real chess 960? It's free and you can play one-on-one Chess with people from all over the world…

    VIVA LA Creative Chess and VIVA LA Bobby Fischer.

  8. And don't you fools call me an "Anti-Semite"…95% of World Jewry the so-called Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Semites…so where's the bullshit epithet? 2:23 mins, "It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")

  9. I think Karpov and Kasparov wouldn't have had an opportunity against Fischer if Bobby had decided to play professionally a little bit longer. But please don't take my words too seriously,I just achieved my first GM norm. 🙂

  10. nice to see that he is lieving free in his ohn country, sade ans shame that big big master bobby fischer had to fly away from his ohn country,

  11. "And until Fischer died in 2008 Bobby and Boris remained friends"

    Boris Spassky in 2017 "Fischer is just an overgrown child"

  12. This gentleman deserves more respect and recognition. Of course, he lost to Robert Fischer, but his integrity and gentleness made him the best player who ever lived. He could have not accepted the conditions that Fischer demanded and won by default. Till now I love his games and his impression of kindness to everyone the most. Thank you Mr. Spassky.

  13. Boris Spassky met many times with Portisch and probably the best talant chess had thx for video and also Spassky played the King"s Gambit which is rare but wery good I would play this opening against Magnus Carlsen

  14. Spasky was a cheat and a liar supported by the jewish Russian oligarchs. Fisher knew this and was disgusted by this. Everyone knows the international Jews control all the key politicians world wide along with their free mason sell outs.

  15. Old age is not good. But there's only 2 ways that you can't escape from this world old age or death.. getting old is as good as death. You are like a pawn on a board. And fate plays you.

  16. as much as i love bobby fischer i have to respect spassky more for playing under bobby's terms which i am sure put spassky under stress that was enough to disturb his thinking to win the games

  17. Gosh Spassky has aged. Then again I was only 3 when they played. Thank You Boris for all the memorable games.

  18. I would never have recognised Spassky, mind you he is 81 old. He looks and sounds well for his age. He has outlived all of his contemporaries, especially Bobby Fischer !

  19. Bobby is called a child by this classless insect Boris. Perhaps this is his insecurities talking, after having been crushed like a child might crush an insect. In any case, Bobby is an honorary Aryan; legendary not only for his godlike chess skills, but also for being 0% cucked about the (((globalist/Zionists)))) that run my country, the USA, as well as China and our dear bed fellow Russia, with all their hot Ruskie babes that we keep trying to steal from you guys, heh heh. Fuckin commies. Our governments act like children, if we're being 100% real.

  20. 1:30
    I don't think Fischer studied chess in the soviet chess school. He did not study chess in any school. He was the classic example of a individual beating communism, by himself.
    Communism has to lie, to take your liberty. That is why we call it "fake news".

  21. When you read somebodies text about what a gentleman he is, you should not believe it. All you have to do is watch what he did after game 6.

  22. There use to be chess tournaments in memory of world champions who are not among us anymore (Capablanca Memorial, Tal Memorial etc). Spassky is the oldest chess world champion alive, they could make a tournament in homage to him while he is alive, a "Spassky Cup" or so, that could be a great chess event and a way to give some extra hapiness for an honourable man in his last years in this world.

  23. No one mentioned that he was banished from the great Mother Russia after losing to Fischer – that's why he was living in France.

  24. In Russia TV: let’s interview Spassky so we can talk about him.
    But what if he talks
    Hahahaha we won’t let him talk

    In Russia TV watches YOU!!!!

  25. as in any game Spassky made the wrong decisions period. Would have could have DIDN'T! He lost end of story making Fisher the winner!

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