Board Games Club: They Don’t Just Settle for Catan

The hardest thing about being a fan of board
games is getting people to play with. When I first walked into Boardgames Club as
a freshman it was kind of a shock to me. Oh my god there are 20 people in this room
who all have played board games that I know. When most people think about board games they
think about usually games like Risk or Monopoly or Sorry! But we don’t really play those
kinds of games. The club owns probably about 50 board games. City of Remnants. Roll for the Galaxy. Russian Railroads is one of my favorites. Dead of Winter. Settlers of Catan, Sheriff of Nottingham,
Letters from White Chapel, Machi Koro. So how this game is gonna work is we are gonna
take turns playing these tiles on an empty space on the board. The first game I played as a kid that I remember
was basically a variant of Candy Land that involved no strategy, no skill. A lot of the games that people play as kids
there’s less thought required. Outside of hoping that you roll well. Most of these games tend to not rely on luck
a lot. They have more rules, a lot more strategic
thinking. If you’re a spy you may either play a success
card or a fail card. When I can’t get any gold and also this
is exactly useless now. Those two are more situational whereas this
building is always helpful. Those are the games for people who are like
hardcore gamers and they really like the nitty gritty. But some of the games that are really fun
in Boardgames Club are like the most simple. And even a lot of our simpler games it’s
not about what you traditionally think of as a board game of like rolling dice. You know it might just be kind of inhabiting
a role. We have one called Mysterium where one player
can’t talk, and they are trying to tell everybody at the table who killed them, and that sort
of thing can be really fun and sort of a different challenge. It’s nice to not stare at a computer screen. It’s very different to hold something and
to move something around, to have these tactile components. This game is played in real time, which is
kind of strange for board games. The goal of the game is to sink the enemy
ship. Today we all played a game for the first time
called Captain Sonar, which if you can imagine is teams of four working against each other
in sort of like a real life, real time Battleship. Dive! Dive! Head east! North. Head south. One of the great things about board games
is that it fosters a sense of being a fair player. Because if you’re not, nobody’s gonna
want to play with you. If you sit around a table together and solve
a good puzzle, it’s not about solving the puzzle it’s about solving the puzzle
with people. The people I met in Board Games Club were
the people I really connected to and made deep, deep friendships with throughout my
time at BU. A lot of us keep coming back and have a good
time because we’re not focused on the winning. It’s all part of that trying to be someone
who’s fun to play with and enjoying both losing and winning. When you’re just having fun with friends
and like playing that’s all that really matters.

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