Board Games & Card Games : How to Play Chess

Board Games & Card Games : How to Play Chess

Hi. My names is Windy St. George and this
is the basics of chess. This is a chess board set up with chess pieces. There are sixteen
white and sixteen black. You’re going to have eight pawns and eight character pieces. They’re
set up so that they are in mirror reflection of each other. First the rook, then the knight,
then the bishop who is there to lend his wisdom to the royalties, then the royalties, then
again, bishop, knight, rook. You know you’ve set it up right because the queen should be
on her own color and the king should be on the opposite colored square. Alright, the
way that chess pieces move is pawns can only move forward and they can only move one square
except for on their very first turn, they may open with two squares. Queens are you’re
most powerful piece and they move diagonally any number of squares they want as long as
the space is clear. And they capture by just going up to the piece that they want to take
and taking its place on the square and removing the piece. A pawn capture only by going diagonal
and forward for its color. A bishop is kind of like a queen, it goes diagonal. But it
can only go diagonal and stay on the color of which it started. The queen can actually
go forwards and backwards as well as diagonal. The rook only goes forward and backwards on
a row or a column. The most difficult piece is the knight who always goes in a “L” shaped
pattern; either two up and one over or two over and one up. So one, two, one over or
one up and two over. The king can only move one space at a time. He can move in any direction
and he can capture by taking the piece, removing the piece and taking the square that the piece
he captured was on. The goal of chess is to eliminate the king. Once the king is removed,
then you’ve won even if the other pieces are around. But in general, the other pieces will
be wiped out before the end game occurs. And that’s how you play chess.

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