Board Games : About Medieval Chess Sets

Board Games : About Medieval Chess Sets

Hi, my name is Windy Challey from Games of
Berkeley. I have here two styles of medieval chess sets. The first is a wood cut version
of the Isle of Louis chess set. The Isle of Louis chess set is an authentic replication
of a chess set found in Ireland that dated to the eleven hundreds. You can see that it
is quite similar to the forms that we now know in modern chess sets. Modern chess sets
are usually in this form, which is called the staunton with a tall formalized king and
a stylized queen with a crown and a knight that looks like a horse, bishop, which is
stylized and just has a miter hat. The Isle of Louis is far more literal. The pawns are
just kind of little stone carving shapes. The king is literally a king and the queen,
a queen… and the bishop, a bishop. And the knight is actually a knight riding a horse
which is quite charming. The rook instead of being a castle is a guard because the guard
and the castle perform the same function in medieval society. The other set that we have
here is a stylized medieval set with little rounded figures. Again, they’re quite literal.
These have no faces, but you can see there are really a little king and a queen and a
little horse with a knights shield in honor of the knight who rides the horse. And the
rook here resembles a rook or a castle like it’s modern decedent. Both of these are quite
nice. These are made of a polymer clay that is made to be heavy an seem sort of like ivory.
The other ones are wood, wood burning, wood cutting form, although you sometimes find
these in a polymer clay or a more solid wood form. And that’s medieval chess sets.

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  1. The Isle of Lewis Chess set was found on the Ilse of Lewis ,hence its name..Not Ireland…It's part of Scotland…And the pieces were 3d not flat like yours…Hardly are yours authentic in any way…

    Please learn your history before making comments like this..

  2. this would cost more than a tank of patrol. Seriously, just get a psp and download chessmaster: art of learning for portable and for non portable situations, any decent program like chessmaster 7000 on your pc will do.

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  5. Those aren't proper Lewis replicas, they're flat with bases. Google for the Isle of Lewis chess pieces, you'll see how they should really look. Made own collection using Supercast moulds & herculite 1 (stone powder). There are 2 sets of Lewis moulds. Also: Dragon Hunt, Gothic & Leipzig sets, all inspired by the Lewis pieces. The Scottish museum has different pieces than the British museum, available seperately, which I made my 3rd Lewis mould set out of. Use Acrylic paint & high gloss varnish.

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  7. What is wrong with some of these people? The lady was giving a brief bit of information about chess sets. THAT'S ALL. don't get your panties in a bunch.

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