Board Games : About High-End Chess Sets

Board Games : About High-End Chess Sets

Hi my name is Windy Challey, when picking
out a high end chess set, there are several things that you want to consider. You need
to know what size that you want. In general high end chess pieces are sold separate from
boards. So if you have a board at home, you should know the measurements of the squares
before you go to the store. Sets are usually wood, and Staunton in style, which is the
classic style here with a stylized body and a cross on the top for the king. The rooks
look like castle and the knights look like horses. They are either black and blond wood
or a natural brown wood and a natural blond white wood. I have some sets here, these are
an oversize set that are four and a half inches tall. The height of the set is judged by how
tall the king is. The king should fit two squares when you lay him down or a rook, one
square when you lay him down. And then you know when the right proportion of chess board
to chess set. Although don’t consider the class cause sometimes it’s elongated and stylized,
don’t count that as part of the height. The set here is ebony. Ebony is the most expensive
wood you can get. It’s the only wood that is a natural black color. This wood has not
been stained. It’s actually black. The white half of an ebony set and here is my tall four
inch set, four and a half inch set. The white half is made out of boxwood. Generally most
chess sets are made out of boxwood. Especially the white. Sometimes the black also and then
it’s stained. It’s a natural blond color. A chess set is usually three point seven five
inches to four inches. This here is the four inch ebony set, the king from that set. A
good high end chess set will be heavy, these are quite heavy. You are looking for the weight.
The weight is in the wood but it’s also, they also put lead in here sometimes or a metal
to weigh it down, to make a nice heavy sound. And then pad the bottom of it so when you
place the piece on the board it will totter but it will stay in the square that you aimed
it for. Which is just kind of a nice aesthetic thing, it’s not vital to the game. But it’s
nice to have. Other, the other option for chess sets is rose wood which is another expensive
wood. It has a natural worm brown color to it. It’s made from the heart of rose, older
rose bushes. And it’s a nice natural wood color. Again usually paired with a blond,
a nice either a maple or a boxwood. Some of them have nice finish to them and that’s what
makes them a nicer piece. This one here has been lacquered. But in general you are looking
for a Staunton, that’s three seven five four inches tall for the king. And they should
feel quite heavy. You are also looking at how the knight is carved and they way his
teeth are proportioned. See if I can find a different knight here. In general most manufacturers
of chess sets have a set look for their knight. Like a signature look for how they carve the
teeth and the eyes. Sometimes they are very intricate and detailed and sometimes they
are stylized. And rough.
But they are still a good chess set, it’s just how they manufactured it. How they decided
how they wanted it to look. The most variation that you find in a Staunton set, chess set
is the knight. And that’s how to choose a high end chess set.

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  1. Very nice- presentation, and of course, pieces.

    One question: Is boxwood harder then Maple?
    I am assuming it is.


  2. I think instead of criticizing Wendy for what is a very common myth regarding the nature of rosewood, why not give her credit for sharing a lot of good information which is somewhat limited on YouTube at least when it comes to this topic. I am sure many beginners will find this information very useful towards purchasing their first set.

  3. i diged up two tiki head piece's that where hand made out of granite today at work (bishop and a pawn)

  4. The best sets are not these new ones but the older ones. They are better carved and look great. French regency or English St George for example. If you can find a good intact old set dating no later than 1900 you will never look at a new set again. Having said that,some 1920's Staunton men are pretty good too.

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  7. Great video and helpful information..Thanks.. You have some very nice pieces in your set. I recall Ebony wood as being very dense and tough..
    Again, thanks for the great video!!

  8. Red sandalwood is a rare wood and more expensive than ebony,also known as budrosewood and blood rosewood, its a reddish wine brown colour and very rich and  beautiful looking, high end and luxury sets are made of red sandalwood.

  9. There are a few sets that are made out of Maple & Walnut. The bad thing is most chess boards are made out of the same kinds of wood. I've seen sets also use African Paduk which is a blood orange color as the black side. Very beautiful color. I think an awesome dark wood for black without the price of ebony is Wenge. I think of this wood as African Walnut. Very rich dark chocolate brown with grains like Rosewood. Golden Rosewood or Sheesham reminds me too much of what is in the toilet bowl if you know what I mean. I do have a Sheesham set but that is my only set in this wood I will buy. I just don't care for the color. Mahogany would also be a nice wood for the black. Beech, Birch, Maple & Box wood all make nice white pieces. Ebony is nice but it's weakness is it cracks easy.

  10. Well it's not just aesthetic, it's quite useful to have bottom heavy pieces when playing, and you want to be able to slide the pieces smoothly across the board in play

  11. I say as far as board size your king and queen's base should have at least or very close to 1/8 inch clearence all around the square when you center it on the square.

  12. Actually, the main reason a set would be weighted is so that speed-chess players can move the pieces very quickly and don't fall over (like how most un-weighted sets do when you play blitz or bullet chess [1-5 minutes each player])

  13. Chess was invented by Hindus so how does a king with a giant jesus cross for a hat "classic" is beyond me.

  14. Here are the densities of the top 10 densest woods:

    1) Black Ironwood 84.5
    2) Itin 79.6
    3) African Blackwood 79.3
    4) Lignum Vitae 78.5
    5) Quebracho 77.1
    6) Leadwood 75.8
    7) Snakewood 75.7
    8) Desert Ironwood 75.4
    9) Kingwood 74.9
    10) Verawood 74.4

    Compare to maple at 44, boxwood at 61, rosewood at 52.5, and ebony at 60.

  15. A lot of missing information here. It's important to know that there is more to measuring appropriate piece size than just the height of the king, especially if being used for blitz sessions. Weight is not the mark of a high end chess set, piece stability is. Also, I'm a bit surprised to hear a discussion about high end chess sets with no mention of DGT sets or any tournament-grade features.

  16. my 21st bday is coming up in about 6 and a half months time. im going to get a chess board cake with dark chocolate and white chocolate pieces 😀 (edit) my chessboard is rosewood, nice Italian carved chess board but i have lost the pieces and have the board but ;/ fml im going to get a new board

  17. I never knew the fact about the king size being equal to 2 squares.  Very interesting…learned a few things from this.  I have been playing chess for 40 years!

  18. Good video. I liked the ideas she notes. (I didn't like that oversized knight, it looks like a seahorse. Too intricate). The later 2 knights are good standard designs.

  19. PLEASE Everyone check out Absolutely gorgeous, unmatched quality!!! Never seen a more beautiful complete set!!!!

  20. Another way to match pieces to board might be to aim for the king's base's diameter to be about 75% of the square's width ( one person said 78%, but not sure how import a few percent points would be.)

  21. When looking for a high end chess set you can live with , after you have chosen the size, start with the knight.. then look at the king and queen.  How much time the craftsman spends on these three pieces determine its value to me.  If you find them aesthetically pleasing look for price.  …if you are looking for something old and valuable you are on your own.

  22. 2008!

    Why is this video recommend? It's 2019!

    Anyway I like chess …

    And Pretty lady but now she is probably kinda old with pretty sons and daughter who also play chess..

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