Blender Fun Tutorials | Chess Pawn using screw modifier – Experimental Animations

Hello Friends In this tutorial, I am going to show how to create a chess pawn using screw modifier in Blender Add a reference image in our Blender viewport Let’s Google some images for Chess pawn You can use any image Select and download the image to your system To add the reference image, press key N to view properties shelf Scroll down and enable background images Click on add images Select and open the downloaded image Set the view axis to Front Move cursor to 3D viewport Press Key 1 followed by Key 5 on Numpad I also like to keep the image transparent, so change the opacity value to 0.25 Now, we need to centre the image on the axis and move it above the origin Adjust the sliders After properly setting the reference image, switch to edit mode by pressing TAB key once Press X and select vertices to delete the cube The vertices of cube are deleted from the viewport But as seen in outliner window, the object cube is still present we need to place the vertices as desired press and hold down CTRL key and using left mouse button place vertices along the edge of pawn After placing vertices, switch to object mode Go to modifiers Tab and apply screw modifier Click on Calculate order and apply subdivision surface modifier Change the view value to 2 Switch back to edit mode Switch to wireframe mode by pressing Z key Select and adjust the vertices to get proper shape of the object In case if you need to add vertices, select two vertices, press Key W and choose subdivide This will add a new vertex between the vertices After adjusting the vertices, switch to object mode and change the viewport shading to solid when you are satisfied with the shape Apply the modifiers to obtain a nice and smooth mesh Our Chess pawn is now ready This concludes the tutorial If you liked watching the video Do subscribe and leave a comment

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