Bill Gates loses at chess: Magnus Carlsen beats Gates in 71 seconds

Bill Gates loses at chess: Magnus Carlsen beats Gates in 71 seconds

He may be one of the world’s richest men and
the founder of a global computer giant, but 71 seconds is all it took for 22-year-old
Magnus Carlsen to dispatch of Bill Gates in a televised game of chess. The game has started. The game is on. Okay, so uh… Let’s go.
Yes absolutely. The young Norweigan, who has been dubbed the
“Justin Bieber of chess” easily won the game against Gates on Scandinavian chat show Skavlan. Carlsen, whose boyish good looks have earned
his lucrative sponsorships, a modelling contract and widespread media coverage, became chess
world champion in November of last year. That was quick.

100 thoughts on “Bill Gates loses at chess: Magnus Carlsen beats Gates in 71 seconds

  1. It's silly for him to play Bill Gates because Bill Gates only intelligence lies with what "he created", now Bill Gates is helping to destroy the world by taking his money and Warren Buffett's money and supporting the 😝drug companies he's putting all that money that he's in charge of the most in the world 💰100 billion plus dollars and giving it to all the wrong sources it shouldn't be for drugs but because Bill Gates is so 😫close-minded everybody has to suffer… I wish he had the intelligence to do the right thing with that money,➡️ dump the drug companies,➡️ support People's Health by not giving them more drugs to damage their bodies..
    have you ever heard of commercials before for drugs and heard all the disgusting DOWNSIDE and this is what Bill Gates is using the billions of dollars for more drugs to help kill people, to help give people terrible side effects and contribute to their deaths, "drugs kill"
    i'm so sad that people think he's bright he's ONLY bright "in his FIELD" and only "in his field"

  2. Also yes I agree. I was just about to share this video on facebook because all I do is post. But as soon as I heard the Justin Bieber of chess I thought Wow!

  3. Justin bieber. Justin bieber of chess… JUSTIN BIEBER!?! World had countless geniouses from Newton to Mozart and you decide to compare him to Justin fucking Bieber? Bell ends

  4. I think the reporter who said "Justin Bieber of Chess" to Carlsen has a crush on Bieber and for me it is best to say "Mastermind of Chess"

  5. Justin Bieber of chess? I hope they meant the looks not the actual music since they were talking about him having contracts as a model. (WHICH I DOUBT)

  6. She is the "Justin Bieber" of reporters.
    Bill Gates is the "Justin Bieber" of billionaires.
    The salty commenters are the "Justin Biebers" of internet users.
    Donald Trump is the "Justin Bieber" of presidents.
    Tom Cruise is the "Justin Bieber" of actors.
    Chevrolet is the "Justin Bieber" of car manufacturers.
    McDonald's is the "Justin Bieber" of fast food restaurants.
    USA is the "Justin Bieber" of countries.
    This universe is the "Justin Bieber" of universes.

  7. The problem is that the successful businessmen best at Chess like Pascal Charbonneau and Patrick Wolff aren't as big a celebrity as Gates. Even Boaz Weinstein or Thiel would last longer. I beat a guy at 1850. once but he played without pawns😂

  8. Bill Gates is only person who has no proud on his wealth so he is considered to be truly richest man in world A lot of respect to you Sir From Indians

  9. Justine Bieber of chess. What the actual fuck does that even mean? Justin is notorious for being one of the most hated musisians

  10. Before the last move, Bill Gates had better position ! He just played very bad he takes the knight so he loose ^^ If he play rook e1 he is very fine ! Alter rook e1 white is winning for sure the king is safe. Carlsen can't play like that against a quite good player, here he played like that because he knows that Gates is not good ^^

  11. Really jarring editing. The camera cuts so many times. I would rather just see the game. I know who's playing. The title says it.


  13. "Justin Bieber of chess"??? I live in Norway, and I've never ever heard this. I think that's just the reporters own personal weird view. And Justin Bieber is a brand, the face of a group of pop music writers, not a genius individual like Carlsen or Einstein or anything like that, the comparison doesn't even make sense.

  14. i think calling Justin Bieber of chest is not directly an insult, i mean come on JB is not like the worst singer ever… he is fine…
    but i still think calling him that doesn't make much sense and is inappropriate

  15. People laugh like idiots, but this match was horribly played by Magnus, he could've lost easily due to his poor knight's movement at the center of the board, but Bill Gates is a beginner, that's why he ended up losing

  16. As a competitive chess player, I find it ironic how much they make it out to be shocking that Gates lost in 71 seconds. Looking at his moves, he plays like a rookie, not even remotely skilled. A basic amateur would beat him quickly. He may be smart, but he doesn’t know the game even slightly.

  17. Bill Gates paid the reporter to call him the "Justin Bieber of Chess" who is the real winner in this match up?

  18. Basically a genius verses a moron who doesn't actually know a lick of coding and wants to depopulate the world, who will win? Find out next
    time on DBZ

  19. A chess grandmaster being called a, ''Justin Bieber of Chess''? That seems like you're stretching it way too far there, ODN. Magnus Carlsen at least actually EARNED his reputation of being a ''Mozart'' of chess. Justin Bieber on the other hand? He's only popular because people don't know any better!

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