Bhad Bhabie Takes The Teen Rapper Quiz | The Genius Test

Bhad Bhabie Takes The Teen Rapper Quiz | The Genius Test

Hi it’s Bhad Bhabie and today I’m taking the
genius test to find out how well I know teen rap history. I had a crush on Drake when I was like really
young. I still have Drake posters in my house in
Florida and I had shirts and shit. Oh my god. It was so bad. “Crank That!” Wait… Can you say it again? Was it Hot Boys? Why was I gonna say Players Circle? Wasn’t that 2 Chainz? I’m gonna just guess Master P? It sounded like the most realistic. Meds. Right? Hop out the Wraith, eskeddit. Smashing on your bitch, eskeddit. Minnesota! It get cold like Minnesota! I fucking love Yachty. Yachty’s my favorite person in the whole
wide world. Nah but… I really fuck with him. Jump! Jump! Right? “The Race.” Hey if he did it then… I guess. Stay in there. But if he didn’t, then free Tay-K. LL Cool J. It’s LL Cool J, nevermind. I know it! I just figured, I was like, LL Cool J was
young when he started. And I know he signed with Def Jam cause I
remember the little Def Jam logo on the album. I don’t know. B? Got yo ass. I don’t know but I’m gonna guess, B? Is it really? Yeah I don’t know if I know much Lil Kim. That one song that she did with Gucci and
Nicki. She’s a very freaky girl… That was a remix, right? Is that Will Smith? I don’t know. I don’t know these people. So I got all of them right, right? This is the white privileged white girl that
doesn’t know shit about rap, right? Thank you!

100 thoughts on “Bhad Bhabie Takes The Teen Rapper Quiz | The Genius Test

  1. Is this the first video bhad bhabie does a video without cusing/saying
    bad words who agrees.

  2. i literally couldn’t finish the video… she’s so annoyingly loud
    this sounds soo mean but i’m sorry! she needs to chill guuurrrl

  3. Who else just realized that she is wearing the same shirt from gucci flip flops meaning and is still wondering why she said " i DoNt tHiNk iM a GiRl" shirt:baby girl

  4. Gets all teen rapper questions write from early 2000

    1st old school rap question (mobb deep) she gets it wrong

    Kriss kross is old school but that song is known by everyone not just people into rap

  5. She know LL Cool J shit that's better than 60% of other mufuckas out but don't know Mobb Deep I don't understand but props for knowing LL Cool J shit

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