Best First Smart Home Product – Wemo Mini Smart Outlet

Best First Smart Home Product – Wemo Mini Smart Outlet

Hey, so Wi-Fi smart plugs are kind of like the entry point into smart home technology And today we’ve got the Wemo mini to show you just how much this thing can do Let’s make smart home tech simple to enjoy and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the little notification bell next to it So you don’t miss that next video? Welcome back. You wonderful people to the gross tech show My name is Josh and today we’ve got the Wemo mini Smart plug and this thing is so nice now. Let me pull it out of the box and Exactly tell you why I like Wemo and not only has Wemo been around forever They’re also made by Belkin Linksys or some other company names that you know But their presentation of packaging is amazing. So you open it up get ready I mean it literally is it’s rather fun get set And here’s your plug The nice thing about the Wemo mini is that you can actually stack two of them on top of each other There are thin enough to be able to do that It’s got of course the button to be able to turn it on and on off manually But the Wemo app is so easy to set up and it’s so amazing to use I’m just gonna show you real quick how to do it The nice thing is that it works with the Google assistant and the Amazon a-and with the bridge you can actually connect it with the home kit for Siri the link up here will give you a video that is how to set up and all the information about the Wemo bridge kit and everything that comes with it and how to use it and So check that out as well. But the nice thing is you can set up scheduling you can set up controlling Protection mode which is awesome because if you have multiples of these around the house with them plugged into lights It will rent and you basically do like an away mode It will randomly turn on lights around the house Simulating people are home without just having the one that sits out in the middle of the living room That is on a timer that always turns on at 6 or 7 o’clock at night and turns off at 5 o’clock morning This simulates people actually going around the house, which is pretty fantastic like I said The Wemo mini smart plug is literally the easiest way to get into the system Get into smart home tech. It’s so quick and easy and if fairly cheap link is down in the description below It’s on sale. I believe right now on Amazon. So check that out. Hey, well, that is the end of the episode. Thank you So much for watching the gross tech show My name is Josh make sure you hit subscribe and the notification bell icon is checked Also down in the comments. Do you what was your first smart home tech product? What was the first thing that you got was it? Was it the Wemo mini. Was it one of the older Belkin Wemo? Outlets was it a different light. Was it the Philips hue? What was it that you first got into smart home technology I’d love to see that down in the description In the comments is what I’m trying to say. Go ahead and put it down there. We’ll talk about that down below Again, my name is Josh with gross tech god bless you guys, and I’ll see you in the next episode. Good. Bye You

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  1. "Worked with Amazon A" You sir, are a true gentleman for not triggering my Echo's. I gift you my existing subscription. Haha! Good work man!

  2. These smart plugs are such a necessity for me. I don’t think I have anymore available plugs in my home lol.

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