Best Build Combo 6 Beast and All Summon Units | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #23

Best Build Combo 6 Beast and All Summon Units | Auto Chess Mobile Gameplay #23

Moshi – Moshi guys let’s continue our
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play on android emulator okay let’s enjoy the game chat thanks okay first pick, tusk champion or do i take unicorn okay nevermind, let’s take tusk champion first do i get items? nope say no to goblin and mechs for now
already boring man.. It’s a boring build that Everyone’s going for okay it’s certainly the same items yeah
I got exactly the same items from previous round when I don’t want to build goblins they give me this okay so I pick it I take it, all right why you do this to me game oops whoa I don’t want the stone
spirit because the abyssal guard is better i think i know how to build this okay nice OISHI ROLL pls 🙁

Okay i don’t want this actually, but i play goblins for now so i can help it I keep getting the goblins 🙁 yep you see I keep getting the goblins ah let’s give up this one now kill him please, annoying.. warrior maybe not beast, if this one is werewolf is good. Gimme OISHI ROLL game pls 🙁 need werewolf and upgrade for these two i think berseker is better I need the glacier clan now since I
have the Berserker I need more two stars that was a not bad roll Can i beat him?

Yeahh, let keep our advantage I don’t want to bottled this game,

Let’s take him out and play Werewolf I will just play Werewolf Let’s put in the Doom, if i got Devastator and Helicopter that would be great Okay still no chance to get legendary uniits Well i got OISHI ITEMS niceeee Next round i can level up, i just needed 1 round and put in the Doom Give the items to Doom, yeah because he hit hard BAAM! Stun! Okay i need to level up to 8 fast and put in the unicorn, because she’s a beast She can heal also, so it’s a good addition Okay let me put my camera on the right so you can see my EXP Okay buy this, in case i need 4 Beasts After this round i think i want to roll, and upgrade this units if I can get 3 STAR from this
it’s good better.

Nothing that I want.. Magicka Crystal please… 🙁 Let’s arrange my formation okay nice okay let’s not waste any more golds and
level up I have to catch up to level 9 Yeah they have more golds than me that’s scary that’s seriously scary let’s save money.. what the hell is it a bug??????? Is it 5 STARS!? I think it’s a BUG okay now it back to 2 STARS need this so bad dude I waste so many golds okay if i get
this three star I’ll put him in i need so many 3 STARS units now Is it going to be 6 beasts build!? Oh my god 3 STAR yes it’s my first time, 3 STAR POISONOUS WORM.

Next round i will level up I think I’m going to play 6 BEAST guys I
don’t care if I lose this game I still play 6 BEAST, that’s great man *BETTER THAN GOBLIN MECH* I need that one last level guyssss Let’s play 6 Beast and I need him to be upgraded I don’t care guys I just want to play 6 Beast and i get it Yeah 6 Beast, Let’s arrange the formation. nice
I don’t care if I lose this game but I have 6 BEASTS Nice 3 STAR POISONOUS WORM I play all the summon units if I win this game is a bonus
okay I win this game nice guys, I managed to get 6 beast and all the summon units
nice GG GEGE boys okay that’s it for this
video Arigato Gozaimasu for watching my video
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