Bepanah Pyaar – 6th August 2019 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

Bepanah Pyaar – 6th August 2019 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

What is it, Pragati? Aunt, I saw the lights on
so I.. What happened?
You are still awake? I could not sleep. Even you are up. Were you occupied
with something, this late? ‘Bani!
Bani!’ I was searching for the truth.
– What? I could not sleep either. You are still up
so late.. This is not right. Did you take
your medicine? I had forgotten about it.
– You always worry about others. How will you look after
yourself? First, you must
take this medicine. Pragati, I need
to speak to you. We shall speak after you have
taken your medicine. ‘Even I want to talk to you.’ ‘I need some strong evidence.’ Pragati, what is the matter? You seem changed
since past few days. Aunt.. I have to tell you
something. I want to confirm it. Is that so?
A good news? Nothing like that! So when will you
tell me of it? You were asking me
about something? Is everything fine with you and this family? It so happens that
I saw at Press conference that everyone was
whispering something as if they are about
to do something and even now I saw that.. ‘Now we shall know
what is going on with Pragati.’ They spoke of you. Dear, I know they do not
like you. But you are the daughter-in-law
of this house. No matter what anyone says
or does to you do not do anything back. I am here with you. I will handle everything. Aunt, you are getting stressed. Do not worry.
Nothing happened. If something ever happened
I will tell you. All right? Now please calm down
and go to sleep. Good night.
– Good night. She acts simple and says
she does not understand and she is very smart! She seems strange
and beautiful at times. Like a scene from a book. She has a craze
of philosophy. End this noise now. Brother!
I was recording something. This is not a studio.
Got that? I was recording my song. That was noise
and no song. Where is my breakfast? Can no one serve me
breakfast in my room? I have been calling. Is everyone deaf? Listen to it just once.
You will like it. Nakul, I heard you.
It is irritating. Worse than an alarm clock. What happened to him?
– I do not know. ‘I know what it is.’ ‘A hangover from last night.’ ‘Did you see that?
– No!’ ‘Bani was here.
Did you not see?’ I thought once you hear me
and I record for you then you might like it. You will let me sing
at our annual function. Think over it. He has a lot of followers
online. It is okay. Do not worry. I will do something.
– No need. People will hurl shoes
if he sings at annual function. One shoes on him
and the other on us. I will then get mad
and I will hit people. We will then lose the company. Let me give you an idea. Go to a public place
and sing. We have a lot of population. If they hear you sing
they will leave the nation. It would be such fun. Where is the breakfast? Bring it. What is this? It is scrambled eggs. No, these are boiled eggs.
Look closely. It is scrambled eggs.
– Boiled eggs? I will fix it. I do not want it! You there!
Eat your breakfast! No need!
Do not send anyone up! What happened
to him? Who knows? Pragati. Did he fight with you? No, he did not. No? Come on, Nakul! Why are you being upset? He is your brother, right? He says all that out of anger. But he is very clean-hearted. I know, Aunt. I have got scolded
by him many times. He can surely vent out
his anger on us by why is he punishing himself? He didn’t do his breakfast. He will drink on his
empty stomach the whole day. Brother Harshit,
brother will eat by himself when his mood becomes fine. Yes. Let’s cheer him up. Actually, right? Come, let’s convince him. Pragati, come with me. I have some work
in the kitchen. Hey! The wife should cheer up
her husband, right? Don’t you know that? You should be worried about it
the most. Come.. – But I.. Nobody should talk now.
– Come. – Come. Raghbir, open the door. Mom, please go.
I won’t open it. At least, have your breakfast.
– I don’t want to. Brother, don’t do this.
Don’t starve yourself. You bother me so much. You are run behind me for
blood test and breakfast. Listen, I have brought
your boiled eggs. I don’t want them. Brother,
I have ruined your mood, right? I am so sorry. I will cheer you up.
Wait and watch. I will break your instrument
if you start it again. Brother, please eat something. I don’t want to have breakfast. Pragati, he has shut the door.
Please do something. How can we cheer up brother
from outside? Oh! Forget about that! He will sit inside and drink.
Even that’s not good for him. Raghbir.. Raghbir, open the door!
– Brother! Are you all right?
Did you get hurt? No, it’s fine. Brother,
you aren’t eating anything. At least, don’t drink
on your empty stomach. That’s why I am not
letting you inside. That’s why I locked the door. He will not open the door. Why not? I have an idea. I think they left. Keep the bottle down! How did you know that I
am holding the bottle? Because I can see you. But from where? Oh, no! You have turned this house
into Cartoon Network. You will not drink.
– At least, not in the morning. Brother, you can vent out
your anger on me. You can even beat him.
I will get the stick. Yes, please get convinced.
We are trying it from so long. What nonsense is this! And, Aunt, even you.. Please go, take rest. You should allow us to rest. Open the door soon.
My back is paining. And my leg..
– Brother, my hand. Brother, my hair! Are you done? No.. – No.. – Brother.. Bye! – No.. – Brother!
– Open the door.. Open it! – Brother! Hey.. Open it! Brother! All of them are mad. This used to be a mad house.
But now it’s a circus. Pragati, he is your husband.
He will surely listen to you. Do something.
– Yes, Sister-in-law. Please give us some idea. Yummy! The Chinese dish we prepared
for breakfast was so tasty! Yes. – Very tasty.. Have you prepared Chinese food? I will be out in a minute. Who eats Chinese food
for breakfast? Oh! We even had continental. We had such a
special breakfast. I never had such
great Chinese food before. As if I will jump out of
the room to eat Chinese food. Get a life! Go! Oh! Why are we calling him? He will eat our share of food. Go, eat well and get fat. Had you actually
prepared Chinese food I would’ve smelled it first.
Understood? Yes, it was a drama. But this was for you.
Now please open the door. Come out. All of us are
waiting for you outside. Please! – Raghbir,
please open the door. I won’t, Aunt. All right. Won’t you open it? Then listen to me carefully. All of us will keep knocking
this door until you open it. Keep knocking, I don’t care. Open the door.. – Brother. Raghbir.. – Keep banging it.
Very good! Please open it.
– Raghbir, please open the door. I am tired. Please open.. Aunt, say it loudly.
He can’t hear you. Wow! Aunt is acting
like she is sick. Brother, aunt is
feeling unwell. Brother, she is unable to talk. Who are you talking about?
– We are talking about aunt. Very good idea! When the Chinese
food didn’t work you are now using
the Indian aunt. Very good! Aunt.. – Aunt.. – Mom.. Aunt..
– Aunt.. – Mom.. Mom.. Yes.. Start this drama now. The house has caught fire,
the gas cylinder has exploded. Is there anything else? Raghbir, open the door soon! What happened to aunt? She just fell down. Aunt..
– Mom, please open your eyes. Aunt, what happened? Aunt. Kunti. – Aunt. – Mom. What happened to her?
– She fell unconscious. Ratan, take out the car.
– Okay. Nakul, stop. Aunt, are you fine?
– Thank God! What happened to you, Aunt? Nothing, Raghbir. I felt dizzy. This is what will happen
if you don’t eat and if you don’t take care
of yourself. ‘She is just feeling
dizzy now.’ ‘Just wait and watch as
to what all happens.’ Sorry. I caused you a lot of
inconvenience, right? If you think all this,
you will stress yourself again and you will feel dizzy.
– Even body needs rest. She keeps running around
the whole day. She should at least
consider her age. She can’t act like a youth
in this day. The juice is here. Kunti, have some juice. Have some juice. Raghbir, listen. You will drink
this juice and not me. You didn’t eat anything
since morning. I won’t eat anything
if you do this. You have to convince me
to make me eat and for that, you need energy.
So here’s the juice. Have it. This is all because
you didn’t have breakfast. Was it because of me? And what about all that
you were doing? I won’t die if I don’t have
breakfast for a day. It’s just breakfast
and not a medicine. Shalu has gone out. Looks like she has gone
to do something. Go behind her. Pragati, enough. Go, Pragati. Ask Malti to prepare breakfast
for Raghbir. Go soon. Thank you. The work is done, Aunt.
The report is ready. That’s good.
Her truth will now be out and we will come to know
what she is actually hiding. ‘Who are they talking about?’ ‘Whose truth is going to get
exposed?’ ‘By the way,
what did the reports say?’ ‘Report?’ We will come to know that
after reading them, right? Let’s bring the report
from the Dr. Patel’s clinic. Do this, get the reports first. I will keep my eyes on Pragati. ‘Dr. Patil is..’ ‘Then she needs to undergo
a complete check-up.’ ‘Even the blood test
needs to be done’ ‘if she’s not from your family.’ ‘You should have the reports
of ECG, blood group and DNA.’ ‘Are they talking about me?’ ‘Are they accessing
my blood reports?’ ‘Oh, my God!’ ‘Did they take out
my DNA reports?’ ‘But how can they do it
without my blood sample?’ ‘Even I am a normal human
like you.’ ‘Leave me!
I didn’t kill anyone!’ Oh, my God! They took my blood sample
and made the report too? They are going
to take the same. But the doctor has
my DNA record. If it matches my reports everyone will come to know
that I am Bani and not Pragati. No. Nobody should know this. Nobody should find out
my identity. I must do something. Aunt is not to be seen. Did she go anywhere? But I didn’t see her leaving. I will do this.
I will stay here and wait. I will follow her
when I see her. Where will you go? Tell me. Well.. What? Do you like wandering
in the night like a cat and like a spy during the day? Actually, outside.. Should you go out
when aunt is unwell? I will be right back. Come here. Wait for some time. I need to
discuss something important. Actually, my friend is unwell. If I don’t go to her..
– Are you a doctor? Do you need to perform
her surgery? Will she die if you don’t go? No, right? I was just kidding. I don’t care about where you go
and whom you meet. But you can’t ignore my life. Your life? – My aunt. She means life to me. She taught me how to walk,
how to talk, how to speak and how to drink.. No, she
didn’t teach me how to drink. Whatever I am today
is because of my aunt. She used to give all her time
to me when I was young. She used to teach me things. But I can’t give her
much time now. Because the more time
I spend with her the more trouble she will
have from my problem. It will hurt her. But you can lessen that pain. You should take care of her. I don’t tell this to everybody. I am telling this to you
just because she likes you. Yes, I understood
and I will do it. But, I-I have to go now.
You know about friend. I will come back soon.
– I didn’t finish yet. Let her go.
Pragati, you go. Aunt, we were discussing
something important. I have something more
important than this. You come with me.
– Aunt! What happened?
– Nothing. Aunt, it’s me who drinks and
you are the one who gets high. We’ve a good connection, right?
– Shut up! You’re unbelievable.
You’re very sick. This is not done.
You are very young. You should take
care of yourself. Take some rest.
You’re not fine at all. You fall sick frequently, Aunt.
Is this a joke for you. All right.
You become a father soon. I won’t go anywhere.
– What do you mean? How will I become a father. You’re married and mature
enough to understand. Aunt, just because
I went on honeymoon that doesn’t mean I will
fulfil all your demands. Then why did I send
you Manali for? To get me a shawl?
– Aunt. W-What..
What are you searching? Entertainment.
– What? Yes.
Do you play a video game? What!
– I won’t get heart attack if you’re busy with something.
You’re not understanding it. Entertainment is very
important for you. Do you at least play a Ludo?
– Raghbir, are you mad? Do you play snakes and ladders?
– I don’t want to argue. How about music? Wonderful idea. I’ve found the solution. What will you do with this? A person can listen
to music in any mood. I am sure, this music can
change a person’s mood into bad. Disgusting!
Such a bad voice. Raghbir, come close. Aunt..
What are you doing! Are you making fun of me?
– No, I am not.. Listen, if I pull your ear
then it will hurt you. If you make fun of me
then I will be hurt. Come on, say sorry. You’re hurting.
Okay, I am sorry. I am already sick.
If you make fun of me then I will
definitely fall down. Aunt, getting frequent
dizziness is not good. Are you taking
medicine on time? I have started
feeling more dizzy since when I stared
taking medicine. Initially,
I didn’t get so much. This might be the side
effect of the medicine. Tell this to the doctor. He will
prescribe you another medicine. Is it?
– Where is the medicine? Aunt, you should be careful.
– What are you doing? I am taking this
medicine to the doctor. He will give you
another medicine. ‘Where did she go? I’ll
ask for Dr. Patel’s cabin.’ Excuse me.
Where is Dr. Patel’s cabin? Ma’am, it’s on right hand side.
Cabin number is 101. Thank you. Excuse me, sir.
Who do you want to meet?

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