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So it’s the end of today..OK? Your mom can be called a little? ok bro..i”m calling.. Are You want to tell something Actually aunty I don’t know how to say that The month is not over There hasn’t any problem ..Need money? Actually aunty ,I am the elder sonof my family..that’s why I am the student of BUET …Understood? I don’t teach whom to him And that’s why I paid less than my father What is the video about on? Yes ! What is the video about on? This video is about our home tutor Who comes to teach us ,this video is totally on them we don’t have any intention to insult them So The main point is you can see a red button”Subscribe” hit on this Bro! please solve this sum This? OK! Please hold on ,I’m doing this Well do one thing. Get out the solver You could not calculate this figure? This is on the guide book! You can see it from here…Do you want to ask me again? Bro! please solve this math Hey keep it Say first,recently you’ve posted a picture on Facebook with a beautiful girl Who is she? She is my cousin Sure single? suggest me that id No bro! The baby which was in my lap is my sister’s oh! so sad… By the way which math?? Sir was late today again Sir you are still 15 minutes late today……Start first !Start first! I’m late ! I’m late! Bro! time is up…i should leave now! Sir , it was not a word could you solved this math? sir! I’ve a question What? You said to your father that you are a student of BUET ( Dhaka ) but how to do you have lived in rajshahi? Do not understand? I travel by plane Sir! I’ve finished Do the next one You don’t have any blanket? No, sir! please give that Pillow Omor! Do the 16th no math Can not cross OK…then do 17th number i can’t do this Even though i can do it Hey, call your sister Why do you ask me to call my sister again and again? Do My sister my guardian? My mother is my guardian…If you say so I call my mom… OK bro..Let’s the matter drop Brother, why look like a frog? It has a reason ..Before that you have something in the house? wait…let me check Ahhh!!! snacks! start! start ! See! This math should be done like this I cant do this math at all OK…Try this first Hellow sweetheart! Do not you know where I am at this time? you Should know this…you are my girl friend.. you should take my time table You need to know when to call me Well, when you make a call, say something Have you take your breakfast Have a bath Tell your father to be careful I saw that day…….. What happen? I cant You cant see that I am Speaking on a important matter Try Try …You can No ! NO!I Its not for You Whats up bro? What time do you start reading? You are late…So, You will not be able to study from the next month i am the student of BUET!. You should be understood I have a value of my time From the beginning of the month you will tell your father to find a new teacher

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