Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the Benonni Opening in a Chess Game

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the Benonni Opening in a Chess Game

The next and final of the queen’s pawn response
openings that I would like to show you is the modern benonni. The benonni existed long
ago and has come back again in the last few years and it is an opening that is used primarily
by people who are very aggressive players and it does give black very good counter attacking
opportunities. And it basically goes like this. Pawn to queen’s four, pawn to queens
bishop four. That is the modern benonni. And there are many different theories about to
continue at this point. The main line right now appears to be pawn to queen’s five. And
the response by black at this point, usually is now pawn to king’s four. And you will noticed
that by playing pawn to king’s four, black does set him up for an immediate “en passant”
response. If you remember from earlier on, white can take the pawn by “en passant”; however,
it seems now a days that most of the variations, white does not actually play that and instead
focuses more on bringing out his knights and continuing with his development of bringing
out bishops and so on.

5 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the Benonni Opening in a Chess Game

  1. your videos suck!!
    that isn't even the modern benoni, what youre showing is the old benoni

    btw, learn algebraic notation

  2. @crackerjack113 why do you have to be so aggresive? if you want to comment something, please do it so with respect… that arrogance is disrespectful and shows a pathological lack of brain in that cranial cavity of yours. These videos are for people who are starting to discover this fascinating game… and this fine gentlemen has been kind enough to share his knowledge on the subject. Please, try to behave like a grown up…

  3. @RaoX77
    1. this isn't the modern benoni, which he incorrectly says it is
    2. it lacks algebraic notation

    btw, please try to spell like a "grown-up"
    and trying to write with capitals and periods doesn't make you any smarter, my charlatan friend

  4. @crackerjack113 You see? removing the part of the 'charlatan friend' that was a serious and objective post. My point was that sentences like 'your videos suck' et al are completely uncalled for. Btw, I´m glad the only mistake I made was the 'grown-up' part considering english is not my native language… and I take as a compliment your comment about the capitals and periods.

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