Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : Why to Not Over Attack in a Chess Game

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : Why to Not Over Attack in a Chess Game

Hello, welcome back. It’s John Livingstone
again for Expert Village. And I hope you’ve had some opportunity now to practice some
of the things that we’ve discussed in the past. And in this show, we’ll be going on
to other important aspects of the game. And firstly, I’d like to say a few general words.
One of the things I’ve always noticed about new players, beginners, is they seem to be
obsessed with attacking. They seem to constantly attack on every move. They attack every opponent’s
piece that they possibly can, and they also check at every possible opportunity, even
if it’s quite meaningless. And indeed, sometimes it means that the opposition actually gets
a better position as a result of responding to that check. But nevertheless, they keep
checking and attacking. And it really is not the way to go. You have to have a bit of idea
of deeper strategy in tactics and understanding of the game. And you really want to spend
a little bit more time between moves. You’re not playing with clocks here. You can take
as long as you like to move. Just think. Just take a look at the overall situation. Just
get the big picture. And remember, it’s not just attack. You’ve got to defend as well.
What is your opponent doing? What is behind his moves? Don’t just respond without every
time trying to evaluate exactly what the situation is at every given moment because it changes
constantly. And watch out for surprise attacks. I mean nothing can be worse than when you’re
in a good, strong position and you think you’re going to win, now what if something like this
happens? So you’ve got a good, strong attack going, but then suddenly, low and behold,
here comes a black rook, gets on your back row. It’s checkmate. You can’t get out of
that. The game’s over. You’ve got to bear these things in mind. Watch for these traps.
Watch for your weaknesses and watch for your opponents too. And try and amplify them.

11 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : Why to Not Over Attack in a Chess Game

  1. after playing fire emblem and shining force for the sega, all i can do is label my chess pieces after characters in the game lol. chess helps with smash bros too

  2. What kind of rubbish is that??? How is a King with three pawns left 'over – attacking a single Rook? Besides, to not open a square is something only a complete greenhorn would forget… get real, dude! I suggest you switch from chess to checkers.

  3. i have a rating of 2498 !!!!! lol a weak example !!!! + no matter wat black does the game is over !!! ( cuz the black king is out of the board ) lame !!!!
    ohhh and i can crush this old freak ………… if sum1 out there realy wants to be good well then attack ur opponents pieces always !!! and also giv em alot of checks keep up the initiative its important cuz almost every tym ur opponent will make a mistake !!!

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