Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Win a Chess Game

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Win a Chess Game

Now I’ll give you a few more pointers, a few
more things that I’ve learned that you might find useful to bear in mind. In the opening,
try and get your pieces out quickly and try as I said before, to move towards the center
of the board. It really is true in chess who controls the center really controls the game.
These critical pieces and the adjacent squares to them as well. Another thing is don’t bring
your queen out too quickly at the beginning of the game. Queens that are brought out early
on just tend to become objects for attack. Hold your queen back a bit. And another thing
to observe is the play of the bishop. It’s far better if you can do it, and especially
if you only have one bishop each left on the board. If you can keep your bishop on or your
pawns rather, on the opposite color to your bishop so here is the bishop on a white square,
the pawns you notice are on black squares and it gives the bishop far more mobility.
Now similarly, if your opponent has a bishop that’s playing on the black squares, you can
see that his mobility is somewhat cut down by having your pawns blocking his way. Pawns
on the same color as the attacking bishop. Another thing to bear in mind is this question
we touched on earlier of exchanging. Try and exchange if indeed you do get into a strong
position and you are getting ahead and if do find yourself getting behind, then try
as far as possible not to exchange.

16 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Win a Chess Game

  1. Me : 6 wins
    My little bro : almost 3x more

    i win by making him think about something else, basically distracting him like mad <3

  2. Expert village has volunteers, NOT payed employees! He is very generous to give begginer lessons for free! He's a great person!

  3. Bringing your queen out early is not always a bad tactic sometimes it can be very effective here is an example:

    1) e4 e5
    2) Nf3 f6? (almost anything is better for black)
    3) Nxe5! fxe5? (Qe7 is actually better than taking the hanging knight but white is still better on development)
    4) Qh6+! and black is just in a world of hurt at this point white is much stronger position with high attack capabilities

  4. Hi expertvillage, maybe you can answer my question. I just want to know why it needs to add the word ''strategic'' in the words ''strategic positioning of pieces'' when it is enough to say the words ''positioning of pieces'' so that it is easy to understand right?.

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