Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Support a Pawn With a King in Chess

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Support a Pawn With a King in Chess

Now we were talking about pawning, queening
the pass pawn and if your pawn cannot get there by outracing the oppositioning king
the thing to do is to use your king to support your pawn in the queening process. Now here
is an example of that. Whites move, white moves here, black of course wants to stop
he pawn from getting up to here and so let’s say it comes here, white moves, black moves
back one square, white to here and you notice how we are forcing the black king back up
the board, probably have to go to here, white moves, black king comes out again, white moves
now notice that the black king cannot take the white pawn of course because it is protected
by the white king so there is not a great deal at this point that black can do. It can’t
come here, it can’t come here, and it can’t come here so really the only square it has
is to go back again. So once again white closes in again black has to move and let’s say he
moves to here this time, now the next move white would then attack to here which would
be check, the king again has to move and the only possible realistic square is to go here
for the black king and white has to be careful at this point because of the possibility of
a stalemate. You want to be very careful in these positions of stal mates and drawing
the game. Note that if white were to come here the black king would now be unable to
move without going into check and the game would be stal mate and it would be a draw
so what the white king does instead is to move to this square here. Now here the black
king does have a move available. He can move to this square here and this gives white the
opportunity to move to here. At this point the black king cannot get back again to block
the queening pawn. It would obviously not be legal and he can’t come here because he
is being checked so it is going to be too late, the pawn is going to be queened so let’s
say he comes to here and that’s it, the pawn is home and white’s got a queen.

4 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Support a Pawn With a King in Chess

  1. This is a great point for his previous video… why not to always attack. The check at 1:30 lost him the win. Unless the king's silly and runs away (instant check mate)… black blocks the pawn… and unless you have another piece to spend your move on, it's a stale mate or kiss your pawn g'bye… and a stale mate anyway.

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