Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Play a Middle Chess Game

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Play a Middle Chess Game

So I wanted to talk a little bit more about
the middle game at this point because the middle game in chess is very crucial and to
be honest it is the part of the game where the match is either won or lost in most cases
and especially at higher levels of chess, many games never actually get beyond the middle
game, they are decided during that portion of the match. The thing with the middle game
is it is difficult to learn because it is purely based on one’s creativity, on one’s
imagination, on one’s ability to play strategically well and to play tactfully well, with strong
tactics and these are things which are not readily learned. There are things you can
do, the best thing you can do is to play a lot. Simply by playing a lot you will eventually
come to understand the underlying concepts of the middle game much more clearly and also
by doing things like playing masters games backs. We have discussed the notation so hopefully
you can start to do that and also doing things like solving chess puzzles. You see these
regularly in the paper and they are very good in the underlying principles of middle game
play and well worth following.

10 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Play a Middle Chess Game

  1. actually, this useless clip is useful. openings & endings can be taught. the middlegame can't. either the player gets it, or he/she doesn't & loses.

  2. Says the guy with a username of Spongebob…
    This guy is posting some useful videos for begginers at chess, he's doing a good deed.
    Leave him alone.

  3. as a beginner, I found this video completely useless as there was no information what so ever on how to play the middle game.

  4. I don't quite agree with your opinion as I'd like to believe there has to be some principles that a player should adhere to during the middle game.

  5. The main aim of the middle game is to take more material than your opponent. However, the strategies used are various including fork, pin, skewer and discovered attack.

  6. the main aim of the middle game is to get some sort of advantage whether materially, or in other aspects such as better pieces, pawn structure ect.

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