Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Check Mate with a King & Queen in a Chess Game

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Check Mate with a King & Queen in a Chess Game

This will be an example of a slightly more
difficult Checkmate using a Queen and a King, against a King, assuming that these are the
remaining pieces on the board, at the end of the game. Basically, the idea is somewhat
similar to drive the King back to the edge of the board. So, white to move, comes here.
Black can’t take the Queen, it’s supported by whites’ King, can’t move to any of these
squares you’ll notice, can’t go here. So, let’s say to try to stay as central as possible
which is always the thing to do if you’re in a defending position, he goes here. Now,
white immediately moves into this file, because now into that rank, because now he has blocked
the King from coming forward again. So, the King is already getting pushed. Now, the King
can’t come here so, let’s say he goes here. So, now the King is brought up, notice that
the white King is very necessary, the white Queen alone can’t do this mate. So, let’s
say he goes back again, he’s trying to hang onto the center, gets checked again, once
again can’t go to the sides so has to retreat, so he goes to here. King again, is moved up
towards him. Now notice that the, the black King now has relatively few moves that he
can make. He can’t go here, he’d be in check from the Queen, he can’t go here, he’d be
attacked by the King, here he’d be attacked by both pieces, here the Queen, here the Queen.
So, already you’ve succeeded in forcing him back to the edge of the board, and indeed
that’s where he has to go. White would now come across here preventing the King from
returning out, getting out and back towards the center. Doesn’t really matter much now
what the King does, let’s say he goes to here, the white King moves in, the only remaining
move at this point for black is to come here, and the white Queen comes in and Checkmates.

9 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 3 : How to Check Mate with a King & Queen in a Chess Game

  1. Ranks are the rows of squares (8 per row) that run across the width of the board. The ranks run horizontally. Files (8 squares per files), run vertically – up and down the length of the board. When you move a pawn up, it is advancing on its file. If you move a rook toward your king, like in castling, or move a rook sideways, it is moving along the rank. hope that helps!!!

  2. Thank you. I've bought a book now. I'm much better versed than I was when I wrote that message!

    Still a long way to go, though.

  3. Not the best move at 1:57. I would've moved the king up one rank. Black king could only move to the same file, then drop the queen down to his rank… gives him a little less wiggle room. Best piece to push a king with is another king.

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