Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 2 : How to Get Out of Check in a Chess Game

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 2 : How to Get Out of Check in a Chess Game

In chess I mentioned, that it is all about
getting the opponent’s king. And when you attack the opponent’s king, the king is said
to be in “check”. And most players, as a courtesy, when they attack an opponent’s king, will
say “check”. So here is an example of some body getting a check. The white queen is now
attacking the black king. Check. Now once you are in check, there are three possible
ways to get out of it. And if you can not get out of it then you are check mated and
the game is over. These are the three possible ways. Firstly, let us assume that there are
pawns here and here, just to clarify the example, and that no other pieces are in the immediate
vicinity. Now the queen moves in, checks. The king has to get out of the check for the
game to continue. Now what can he do in this situation? Three possible ways to get out
of it. Firstly, can he take the attacking piece? Actually, as the board is set up here
at the moment, for this example, he can not. There is no piece that can capture the white
queen. So that alternative is not going to work. Alternative two, can he get a piece
between himself and the opposing queen? Is there any defensive piece that he could bring
in. Now if he had a knight here, for example, you will remember the move of the knight he
could indeed bring the knight between himself and the attacking queen. But as shown in this
particular example he can not get anything in between. So his third and last possibility,
is can he move out of the way of the attacking queen. Well, he can not move here because
he is blocked by his own piece. If he moves here, he is still attacked by the queen. And
also here, and also here. Now here, he could take the pawn, the white pawn. That would
get him out of the way of the queen for sure. But the problem is that he would then be in
check with this pawn, because you remember that pawns take sideways and on the diagonal.
And of course you can not move into check, so therefore, he can not do that either, and
therefore, he can not get out of it he is check mated and the game is over.

29 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 2 : How to Get Out of Check in a Chess Game

  1. yea… A: the second pawn could block the queen by moving up two spaces. B: he didn't have to move the second black pawn because the first black pawn was already guarded by it's rook. C: He could just tap 2 black mana and play a trap card in defense mode.

  2. He can't move the B2 black Pawn in between the King and Queen because the white pawn
    at E1 would attack The Black Pawn thus putting him in Check Mate again.

  3. Thats what i spotted too. Sure the Queen can get capture that pawn thats between the King and Queen but at least it will give Black's pawn the time to capture the Queen.

  4. @qudilivi
    ahahha I think what you said, and yes its not a check mate hahaha. maybe he should put that group 1 step up and the pawn can't reach it and then thats a check mate. ahahahha

  5. pawn in front of the knight on the kings side could have went two spaces and block the path of the queen

  6. LOL! Im not realy good in playing chess but I can tell that you can move the pawn between the king and queen! I think he's goin blind!

  7. i see ALOT of people who think they can do better then this man. only because you see you can move a pawn you are not even paying attention anymore to the video and demostration. i think this is a great example of little kids who think they know better, showing off

    ''and that no other peices…'' 0:50

    next time, watch the FULL video

  8. we're assuming no other pieces are on the board guys, so we're pretending the pawn that can move up doesnt exist for this demonstration. pay attention

  9. Apart from the fact that he could have just moved the black pawn, the video was called how to get out of check. I still don't know how to get out of check.

  10. People keep saying it's not checkmated…

    People need to understand that most chess players would call the whole pawn betwen the 2, in that situation, a checkmate, simply because the next move by the white player will lead to a checkmate anyway.

    Black Pawn moves in, white pawn takes it, leaving the rook to checkmate the black king.

  11. @qudilivi you idiot no he cant once you move a pawn wether its 3 squars or 1 it can only move once after that

  12. @qudilivi Pawns cannot move there though unless there is an enemy peace to take. So your maybe you and the 46 people who seem to agree with blind logic……..

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