Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : The History of the Game of Chess

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : The History of the Game of Chess

Hello, I’m John Livingstone at Expert Village.
Thank you very much for coming to see my series on Chess. I’ve played a long time, and I hope
during this show to start imparting to you the things that I’ve learned about Chess;
from the rudiments right up to what it is that distinguishes somebody who can truly
become a strong player. And a very brief history of Chess, it’s a it’s a very old game. Nobody’s
exactly sure where or when it originated, but it was probably in India; Northern India,
most likely around the seventh century, and it’s gradually come down through the centuries
into its present format. It is essentially a game of strategy and tactics, which is played
between two opposing armies, and you in effect, are commander-in-chief of one of those armies.
There’s been a tremendous interest in Chess recently, because as the baby boomers age,
and these terrible illnesses like Dementia and Alzheimer’s become more prevalent, medical
science has shown that to avoid them you must keep your mind active, and Chess is a wonderful
way to keep your mind active.

4 thoughts on “Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : The History of the Game of Chess

  1. thanks for these great videos always wished i new how to play chess learning slowly.
    wish someone would renumber these videos a bit better though

  2. Is there a specific order to all the part 1 videos? Being a musician I devote most of my free time to stimulating my mind with music chemistry however I have decided to take chess further than simply knowing all the rules.

  3. It's obviously in Iran. The original name was "Shatraanj" from ancient persia. First pieces have been excavated from Iran (2nd century BC) and it then carried east as the Persian generals expanded the empire and shared Iranian ideas, knowledge and culture with their new subjects. The word changed many times from Shatraanj to shatarang to chataranga (current indian name for chess). There are other theories, but most international scholars agree that this is the most probable.

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