Bee Low will’s wissen! Chess-Battle mit Taktloss // The Pitch

Bee Low will’s wissen! Chess-Battle mit Taktloss // The Pitch

You can always give up. No, never. I’m Bee Low and I’m here for eNtR Berlin outside the legendary Gretchen Club in Kreuzberg. Bee Low Wants To Know. I’ll be doing a chess battle with Taktloss. Taktloss has determined the bet for this game, for this battle. As his name is Taktloss or TAK-47, he said we’d play for 47 Euros and 47 cents. Right on, Taktloss. I’ll do my best. I set my chess computer to extremely hard yesterday to practise so you have to make an effort. Bee Low Wants To Know. We set the chess clock to 15 minutes. We just drew lots for who gets to be white and go first. I got black, so Taktloss will make the first move. Why do you have nine pawns? Nine pawns? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Did you notice? He’s using stalling tactics. The clock is ticking. This is your time. Ten minutes. Yes, I know. It goes fast. You said you practised. But my chess computer is from Taiwan. No offence, but it’s not as good as I imagined. I didn’t practise. OK. Alright. But it’s looking good. I’m well positioned. It’s hard to play black. You racist. No, hang on… Why don’t you like blacks? I have nothing against them. I am absolutely anti-racist. You’re all focussed? I’m OK. He’s a really good player. Crap. To be honest, I don’t play well. Check mate. No, no. Come on. I read online that you’re publishing a new song soon. On Frauenarzt’s album Tanga Tanga? Is that true? You should ask Frauenarzt as you’re meeting him tomorrow to play minigolf. I hope you’ve got more practise in that. Than with chess. OK. A direct attack on your queen. Yes. Alright then. Check. Crap. Oh shit. Oh dude. What a rotten… You have three options now. You can let the clock finish, you can give up or be called checkmate. Those are your three options. It’s so much money, man. I thought… We can have a return game. Double or nothing. The old game. I know that. I lost ten Euros to him. Then I thought I’d make it and lost 20, 30. Impossible. But when I beat him once, I was so happy. Why not today? Want to tell me something? I’m thinking. You told me on the phone you have something mean to say about me. Yes, indeed, I had a battle line for him. I thought it wouldn’t look this bad. If he had done a bad move, I’d have said, if this is your best move, what about your next album? But… I fired all my bullets on the phone when I briefed him. And in a position like this I can’t afford to get on the high horse. Let me give you a hint. You’re about to let the clock finish. Exactly. You have two minutes. It’s comfortable. If I think about it, two minutes… Crap, I didn’t think the game would go like this. Look at this game as a warm-up, and now… Double or nothing. You can put up equipment, a camera or something. No, I have money on me. I won’t do a play-off with you in my state. What is your state? I’m good, but a little nervous. You managed to throw me off-kilter. Why nervous? I thought you were a media pro. This is not about the media, but about nerves within the game. Look, I still have 56 seconds. A lot can happen. If your name was Kasparov I’d also think a lot could still happen. Then again… Check. Check. You can’t go two spaces. Checkmate. But within the time limit. At least. Is this for me then? That’s your winnings. Shall I leave it here, double or nothing? No. – It was my pleasure. If you have another good idea… go to bed. The chess clock is wicked. It serves its purpose. I’ll pack up then, right? OK, bye. I’ll stop here for a bit. Bye. This was an episode of Bee Low Wants To Know. Today we had a chess battle with Taktloss. I’m finding the defeat hard to take, it’s really tough. I’d love it if you tune in for the next episodes. I’ll do a paint-off with Nomad in a gallery. It’ll be a paint battle. And I’ll go to Teufelsberg with Teufelsberg Freeriders and hurl myself down the ravine and jump a few metres. Let’s see what I dare do. And also MC Frauenarzt. I’ll rock with him. You, the viewers, can be interactive and take part in this format. Tell me your best suggestions of which urban artists I should do battle with and in what, write that in the comments box. I’ll read all the comments and then let’s see if we put some of your ideas into practice. So, subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you soon. One love. Bee Low Wants To Know. Subtitles by Stephanie Geiges

58 thoughts on “Bee Low will’s wissen! Chess-Battle mit Taktloss // The Pitch

  1. Die Jungs die gerade in Indien spielen.. können von Euch nur lernen 🙂

  2. Ist keine Schande im Schach zu verlieren, ich versteh das Spiel bis heute hinten und vorne nicht. Ich bleibe bei Mensch ärgere Dich nicht. 

    Achja. Ein just 4 Fun Battle mit irgend einem namhaften Berliner Writer, das würde mich sehr freuen Bee Low 🙂

  3. Hallo Bülow!
    Bist Du ein Bülowbogen? Ich möchte dir eine Herausforderung vorschlagen!

    Bitte miss dich mit den EASY-does-it-Leuten, wer die meisten Sticker innerhalb eines Tages im Berliner Stadtteil Reineckendorf haftet?

    LG Jochen

  4. wenn du kasparov heissen wuerdest wuerde ich auch denken es kann noch viel passieren :D:D:D:D takti ist so lustig :)))))

  5. Ich beherrsche lediglich die Regeln des Schachspiels, verfüge über keinerlei Strategie oder Übung, der Blonde hätte mich gegrillt.

  6. geniales konzept: der spacsurfer als moderator!
    ähhh warte… nee total scheiße. gönnt dem jungen lieber nen ent-zug ("ent-zug" haha wortwitz haha)

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