Beating AL in a game of Fischer random chess

Beating AL in a game of Fischer random chess

GUY IN RED: shall we start? Is that so? INAUDIBLE REPLY ME: Yes that’s correct. ME: Yes that’s correct. (Laughter) BACKGROUND: castling long is especially nice here. ME: So little guy, can you actually play the game? AL: No. ME: Me neither. AL: But I don’t think the Fischer setup is responsible for that. AL: But I don’t think the Fischer setup is responsible for that. ME: Ok… AL: Ok… MAN IN BACKGROUND: Hey, come on. You should play a legal move. MAN IN BACKGROUND: You should move the correct knight. AL: Hey, that’s wrong! ME: No, there something wrong here people. What is amiss? AL: Queen on a1. So that’s alright. AL: That Queen should be on a8. CAMERAMAN: Uhhm, some time compensation? CAMERAMAN: The entire game is being recorded for posterity, Albert. CAMERAMAN: Just so you are aware of this. AL: Well, in that case, I will make sure not to produce any offspring! MAN IN RED: Are you really sure about that Albert? MAN IN RED: Maybe it’s out in the wild already. AL: This one was over here?
ME: Yes. AL: It was not like this?
ME: No, the pieces stand like this. AL: I castled kingside on move 1. MAN IN BACKGROUND: You just played that move AGAIN…
OTHER MAN: Yes. (INAUDIBLE) CAMERAMAN: Do you want to say anything before the start of the game? ME: Yes, this boy over here obviously has no chance whatsoever. AL: Well look, this man over here has got all the chances in his pocket. Now, let me see… ME: Good luck! AL: Move 1. I castle. BACKGROUND: I’m calculating some completely wrong. If it is possible to calculate all in such a position. QUESTION: Do you resign?
MAN IN RED: Are you crazy? CAMERAMAN: No, you’re not getting in view. CAMERMAN: No, that’s not possible, because this game, …. MAN IN RED: Joris, you’re lost, because your king fell earlier. AL: That king is over there?
ME: No, it’s over here.
AL: I was just saying. ME: It just fell over and I just misplaced it. AL: Knight!! You know? AL: I love to retreat a piece! ME: Active play by you!
AL: Well, active…. AL: Was there some openingtrap? MAN IN RED: Well it sure likes like that! AL: Just out of the blue there was some kind of trap in the opening! MAN IN RED: Let us just resign the game. ME: Ok, despite what I just said, let’s play a dick move.
AL: Despite what you said, you play a dick move… CAMERAMAN: A Rudy move. ME: But yeah, from now on…. CAMERAMAN: All has been recorded.
ME: Yes, exactly! AL: I’m being completely outFischered! ME: You’re being completely outFischered indeed. AL: No, but for real. That was just a healthy sacrifice! ME: Of course, you got perpetual check now, amongst other things…
AL: A typical healthy sacrifice. MAN IN RED: Well,I still see possibilities for white… ME: I hope so! MAN IN BACKGROUND: Yes, but that one was also unprotected. MAN IN BACKGROUND: You’re going for stalemate I see. But that one is ALSO unprotected! MAN IN BACKGROUND: It’s as if there is vacuum cleaner hovering over the board. AL: Well, mister Fischer, I don’t believe your variant of chess really gives me any better results! AL: That’s a nasty move of course…. ME: That’s why I played Queen d6. MAN IN RED: Joris, why didn’t you win already? ME: No, it’s going that well for me.
AL: O, I think it’s getting easier by the minute! ME: Well yes, now it’s like….. AL: Here, that’s mate. MAN IN RED: What did they put in your drink Albert? AL: Mate. Well a nice short game. You wouldn’t want that long of a video. CAMERAMAN: Yes, I’m almost out of film. ME: Look over here, checkmate with Knight f2. CAMERAMAN: Yes, it’s been recorded. AL: Yes, he can choose. Either between checkmate or the winning of the Queen. CAMERAMAN: The winning of the king or the queen! ME: Nice, winning a game of chess captured on video! CAMERAMAN: Yes, I’m just taking a look at the other boards. AL: I’m making it official: no offspring for me!! CAMERAMAN: Short interview with the winner. Tell me, how do you feel? ME: Well, this, of course, feels completely natural, since I already predicted this outcome in advance. ME: He did play a couple of tricky moves. But that’s how I know him. ME: I think he’s just having an offday… I think that’s it… CAMERAMAN: My compliments.
ME: Well, thank you!

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  1. yeah you got the Random Start Position Set up Correct just in Time LOL…Bishops on Opposite colors… Rooks either side of the King….a very Random set up that's SP#103 QNBRNKRB …..ChessFun for Sure ChessCheers2
    !! !!

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  3. You have an illegal rook position…According to rules of Fisher random, the rooks have to be on either side of the king, so castling cannot occur on first move… Bad position to start with. Yes there are rules to Fischer random.

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