Beacon My Business | Ep. 2 – Lookout | Rocketbook

Beacon My Business | Ep. 2 – Lookout | Rocketbook

What’s up Rocketbook Fans? We’re here at Lookout today, about to Beacon their business. Let’s go! First name Captain, last name Mitchell. I’m the Deacon of Beacons. Greetings everyone, I am Captain Mitchell here to free your whiteboards of their Earthly bounds. Beacons are four reusable silicone stickers that you place at the four corners of your whiteboard. You then download the Rocketbook App, you can scan your whiteboard and it can perfectly detects a PDF and sends it to any cloud destination you’d
like. Uh… where could I find the snacks? [Captain Mitchell Snacking] What’s going on guys, this is Captain Mitchell, I’m here at Lookout and we just Beaconed their Business [napping]

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  1. I’m so excited for when these come out. It will greatly help my productivity in school! Continue making great products!

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