Battle of the Ping Pong Rackets

Battle of the Ping Pong Rackets

I decided to try a table tennis experiment take two players way better than me one 4-time U.S. national champion who beat Waldner when he was in his prime and a player who is three levels above me and have them use rackets that barely spin the ball at all just to see how big of a difference spin makes in table tennis also YouTube sent me a package at the end of the video I’ll show you what’s inside for now let the experiment begin so Joey Cochran finalist of the under 2500Õs this year yeah amazing and it’s your first time playing sandpaper it is. this is my first time I actually just made this racket like three days ago I just went to Walmart and bought some sandpaper. alright so I’m gonna hit with Joey Cochran for a minute he’s gonna use sandpaper I’m gonna use my regular racket [Applause] [Applause] so that just goes to show you how important spin is. a player about two levels above me, meaning someone I could never beat would never beat him and it was 11-3 for me because I was using spinny rubber and he was using sandpaper nice to meet you, Adam. Nice to meet you, Cliff! So you know you can win $100 gift certificate to Amazon every week on my channel. how to do? so all you have to do is make a comment in the first 5 minutes after a video has been posted and put your Instagram handle there and one lucky winner will be chosen, a new one every week. Turn on the ring Awesome! ok now you have the best chance Whoa! so I’m standing here next to the ever so tall Jimmy Butler beat Waldner in what year 1991 not a bad year to be Waldner not that there’s ever a bad year to beat Waldner lucky by the way 91 he played the final of the World Championships that year to Jorgen Persson so Jimmy Butler how many times have you won the hardbat national Championships? the hardbat national ChampionshipsÉ i’ve only played one time so I’ve only won it once because I’ve only played it once sandpaper sandpaper I’ve won each any time I’ve played it and but I don’t remember I’ve played it but a couple hardbat that means no sponge does that mean no sponge it looks like there’s a little bit of sponge but actually you tell me what you think that is I mean it’s not like sandpaper which is definitely no sponge whoa so this racket does notÉ the rubber doesn’t grip the ball very much it’s tougher to spin but Jimmy and I are gonna play two quick games. Me using hardbat Joey Cochran’s hardbat against Jimmy Butler [Music] that was easy. all right you’ve seen me with a hardbat against a hardbat champion now you’re gonna see me with spinny rubber against a hardbat champion [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh hey everybody I just wanted to say first of all, this is my first time filming with three camerasÉ one, two, three and the reason I’m doing this is wellÉ I got something in the mail from YouTube that I wanted to share with you guysÉ this black box I have an idea what’s inside I’m gonna open it up. Hey! a letter from YouTube: you’ve just done something that very few YouTube creators accomplish you had an astonishing 100,000 people subscribe to your channel. we know the numbers on YouTube can get really big but we hope that you don’t lose sight of the reality behind that six-digit Milestone. each and every person who has subscribed to your channel has been touched by what you created they were Inspired, challenged or entertained. you achieved this milestone with hard work perseverance and probably a healthy sense of humor too. what you’ve accomplished can’t be taken away from you and we’d like to recognize you and all your hard work with this silver creator award, a small token of our esteem and respect. we know that you don’t do this for awards, you do it because you have a drive to create and share and because you found an audience who cares. believe us when we say that we can’t wait to see what you do next. A million subscribers may seem a long way off right now but you’re closer than you think and we’re rooting for you Congratulations. yours sincerely, Susan Wojcicki I’m sure I mispronounced her name. CEO of YouTube Thank You Susan Thank You YouTube and most importantly thank you you guys it’s really encouraging to have such a positive community time and time again remind you of why you do what you do and encourage you to do more of it and I love table tennis I love inspiring people I want to promote the sport andÉ IÕll take it out of the plastic bag here it’s solid nice solid, shiny, reflectiveÉ there’s a look at it presented to Adam Bobrow for passing 100,000 subscribers passion and thanks again for everything as always keep on ponginÕÉ peace! Butler’s able.. it’d be a hell of a time to serve longÉ I don’t think we’re gonna see it though and Butler’s done it! Butler has won the 2014 national singles championship [Music] [Music]

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  1. To all of the commenters: A big, truly heartfelt THANKS to you! For your on-going support, your comments, your encouragement… you’ve given me so much to look forward to. ❤️

  2. Adam what video is the "What happened" clip from? seen it used in several of your videos and seems like a fun match to watch

  3. Much love to you, Adam. My wife and I just started playing ping pong in our basement (she grew up playing it; I’d never played before), and I’ve been watching your videos as a training supplement so I can one day be the Ping-King of the household. Your battle against The Claw was especially inspiring.
    Instagram: Talkinglittle

  4. It's 3:00 Am in India when your video was uploaded. Watched it @6:00 Am.
    1. Your video quality has drastically improved in this video.
    2. Pep talk during unboxing of YouTube silver button was just awesome. Only two words …. Adam for president (ITTF..😜).
    3. Love the videos on your channel and feeling confident that you will reach 1 million subscribers by the end of this year 2020, mark my words.
    3. I have seen that your videos are reaching 4-5 million views(151k subs)..that means almost 97% people watches your video and they are not subscribers Mention them in ur next videos.

  5. Congratulations 🅰️dam for the achievement 🏆. Way more to go to win such awards. Wish you a 🅱️right future 😊🏓🤞🏽🏆👍🏽

  6. At 151K now. Also liked the Cantonese 101 "aiyah" lesson from your other videos (which is the exact same thing as your Oh No). Another phrase to add is "jetso" which means you come out ahead in a deal or any situation. Other interesting ones are mostly bad words.

  7. These guys must have sooo much patience to be able to lose this many points with a shit racket and not blame it even once.

  8. Is there a significant difference against sandpaper and just wood? it sounds and looks like it performs the same. (source: worst maintained rackets possible as expected of a public high school). hardbats were pretty fun though.

    table tennis EXPECTATIONS v/a REALITY edition 😂😂
    Hilarious video , enjoy
    Kindly subscribe for more fun table tennis and cricket  videos

  10. The hardbat looks just like a nubb rubber many players USE on the one side for cotrolling the spin and speed of ball. Looks same !

  11. First of all congratulations Adam. You, your snake and your red shorts derserved it.. wuhoo good luck to your road to 1M subscribers… #UNDEADREDSHORTS

  12. Hey i love to watch your vids I live in Berlin too and im in a tabletennisteam in Freidrichshain in the Zille Schule. Maybe you can come to us one day. Keep on going with what your doing I love it
    Ps: Congrats for your silver Playbutton

    Instagramm: johann_brln

  13. Can really see how the spin off the sponge rubber added a lot of security to your shots.

    Also, congrats on the play button!

  14. Heavy bias toward racquet feel and familiarity. Adam also needs to change racquets to control for that variable. Needs to use diff blade, sponge thickness, and rubber rating. Preferably a $15 one to also control for quality blades.

  15. This is very interesting, I always felt that no matter the paddle the better player would win, but this definitely disproves that. I play with a buddy all the time, he is good and gets everything back (lobs a lot like Adam), but I win about 70% of the time. About 6 months ago his wife got him a really good paddle (like $50 paddle, is that a lot) and I was using a $3 dollar one from Ollies. I struggled to win as consistently for a while as I adjusted to the spin and him getting even more back. This though makes me feel better as a paddle can make a difference, it also makes me want to get a good paddle haha

  16. You should go against someone from Japan, his YouTube channel name is takkyuu geinin. Here’s his YouTube channel link:

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