Banter Blitz with World Champion Magnus Carlsen (5)

Banter Blitz with World Champion Magnus Carlsen (5)

[Jan] Huh.
[Magnus] All good. [Jan] Are you ready for today? Did the
guys warm you up in Zagreb and OHS for the real deal, the chess24 users? [Magnus] Nah I really… I had a
week off and I already feel rusty so it’s good to play again. [Jan] Alright, so you guys if
you are a chess24 premium user, you can challenge Magnus his
username is MagzyBogues. Hover over his name to challenge him. What do you prefer 3
minutes, 5 minutes? [Magnus] I think I’m going to
play 3 minutes games today. I will not be playing, I
think, more than 1 hour so I’ll try to get as many games
as possible in that time. [Jan] Okay. Let’s stop wasting time.
Here we go, enjoy the action. [Magnus] Okay so here we go. Okay I’ll just accept the first
3 minute challenge I find. So once again, I’ll accept
3 minute challenges today. No increment, no 5 minutes, no bullets,
so yeah. That’s the way it is. So I’m playing against Cafe-Chai. Let me try an old favourite
of mine, the Stonewall today. Knight h3, that’s cheeky. We’ll
try to exploit it by playing c5. Normally, you’d go c4 and if c6, you’d
play knight h3. Feels like here… getting kind of easy play. Yeah now the knight feels a bit weird on
f4, since… I’ll have to or h3 rather. He will have to spend
some time protecting d4. Having said that, obviously
I’m nowhere near being better but it goes without saying
when you play the Stonewall. With the Stonewall, you basically
accept being a bit worse but you try to outplay your
opponent from there. So I have some options, let me just
go bishop d7 and see what he does. Once again, he would love to play
knight d3 and then bishop to f4. Trading up those bishops
and gaining more control over the dark squares in the
center but there is the issue that he has to protect d4. So knight d3 is not possible and
knight b5 just attacked the bishop and protective for… at the same
time but maybe I should go b5? Yeah, sure. I think a general rule of thumb in the
Stonewall is always play actively so now I’m obviously preventing
bishop a3 because of b4. And after a4, b4… think I should be reasonably happy
with those without inclusion. And now he has plundered the pawn
on d4 which makes me very happy. Yeah it does have that
trick of knight to c4 but I feel like bishop c5
should be a good answer. I didn’t want to go dc and then… And then so knight d4 looks good. If e3, I don’t have a retreat square
for the knight but I do have knight c3 followed by knight takes b3. The
reason I cannot go back with… to c6 is obviously that he would have… Did I just blunder? I may have just
blundered. I cannot play queen b6. This guy is playing amazingly
well for his rating… or her, should not be sexist
on this show that’s for sure. Maybe I just busted that would be a bit
disappointing. Yeah I didn’t see… didn’t see bishop e3
at all, I only saw e3. Okay so now I think the worst is over. So had his little trick
with the bishop e8. Do I have time for a5? Let me see. Worst case scenario, I’ll flank him that’s why I play without
increment you know. And there goes his queen but I have to
say, very well played by Cafe-Chai. An excellent fight. So here we go. Alzbeltz, sounds German.
No, ah it’s bask name. Okay, let me try e4. c5. Okay b4, the accelerated wing gambit. He’s playing quickly
which suggests to me he knows something about the line which
I don’t to any particular degree. But I don’t know, doesn’t
look too bad for me. If he’s forced to go knight b8 then
I have a nice lead in development. I should only make sure that I don’t
reply to b3 check with bishop d2 because then he would have b2. But now it feels like I’m
in business sort of. a3, I have ideas of… knight b3. So knight c5 that tickles
my spidey sense. Is that what they say? I
think that’s what they say. This I feel should not be bad.
He’s just too much time… development wise to be moving
his pieces more than once so I feel like now I should
have a huge initiative. I’ve given up a clear exchange
but it’s not so obvious how he’s going to develop his pieces. Seeing as e6 can be
matched in several ways. I have d6 but it’s also very
tempting just to go queen to b3. The point now is that… the point is now is that I’m
a complete and utter idiot. I thought bishop c5 would be met by
queen b5, knight d7 and then knight e5 but his queen protects
that square from… from a1 so that would
have been embarrassing. And also this is not so clear. Okay, I may have a tactical
possibility here though. My idea now is that he doesn’t really
have time for bishop f3 since… Yeah this is what I was
hoping was going to work. So what I was going to say
was that after bishop b2, it just doesn’t have time for bishop
f3 since rook a1 catches the queen. And in case of bishop
c5, bishop f6, gf. Knight e4 would be kind of nasty. Although, again I’m
blundering rook g8 here… so who knows what’s going to happen
but I feel like I still have some… some kind of initiative. And now the only question is
whether queen d7 followed by… followed by either de6
or knight d6 works. My intuition tells me
that should be winning. I don’t have a choice, I have to
play queen d7 and queen d7 at least but I don’t know. It’s hard to calculate,
at the very least I have queen d5 just come to that.
The double threat is knight d7 which queen takes h5 so this
ensures that I’m winning but there may have
been something better. Anyway, in order to win the game I
have to speed up at some point so. Just decided that I didn’t have time
to yap and to try and find first win. It felt like I should probably have
been winning on the previous move by playing queen d7 followed by
knight d6 but I couldn’t find it after bishop h5 so… that’s
why I didn’t go for that. Should just take on b7, c5, knight d6.
Once again, I have to speed up. Rook c8, now I win by
force or queen exchange. Now it should be quite easy. I have lots of these moves.
f5 hangs now. And he might as well
resign at this point. I have way too much time and
there goes his rook as well. Okay, good game. Let me see. SpielJunge
IM but that’s 5 minutes. I want to accept only 3
minute games today so please… please only challenge me for 3
minute games without increment. Let me see. Okay. So I’m going to try, apparently
Mr. SpielJunge listened to me so I’m playing somebody
rated above 3,000 and it’s no secret I want to
pump up my rating here as well. So it’s always good. No rush, don’t care
so much about rating. Think I’ve never tried this
before in an actual game. Spoiler alert, it’s not very good. Huh, knight d3 that’s interesting.
So should I take? cd followed by e6 somehow work?
Okay, I’ll take. So I guess after e6 takes, takes, I
can choose whether to play Grünfeld or a sabotage. I guess
I’ll play Grünfeld then. Let’s see what line he goes for.
Rook b1 wow. What should I do? Don’t want to
play too theoretically, you know. Yeah okay. a4 I’m happy to see. Principal I think
it’s way more dangerous for black if you’re placed on the king side. So now I’m intending knight f6, next to ask him a question of how
he’s going to arrange his pieces. Although bishop f4 was perhaps a
good answer. Now he can just play… So I guess I’ll try bishop c6 instead. a5 I intend to probably
just take that pawn. Knight f6 first and then I’ll grab and ask
him to show me what you got. Okay h6 I suppose. I’m not scared
of taking obviously. That would… yeah give me the bishop back. I don’t know. g5 shouldn’t be too bad. Rook c8. He does have some compensation but I
really feel that the outside passed pawn maybe a good factor for me. So I have the option of knight e4 now. Yeah I kind of like that. Takes, ah he does this immediately. Anyway, I think I go a4. Feels
like with these two bishops and the a pawn running, I
should be doing pretty well. Goes for the ending but my bishops
are really, really strong here, so I do have the feeling that… and I completely missed
that move which forces me to make this extremely awkward one but I do have an a pawn running
which is a good thing. These games are all so messy. No nice clean ones. Happy to get in a5 so he wants
to simplify the game, I think. Okay three, now I get rook d2 and it’s
hard for him to activate his pieces. f5 preventing… and there
goes the knight and the game. But anyway, I think even if he
doesn’t blunder the knight, he’s a lot worse but… Another interesting game, I have to say
that these games are far from easy. Okay let me see. KnightDriver, I
think I accepted. Yes an American. Still… well it’s actually
in the middle of the day so he or she is probably on holiday. Let me try c5. It’s appropriate
obviously for the KnightDriver to play knight f3 on the first move. That’s the fact that simply
cannot be overlooked. But one of the good things about
playing knight f3, g3 and bishop g2, castles against everything is
that you can play it quickly. So I’m not sure why he’s spending so
much time on his first few moves. And I always liked the betweenic system or the betweenic set
up in these systems. They can go b6 now and try to play
d5 in one go. Usually, you go for… d6, h6, bishop b6 and so on. Now that he has gone for…
c4 preventing d5. Obviously, I have to change plans. One thing I do like though
is that his knight is on f3 and that he will have to spend
a move in order to prepare f4 which is one of the only two
breaks there are in the position. The other one is b4 or b5 for me. But yeah with the pawn
structure as locked as it is… being first to play… to
play f4, f5 is huge. Did I blunder after queen d7?
Could he have gone bishop h6? I always just thought bishop h6
and his queen is hanging on d2. Rook e7, and f8 as well so I probably would have lost material
there which is… which would have been unbelievably
embarrassing if it had happened because that’s the kind of trick
you’re not supposed to fall for. But I don’t know, apparently
KnightDriver is not in to knight forks or he would have spotted that. Yeah it’s always a difficult choice whether to take with a
pawn or something else. And on e5 or e4 in this case
but I feel in this case. Knight is going to be nicely placed
and might seem as I’m blundered… that I’m blundering an exchange there
but this one I did actually see. Since queen h3 followed by queen
takes g3 in case it took the rook. Just gave me excellent compensation
and now I have time to move the rook and take on d3… Later
on which will give me a couple of pretty healthy
looking extra pawns, as well as a potentially
dangerous pass from d3. Yeah bishop d2, nice move. Preparing
bishop d3 so I’ll try to prevent that which Mr. KnightDriver didn’t see. Okay, once again KnightDriver
missed a knight fork. Uh-huh. Now let me see. I have a
challenge from a grandmaster which always massively excites me.
Shirik80 from Israel. Wow, don’t know who that is. If
anybody knows, please tell me. Okay so we have another symmetrical
English kind of position but he’s gone. He’s gone c4 in one move which
I guess is a good thing. So I’m latching on to a trend,
now that people like… I run a large trust
signed to play… just… d3 and queen d2 with white, I’ll
try and do the same as black. Okay, should I go e5? Let me try e6
just because it’s kind of boring to have the same structure
as in the last game and I’m not so worried
about bishop takes e4. Sorry bishop takes d4
followed by knight d2. I will have to spend the tempo then on… on e5 but I feel like the
positional concession he makes by giving up the bishop pair would be worth the price of a tempo. So here he does get to play b4 but
I’m not so concerned about it and the reason I took the knight on e2 rather than the one on f3 is in order
not to make it so easy for him to… play d4. So rook ae8 is not exactly hiding
my intentions of playing f5 in the next move but I think
as long as your plans are good there’s no need to hide them. So here, I’m kind of curious whether
I’m not just winning a pawn here. He can sack the exchange but I’m not
convinced about that possibility. And yeah giving him another opportunity
to extract sack the exchange but if he goes then obviously bc and
bishop c5, bishop f3 winning a piece. So apparently, Jan tried to tell me
something on our private chat now. I didn’t get it so if you can try again
yeah maybe I’ll get it this time. Ahh yeah so Jan just told me
who I am playing, Ali Geshan. Certainly know the name. I didn’t know that he still
played chess but shoutout to him. I’ve certainly seen a
number of his games. He used to be a pretty good player but he’s a pawn down now and I think for
that reason in quite a bit of trouble. I should have played queen
a6 on a previous move. I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t do
that because I have a nice little trick. Queen a6, queen c5. I would have had knight c3,
followed by, knight e2, followed by knight c3 with a fork but
then again I would have allowed… that would have allowed a counter trick
of his rook d6 attacking the queen so summing up, it’s a good
thing I didn’t do that. It’s a good thing I didn’t
think of that possibility because then I would have
made a serious mistake. But now I’m just trying to consolidate. And I think any ideas he might
have an attack are quite possible. I do not particularly think that my
knight is better than his bishop. The extra pawn is so valuable
that but now my knight is indeed… Now I force winning. Fun ending. Okay nice fighter game there. Okay so let me see Winteriscoming. Have I played Winteriscoming before?
From Poland. I’ve played lots of other people
before from Poland. Not sure. So I’m not going to
fight it all the way. Let me try the old, the old rats.
Knight f3 is already a welcome sign because then that scourges some
of the most dangerous lines. So what he’s chosen here I think is it’s fairly innocuous way of
playing against this line, as I discussed on an earlier stream.
If he does go for… If I do just go back with
knight f6, at some point, I do get to queen b6 Scandinavian
but I don’t see any reason to remove the knight from
h5 unless forced to. And here I think I just have a very… quite easy game. I’m not saying I’m better by
any stretch of the imagination but it looks kind of nice to play. I’ll try bishop e6,
kind of a tricky move. So what I was thinking was
if he goes knight to g5, I was going to play rook fd8 and… and then in case of queen b3, I
would have had knight to d4. Bishop d4, queen takes g5. And
if bishop g7 then knight f4. I mean look back, I’m not
sure it feels great. I have to say, I’m less enthusiastic
about my position than it was. Now it feels like I’m a little
bit worse. I don’t like that. All the potential. Yep stopping
knight g5, just in case. I suppose I’m kind of happy to see
knight d4, simplify the game a bit. Do I even have a tactic? So
if I could play bishop h3 here that would be nice with
the pawn gh, rook d4 and… Rook d4 and then I could go
queen g1, g5 check and take c1 but it doesn’t simply work. I’ll just
have to play a bit passively instead. Oh this one, I’m happy to see. Now I’m going to get really nice
locating knight on d6 possibly. Feels like I’m finally completely okay. Now I can set about
trying to outplay him. Bishop g4 is a good idea. Trying to
think when that’s a double attack so I sort of had to… queen b6 from there he can’t take on e7 but I was going to say is
that I probably had to go h5 and I don’t think bishop h5
would have been perpetual check since I’m running away to… Yeah so I’m just going to go knight c8, if I want to exchange rooks I
think I can do that later. Happy to play h4. Sort of yeah. He’s doing this all right now but
time is going to be an issue. b5, I’m getting quite a huge
positional advantage but once again, there are time limits so I have to
play faster and try to play well. So I’m not a lot better,
just a little bit. Hopefully, pawn there to pawn there. So now obviously winning but
just have to play fast. Yeah you cannot think, that doesn’t
work. e5, no should be plain sailing. Okay good game. Unfortunately, as
long as I have a winning position, I’m usually going to be in time as
long as I speed up. Eventually. zlatan is challenging me again. Oh wait that’s seems about
right for the last game no. Rikiki, might seem like another
very tricky French grandmaster. Let me try and see if I can
get the Stonewall again. Oh this way, I don’t really get past.
Wow, h3 that is cheeky. Bishop b4 feels like the
obvious answer here. Trying to discourage g4
because the bishop b7 and playing bishop c3 before he
gets time to play… knight g2. I had a very similar game I think
against Halkias at Gastão in 2002. I was obviously a much weaker,
better than he was at that time, but I managed to make it draw and I probably would have made
more than a draw had I not had… massive respect for him and accepted
a draw in a much better position. Yeah I was a bit of a chicken
unfortunately back in my youth. In my case, the appetite
certainly came with the meal. I don’t think that’s an expression
in English but whatever. What I’m trying to say is that as I got
better, I got more ambitious as well. And here h3 is clearly
just a waste of time for him compared to normal lines. Although knight e4 was really, really
stupid because he could have knight b3 and then it looks strange but
now it does this instead and I feel like my play…
sort of justified at least. Although I mean the position
is not as good from the … could look at first glance. As they
say, even the best knights is worse than the worst bishop and while
that is not exactly true. It just proves the point that the
bishop has often has very big potential even in positions where it looks
dormant and dominated by a bishop. So a4, yeah he’s trying
to get bishop to a3 but I’m kind of happy to see a4
since it makes it more easy for me to get a passed pawn later on. I think I’ll set about trying
to do that immediately. Rook e6, I think that’s
not really good. Rook e8, I was going to go rook f6
first but then I saw this little trick. If rook e2, rook e6 so on I think.
I’m just doing very well. So the question is do I want… I don’t even have to play, why did I?
Don’t have to protect that. That was really dumb. This game desperately
short of time now. Go try to… Yeah possibly used a chance
to actually get the rook but he didn’t give me that chance.
Does b4 make any sense? Rook e7 first. Rook a7. Feels like my
pawn is just marching. Yeah rook b7 he can go king c3
and avoid immediate disaster. He’s not going to last eventually. Okay. Yeah, so this is apparently a new
account. Magnus–DropsCamera. Magnus is not going to
drop the camera this time. Magnus is going to beat you that’s
what I think is going to happen. Yeah I was going to play
the elephant gambit. Now that, I’m going to
play the king’s gambit. How’s that for DropsCamera? Don’t
make these disrespectful names. So it feels like he’s kind of
giving me a better position. Queen h6 should be good? Just had to put the queen somewhere
which doesn’t drop… a pawn. Queen h5 check… drop the camera. The bishop there in the
ending, obviously better. I suppose is solid enough. At least I didn’t go knight c6 instead
of bishop to d6 instead I wanted to… c6 and thus avoid him
undermining my centre with… I think knight g5 is really
poor, he’s dropping f2 and… and yeah I don’t think
he has any compensation. Bishop f3, knight h3 is not a threat
because I can easily protect that. There maybe some other problems coming
up for him here, as far as I can see. Bishop f4. To be honest, I don’t see a
move for him. Bishop g4 then d4. Rook f1, obviously doesn’t work due
to bishop f2, sorry bishop d2. He’s just a piece down. Now
he’s going to be a rook down. Should I go d… nah that’s not my style.
I gave up the pawn. Don’t like having pieces out of play. Okay that was good beating a person
with a disrespectful name. Okay. Let me try and play
somebody from Chile. I think we have a lot of users from
Chile here at chess24… which is great. Okay, I’m going to try
something really bad which I lost to once region
junior team championship… who knows? Maybe it was 2001. Was an unpleasant loss that’s for sure. Obviously there are good lines
for white to play here, not going to mention
all of them but yeah. It’s generally not recommended
to play this way as black. Now I am happy. He could have
gone queen a4 immediately if he wanted to trade queens but
now I just get a massive… some leads in developments and I think I got to continue in
the same vein, playing for tricks. Now that he very sensibly prevented… prevented… why can’t I come up
with a couple of words today? What are you doing sir?
This is not okay. I’m just getting everything I want now. Could’ve taken f2 but that felt a
little crude so what I was going to say is that b3 square now he’s played
a3 around the knight, knight to b4. This is even worse. He’s just losing
material so he’s got to go bishop d1 now in order to not lose the house.
Yeah this doesn’t work at all. He’s not having his best day. Now he’s a full rook down. There’s no going back
from that, sorry to say. And the knight is not even
close to getting trapped. Bishop d1 I get back via d3 and
bishop f1, I have knight b3. Otherwise, I just take his bishop.
So I’m afraid that’s game over. Sorry for my less than…
what should I say? Less than subtle plan. That’s
the way it is sometimes. Okay let’s try an FM from Panama. That’s not a picture of my opponent.
I think that’s an actor. I cannot remember who it is. Ah so the oracle, Jan
Gustafsson told me who it was but you guys can figure it out for
yourself. I’m sure you know pop culture. So this worked out so well
in the previous game, so I’m going to try it again.
See if you learned. First of all, if you’re going to
go queen a4, do it immediately. But isn’t he just running
into the same bishop f5 now? This is utterly confusing.
He’s playing so fast. Knight f2, queen b5 takes knight b5.
Knight h1? I don’t like that. Maybe he’s just brilliant taking on c3
looks dull so I’m not going to do that. Knight c6 it is then.
Could’ve played c6 but I do feel that was not in the
spirit of this. Stupid of me. Let me see, could he go knight h4?
He’s just begging me to take on f2. Well as they say… well they say something about not being
asked twice but I was asked twice. And the second time I was
asked, I went for it. So queen b5, I probably have to take.
Since if I take on h1 then queen b7 is a really
nasty double threat. Ahh so this is the point he
wants knight h1, d5 and so on. a6, bishop a4, b5, knight
b5, ab, bishop b5. Maybe he’s coming out ahead there so
I should play a bit more carefully. Now the point is in d5. I have… I should
take c3 and then play a6. And thus… well I get b5. If he wants
to get the pawn back, he has to take on c6 at some point but then it feels like I should be doing
relatively well with my bishop pair. Yeah he does have a lead in development but I don’t think it’s too significant
since my moves are coming quite easily… with f6 and so on. We’ll go back to e4, bishop g7. Bishop
g7, rook g8 is obviously not an issue. He could go bishop e5. Yeah I don’t like playing f5
but I think I should do it. I think the time was more of an essence
than structural concerns there. I still have an easy plan of rook
g8 followed by either g6 or g5, getting that bishop out or could
also consider just going e6 like a normal person. I should speed up, that’s
almost always the answer. I’m not even sure I like what I did
here. I’m not sure I like it one bit. Yeah he’s getting, he’s getting
a bunch of counter play now. At least I get the bishop
to c5 which I like. And now I’m going to sack the exchange. Yeah f4 I’m really happy
to be able to get in. Take on e3, he goes rook to c6.
Rook to c7 this is no good. I’ll have rook b2 if rook e6. King f5 and game over because of the
main threats we had to take on e3. He’s just a couple of pawns
down and a rook ending. And I have almost 20 seconds. Cutting off his king just why not?
Letting his king back, again why not? Exchanging rooks. And
yeah, that’s the game. Well thank you. That was a very
good fight actually, not actually. Anybody can say that was a good fight. Okay. Let me see checkempate from Spain. Empate? Does that mean draw? It’s check draw. It’s bit
of a dumb name, isn’t it? Or is it just a very smart name? I don’t know. Suppose when he goes
for this, this shouldn’t be too bad. I don’t know though. This doesn’t look convincing
at all to me from his side. Am I not just developing
quite comfortably here? Unless he intends to take on c6. Yeah the only issue is whether he could’ve gone
bishop e3 immediately there. Rook e1 is sort of too soft I think.
Now I get to set up with queen d7, b6 and it feels like I just
have a positional advantage and very, very nice and
easy play in the centre. So rook c8, I go in order to
possibly put the other rook and d8 but also because I… I might… the rook might be very well placed in
case the c file opens after knight d4, bishop takes e4 but now I think
he has serious problems with… with the squared of three. So knight e4 is the try to…
to kind of rectify that but I have several options now.
One is to go f5. I don’t know why but on general
grounds, feels a bit too weakening. Question is whether it works
tactically but the other one is c4 which I like a lot better. He cannot
take that because of bishop e4, followed by knight f3,
winning the queen. Otherwise, I’m getting cd3 probably which just gives me a nice
positional advantage. Yeah this doesn’t help at all. Think
just knight c2, winning a pawn and retaining all of the
advantages of my position. Yeah I’m going to try a little
trick which is not a trick at all. I was going to play knight e2 after rook
takes c8 which doesn’t work at all. I simply have to take
back with bishop c8 but that still gives me a winning
position of course with the extra pawn. And to be honest, the threat of knight
g2 is still kind of unpleasant. Bishop a6 should be okay. e6 nice and easy. Yeah feels like it’s time to
cash in but no time to cash in. Knight f3, I thought rook a1,
knight b5 then bishop c6. So I go back, a shameful
retreat, if I ever saw one. Yeah my technique is less than stellar.
The reason I went bishop b5 though is just to
protect the d8 square. Take that I suppose,
looks like a free pawn. Check. Rook c2. Take on f2, rook a2.
Yeah. But yeah once again, my technique
is really less than stellar so I think I’m going to… I’m getting a bit tired so I’m going
to play two more games after this and that’s it. Okay, let me see, let me see. Pupman from Canada, not bad.
Not bad at all. You should take on d5
that’s much better. I’m getting an easy game. Queen c7 maybe? And once
again, no need to take on c6, unless you’re forced to.
He’s playing fast, that’s one good thing though
but I already have… a very pleasant advantage.
That’s the bad news. Trying to cash in, taking a pawn. Yeah, no I don’t think
this is a good idea. Should not exchange queens
when you are down a pawn. Should try and play for the initiative. Now I’m getting way too easy.
You’re right. Okay that was a bit stupid. Protect
against rook b1 and b7 hanging. Yeah you can fight but the game is
practically over at this point. I have a very nice extra pawn,
no weaknesses in my position and he does have some weaknesses
and also my bishop is more active than the rook is more active. I now have a second extra
pawn and two passers which is going to be at
least one too many for him. Rook b2 all very standard.
Pawn promotes. Okay, so last one. Let’s
make it a good one. Let me see, let me see. Okay, so this
is the person that I lost to last time. I’m going to try and get my revenge
against, who’s this? AfuroZamurai. He’s not going to beat me a
second time so if I win this one, going to be happy. Then I can… then I can leave with
a good conscience. What does he want? Okay. He should go d4 at some point
and then I’m going to take. Going to play bishop d7 and then I’m going to try to
play for an attack with h5. Unless of course, he goes knight c6
then I should just go bishop c6 and e4. A solid but slightly worse morochi… type of position. So yeah I’ve always
wondered about this one, can I go knight d4
followed by knight e4? I don’t know but anyway my stated
plan was h5 and when he’s gone b3, he kind of combat this by…
by going h3 so he can’t do h4 but now at the very least, I get a
nice square for the knight on g4. Oh he goes for that one.
Yeah bishop c6. I have a pretty pleasant position
no matter what I do but I want… blood. Okay. Maybe that was a bad idea.
I wanted to go g5 here but I suppose that’s a
bit too optimistic. That was really dumb. Playing
way to optimistically. Okay. Yeah that was quite imperfect now.
I have to… Now I’m actually a bit
worse just little passive which was for sure not the plan.
And we should speed up. Even after a6 and rook c8, think I’m
going to take back with pawn on c6, in case he… he wants to take me on. But I should speed up, that’s one
thing that’s for absolute sure. Yeah I’m not sure I like this move.
It’s kind of weakening. So we both spent way too much time
here which means that after 16 moves we’re playing a board game
which is kind of funny. Okay. So trying to somehow improve
my central control. e5 probably not good but who cares? It’s probably really dumb. Now I’m in hustle mode already. Total hustle mode. … knight d5. I’m happy to exchange those knights. Trying to exchange some
more pieces as well. Oh he goes g4, I didn’t expect that. I’m going to win over time but
probably going to lose on position. Okay. I won on time. It was ugly, extremely ugly.
He played a good game again but fortunately he was a
bit too slow in doing so. Okay folks, well I’m tired,
I shouldn’t be but I am. I need food so I’m going to go. Well until next time, please come back. Hopefully I’ll be able to do
or against them. See you. [Jan] That was it for today. Thanks
Magnus. Thanks everybody for watching. See you guys on Cheers, bye.

100 thoughts on “Banter Blitz with World Champion Magnus Carlsen (5)

  1. A World champion, by essence is a phenomenom, However Carlsen is a killer, GM or IM are demolished so easily in BC,unbelievable !

  2. 36:29 'My appetite came with the meal' – 'I don't think that's an expression in English'.
    Well, NOW it is 🙂

  3. We get an insight to how the best chess player in the world things. That is simply amazing…and soooo exciting!!!

  4. The first game looks like what Johann Salomon played against Jan.. ow f5.. he tries to humiliated me not only beating me but beating me with the dutch .. lol

  5. Around 38:00 Magnus seems to make quite a bad move which goes overlooked by his opponent. I wonder if it's his reputation that prevents his very qualified opponent from finding the simple reply Qxc7. I was suspicious that I had missed something, of course, so I checked the position with a computer and it says Magnus' Qg6 was a blunder of somewhere around 0.7 points. Not to take away from his skills, of course, but I'm always interested by how fearful players are and reticent to see their stronger opponents' mistakes.

  6. Magnus taking you through the positional logic of his exchange sac at 7:00 or so is why he should make instructional videos and sell them for a lot of dollars

  7. @17:34 'an American…….still….'I think I know whom he is referring to😅 especially when he said '…in middle of the day' because I think their matches were on 'Cold November Nights'

  8. It’s such a joy to watch Magnus play and provide his insight. He’s so nonchalant about destroying GMs and IMs.

  9. He is so much used to everything, he is bored by having to think through the same patterns again and again. Extremely superior skills

  10. : Plays with engine.
    Magnus: He is an excellent player.
    : Plays one move without engine. Blunders the Queen.

  11. I'm especially amazed at Magnus' newly acquired ability to not drop the camera for an entire hour 😅

  12. I like how Magnus gives compliments to the players way below him and utterly keeps his mouth shut to the ones "close" to him (atleast ratewise)

  13. The pressure on Magnus to win that last game was immense. His opponent had zero to lose, which gives him the automatic psychological advantage. And his opponent was fresh. Such a pleasure to watch the world champ. Awesome!!! 🙂

  14. As a Hikaru fan it's hard for me to decide who is faster between him and Magnus. Probably similar speeds.

  15. 33 minutes – amazing to see him crank the engine…just shows that even against very strong players, Magnus is thinking about five times faster.

  16. Comparing Magnus commentary with Naka's commentary, can see why Magnus is the better player. More considered and calm analysis instead of ADD screen hopping.

  17. Three minutes games with no increment is the best Time format, since some of the players will try to use an engine, and it's not enough time to beat him even with an engine since Magnus will flag you

  18. he plays so good so it unbelivable 🙂 it is so nice to have a worlds champion just sitting and relaxing and vs random oponents 🙂 this noone have vitness with world champions before 🙂

  19. AfuroZamurai, whose real name is Felix Hampel, is an untitled player with a 2288 FIDE rating. How on Earth can such a player outplay Magnus Carlsen in a blitz game, not once but twice, is beyond me!?

  20. Me: Oh he should move his queen to that square
    Carlsen: Moves his queen to THAT square
    Me: Oh god I'm a genius
    Carlsen one second later: "I'm a complete and utter idiot for doing so"

  21. Magnus couldn't help bully as much as possible knightdriver for missing knight moves. Oh, looks like knight driver can't drive neither his knights or controlling mine (was the subtext)

  22. I would love to see Magnus play against the early chess programs like fritz 1 to 5 and maybe some of the later ones like he does on play magnus

  23. Hey Chess24 Guys: I REALLY enjoy watching these Magnus BanterBlitz vids!!! Magnus understated dialog is just brilliant!

  24. Hey Chess24 Guys: Perhaps you should consider a private version of the UI screen for your BanterBlitz guest players which includes enhanced sorting and filtering of the challenge queue. For example:
    — it could automatically filter out non-premium users and non-conforming time requests
    — it could identify previously played challengers
    — it could sort the challenge queue by a variety of criteria

    It doesn’t sound like a lot of coding to me, and I think it would let your guest players focus more of their time/energy on playing chess rather than navigating the challenge queue.

  25. magnus your memory is superb man. how do you know so many openings,gambits and traps so well? besides that your cognitive skills are just impressive indeed. You have talent of thinking, not a memoriser, A good chess player you see in thess kinds of games in my opinion- blitz and bullet.

  26. I came from Watching Hikaru blitz speedrum part 11 and now I can realize the difference between these 2 super grandmasters. But the way Hikaru is frequently doubting about his position and next moves, and the way Magnus normally feels confident about the moves and his position show us why he is the best in the world right now and probably the greatest in history (sorry for any possible mistake, im not native in english)

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