Babar: Land of Games – Ep.68

Babar: Land of Games – Ep.68

(Laughing) ♪ (Stomping) ♪ (Laughing) (Squawking) Where are we, Dad? Hmm. I’m not sure, Son.
But I’ll know in a minute… I hope. Maybe I can help, dear. Uhh, well, yes. I have to admit that’s better. (Laughing) Dad, are we still lost? We’re not lost.
I know exactly where we are. Where? Yeah, where, Dad? Hmm. We’re right… here. There’s land ahead, right over there. Whoa! Whoa! Ah! Ah! Whoa! Whoa! There’s a clearing. FLORA:
Does that clearing look
kind of familiar to you? BABAR:
Ready for landing? Well, here we are,
wherever that is. (Cheering) (Laughing) Don’t go too far, children. Well, according to the map, we have arrived at
our next land of adventure. It certainly doesn’t look
very adventurous to me, or fun for anyone. This place is no fun. There’s nothing to do. And no one to play with. Children, you have to
make your own fun. Your mother’s right. It’s not as if the games
are just going to magically appear
in front of you. Huh? POM:
Oh, boy, a Frisbee, my favourite game! Right out of nowhere! Like magic! Ah! Ah! Is it safe down there? Yes, Zephir. It’s fine. Come on down. Ah! Ah! Ah! A yo-yo!
That’s my favourite game! Ooh! (Laughing) Frisbees and yo-yos? I wonder
what else this land has. Oh, boy, a soccer ball.
I love soccer. This place is full of games.
I love it here. Can we stay forever? This is the best land
we’ve ever landed in. Let’s play soccer. (Laughing) CELESTE:
Alexander, wait! Children, be careful! We don’t know where we are! Sure, we do.
We’re in the Land of Games. Obviously. Whee! (Panting) (Laughing) Whee! (Laughing) The Land of Games. You see, Celeste, I knew
we weren’t lost all along. But I’m afraid the children are. Alexander! Pom! Flora! Come on out! This isn’t a game! Yes, it is! Who said that? Who said that? Who said that? Zephir, was it you? Who? Me? Nope, not me. No, sir. I’d know if it were me.
I’d recognize the voice. Well, it had to be somebody. It was me! Huh? Yep, me.
Welcome to the Land of Games. Thank you.
It sounds like a fun place. It used to be fun,
but not anymore, not since… Uh-oh. If anyone asks, you never
saw me. I was never here. Got to go. Bye bye. Hmm. I know it bounced in here. Did you look here? Did you look here? (Horse whinnying) MALE:
Did you look here? One, two and three. How’d you do that? MALE:
Easy! (Laughing) That’s his move! You… You’re chess p-p-pieces? Whee! (Clearing throat) That’s right. We are. Good! Then let’s play a game. (Gasping) MALE:
Games? Oh, we’re not allowed
to play games. But games are so much fun.
I love games. Yeah. Come on.
Let’s have some fun. No, no. We couldn’t do that. How about soccer?
Soccer’s great! Ooh! They’re right.
It is fun playing games. Remember the old days? Yes, I do. Alas, it’s been so long. So long since what? (Thundering) (Gasping) It’s him! Defensive positions, men! (Screaming) How very strange. MAN:
How very strange. I just said that. So did I. Is this some kind of game? “Game”? Did you say “Game”? Don’t ever say “Game” while you’re on my land. Is that clear? Yes, sir, clear as a…
clear as a… clear as something really clear. Hmm. Hmm. (Clearing throat) And who are you? I might ask the same of you! I’m Babar, King of Celesteville. And this is my wife,
Queen Celeste. I’m King Nofun! What are you doing
in my kingdom? (Children laughing) ♪ Ooh. (Laughing) Yay! What… Ouch! Oh dear. Dad! You won’t believe what we found! This is the best land
in the whole world. It’s filled with games. NOFUN:
No, it is not, because I, King Nofun, forbid all playing of games! (Thundering) There will be no games
in my kingdom! What was that all about? Maybe it has something to do
with our new friends. BABAR:
What new friends? The ones we met on the other
side of those trees. Want to meet them? Oh, chess guys!
Can you come out, please? What on Earth
are you talking about? (Whinnying) Huh? (Whinnying) (Laughing) See? BABAR:
Chess pieces that are alive!
How wonderful! But why do you hide
in the woods? It seems you should
be living here on this lovely chessboard. We did, a long time ago. Before King Nofun became,
well… No fun! He outlawed all games. So, we had to go underground. Or aboveground. Well, that’s not fair. Dad, can’t you do something
about it? It’s really none of our concern. But, Dad, games should be played! Well, I suppose I could
have a talk with King Nofun. Would you? Would you, Dad? Oh, would you? Please? Of course. Why not? ZEPHIR:
Why do you think King Nofun
outlawed all games? BABAR:
I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t know
how much fun games can be. Who doesn’t know that?
Wasn’t he ever a kid? (Laughing) Giddy-up, horsy! Whee! This feels just great! (Whinnying) It has been ages
since we’ve done this! But why? BISHOP:
Who cares? We’re doing it now! And you should never stop.
Games are meant to be played. You know what? Queen Celeste is right. We should be who we are. (Cheering) Look, Zephir! You again! What do you want? I would like to
have a word with you, king to king. About what? About the games. I said there shall be
no more talk of games! But they’re not just games,
King Nofun. They are your loyal subjects. I’ll tell you what they are. They’re banned from my country. And so are you! Now go. Leave! Depart! Now, really. A wise king should be aware of what his subjects
want and need. Really? Well, then, wise King Babar, be aware of this! (Thundering) Whoa! Ah! (Grunting) I think that went well. Don’t you? Oh, this is wonderful. Once your father
convinces King Nofun to let us play again, we’ll never stop. Dad! Dad! Can the games play? What did he say? Yes, what did he say? May we return to
our life of games? I’m sorry. But I couldn’t
talk him out of it. In fact, I’ve made it worse. He’s banned you
from his country. Balderdash! Oh, that’s right, balderdash! The children here
have reminded us that playing games
is just too much fun. I say let’s never stop playing! Who cares what King Nofun says? But you’ve been banned. And your king is very powerful. You know what I say to that? We are rebelling! (Cheering) (Laughing) This is so much fun! (Laughing) ♪ I don’t know, Celeste. King Nofun was quite adamant: no game playing. You know, that was fun. What do you say, Celeste? I say tag, you’re it. (Laughing) That sounds like… No, it couldn’t be. (Laughing) Somebody’s playing games! I’ll show them. (Grunting) There’s nothing like a good game of… (Stomping) What was that? Oh, no! We’re doomed! (Stomping) It’s… It’s… That! What’s this? Playing games? You know what happens
when you play games with me! (Gasping) (Screaming) Ah! (Screaming) Stop! Stop! Leave them alone! It’s not their fault. It’s ours. We asked them to play with us. (Stomping) Children, get back! Be careful! He’s nothing but a big bully! Let’s get him! Yeah! Whoa! (Grunting) No! Come back! Bring back my children! Babar! (Groaning) You mean we have to
just sit here? Isn’t there something we can do? Can’t we play a game? No. We’ll, you’re no fun. Exactly. And that’s just the way
I like it. So there. Now, just sit there.
And be quiet. (Groaning) King Nofun! This is Babar! I want to talk to you! I want my children! (Groaning) (Grunting) King Nofun! Let me in! I want my children! Why should I? You don’t listen
to anything I say. Why should I listen to you? Stop playing games with me,
King Nofun. Games again, is it? Well, since you’re the one who
seems to like games so much, I have a proposition for you. I’m listening. Let’s play a little game. If you win, you can have your children back. But if I win… What if I say no? Then I’ll never release them! What do you say, King Babar? Are you game? (Laughing) Well? What’s your decision? I have no choice. I’ll play any game you wish
for the safety of my children. Just to make it sporting,
I’ll let you choose the game. Hmm. What game am I good at? You can beat anyone at chess. Chess! Chess it is. (Chuckling) And so, he challenged me to
a game to win back the children, any game. What a stroke of good luck. King Nofun is terrible at games. That’s why he banned them,
because he always lost. And he hated that. If there were no games,
he figured he could never lose. There’s only one game
he’s great at. Me too. That’s why I chose– Chess. Chess. Uh-oh. (Cheering) (Booing) (Laughing) Ready, Babar? Ready. But you’re missing
three chess pieces. So I am. Well, I think I know
how to fix that. (Clapping) Positions, everybody. Uh-oh. (Gasping) I believe the first move
is yours. (Clearing throat) Hmm. Hmm. Ha! (Grunting) Hmm. (Grunting) (Gasping) (Grunting) (Gasping) NOFUN:
Looks like I have you
right where I want you, King Babar. (Laughing) I’m afraid he’s right.
It’s all over. (WHISPERING):
We have to do something. But what? Yes! Whatever you do, King Nofun,
please don’t make me take the knight. He’s my friend. And I could never
do that to a friend. “Take the knight”?
I never even thought of that. But if it makes you sad, then that’s just what I’ll do. Queen to knight bishop three. I’m sorry. Really, I am. It’s all part of the game. (Crying) (Laughing) (Crying) Hmm. Huh?
Queen to king’s rook four. Checkmate. I win. And I lose. (Gasping) That was fun! Want to play again? (Laughing) I used to hate losing so much that I forgot how much fun
it was just to play games. It doesn’t matter
if you win or lose. As long as you have fun. From now on, the only law
in the Land of Games is: You can’t stop playing till bedtime! Hooray! Hooray! Won’t you stay longer? I’m afraid we have to
be on our way. But I know we’ll be back. How can we come back when we
don’t even know where we are? Because, Celeste, you can never be lost when
you’re at a friend’s place. (Cheering) ♪

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  1. If I were sitting in front of King No-Fun and doing nothing, I'd be laughing; him being angry when I'm laughing, I'll only laugh harder if he gets angrier

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