Awesome Per Second – Don’t Waste Time – Extra Credits

Awesome Per Second – Don’t Waste Time – Extra Credits

as a designer there’s one metric that you should consider above all awesome per second not the total quantity of Awesome in your game and not the total hours of gameplay awesome per second a great fight an emotional moment a romantic scene even a moment of meaningful calm and stillness awesome can be delivered in whatever form is appropriate but the important thing is that you’re looking for density of Awesome not length of playtime five minutes of great is better than 30 minutes of good and two straight hours of awesome is way better than hiding those two hours inside 40 hours of ok games from Dragon Age Inquisition to the Assassin’s Creed series succumb to the pressure to deliver on a high number of play hours and all those games are worse for it I’m sure you can think of a thousand other examples of games that Pat out their playtime because they’re afraid of being too short or perhaps worse because the devs don’t want to cut anybody’s work because they’re too close to the project and the people on it to say look we’re throwing out this whole section we made because it’s merely good not great don’t do that to your project I know it’s hard but you can do better and the game will be better don’t fall into the trap of putting in more content simply to justify your price point and remember that you can deliver on awesomeness even in the quiet low intensity points on your interest curve more game isn’t inherently better game and it helps nobody to throw in a bunch of extra content that doesn’t deliver the awesome aim for a high ApS in everything you make and don’t pad things out for fear of making something short awesome per second okay we’re done see you next week

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  1. Thanks for your good work!
    I have a question need to answer, that is why no Chinese subtitle after the 1st tutorial ?
    I'm Chinese, too bad at English.
    Tanks wait for your answer.

  2. stop making me love your little game fellow ( eno)
    i already wanna buy 500 plushies of the thing no need for more encouragement! ( eAo)

  3. Has EC done an episode on women in games yet? Because I just saw an advert for a mobile fighting game where certain parts of their anatomy needed to be blurred out because of their armor's lack of protection.

  4. Can also put in all of that "good but not awesome" content the way that Disgaea and Star Ocean games do, with extra post-game content.

  5. If you make a really good game that last for 2 hours and is super exciting , you will still have youtubers like RTU bitching about the price. They are forced to make long games solely cause of the army of assholes who won't get the value of it and measures the price with time. I remember finishing games like Contra in less than 2 to 3 hours on my first attempt and really enjoying it so much that I had to play it over and over again. We don't see that today, it's just jumping from game to game 'cause there are way too many.

  6. side note… how do you make a calm/serene moment 'awesome' like you said? i feel like there's a lot of factors that could impact that.. but how does one make a calm moment awesome without breaking the budget on graphics or the like?

  7. Scrolling through the comment section, the majority of people here have the opinion, that longer Games can only be long, because they're padded.
    That is not true.
    And quantity has a value, that should not be looked down on, because we say quality over quantity.
    Yes you could say, that most awesome Games have replayability. but that's something hard to measure, even harder then Awesome per second.
    Also, the type of Game is important. I don't really wish a Zelda-esque Game (comparable in Structure, design story ark etc.) to be shorter than 30 hours.
    I actually enjoyed putting 80h into Skyward sword (even though people say it's padded.) Okay, i might not have 100%ed it, but i have completed a gread deal of it.

    I have hard times thinking, that a 2 hrs Game has enough Content, and difference in Kind, to be vastly replayable, of course there Are Games, like fighting Games, which mainly consinst of the fighting element. And those are far from needing high completion times. Those Games need a different approach to content. How fun would a fighting Game be (nowadays) that only consisted of two fighters?

  8. This video basically describes everything that MMOs are not, lol.

    MMOs: 99% grind, mundane repetitive activity, 1% awesome.

  9. The same thing happens all the time in the music industry. A great modern example of a song that is short but has high concentration of "Awesome" is highly evolved by the vines coming in a only 90 seconds long!

  10. I get the theme of the episode is balance of conciseness, brevity, and content, but while it was concise, this was way too brief.

  11. This is what bugged me about Fallout 4. Some of the game's best areas, like Cambridge Polymer Labs (they even paid homage to a lot real science I remember from my materials science major) or the USS Constitution, are some of the best in the 3D side of the franchise. But then it's all spread thin between a vast amount of nearly identical combat. I loved the game, but less would certainly have been more.

  12. When designing, I always try to think like the player and imagine what they would want to do in the game. For the game I'm working on now, I decided that if it's fun, it's in, no matter how much extra work it takes. Can the payer ride that animal? Yes they can. Is the bed bouncy for no reason other than jumping on the bed? Yes it is. Are all of these extras going to add months to the project? Yes they will. Will it be worth it? I think so. Hopefully the players will agree.

  13. I wondered why the video was so short. After watching it a few times I thought it was the detailed art or trying to get it out before April fools. But then it clicked.

  14. While this sounds wise and I usually agree with most of what's said on this show, I have to say that I'm skeptical of this one. I've seen too many great games get brutalized in Steam reviews just for being short to be able to really buy into it.

  15. As a huge fan of Asura's Wrath, this speaks to me. A lot of people complain about how the game is "too short", but while it's only around 6-8 hours long, it has a REALLY high APS ratio. Still one of my favorite games of all time.

  16. The category is abundant in nature. Natural selection makes sure that what's good for us in the long run is awesome in the short run, even though evolution don't care about whether you feel awesome. But i wonder whether a game which is filled with awesome in the start and end is remembered as more awesome? A game's super normal stimuli just hack our innate psychology in so many ways. The slot machine has a very low rate of APS, by the ingenious random scattered rewards just makes us beg for more. maybe Awesome per second is the antidote to the Skinner box, because it eliminates the craving and suspense and just cut to the pleasurable part. lust is for sex, what curiosity is for insight. rather go straight for the insight and skip the curiosity you have playing in a Skinner box.

  17. Totally agree, less padding and filler and more densely packed awesome. Good to note that different gamers want different things from their experience, be it story, graphics, mechanics, etc.

  18. But I loved skyward sword! Sure, the motion controls were clunky at times, but everything felt as if it had a purpose.

  19. you forgot to add that it might not work for every type of game, sometime I play game to spend time and making a high APS for a long game is difficult as hell, a good 40 hours vs awesome 2 hours? i want both but depend on the occasion/situation I might prefer the former
    there is also the fact that most people expect a lot for what they pay so yea

  20. there are so many good free timesink games that I have to wonder why people think that every game should have ungodly playtimes. i don't want another game to eat 30+ hours of my life for no better reason than "longer is better," especially given the finite nature of life. i want more potent experiences that last just a few hours, like LiEat or Pony Island.

  21. Probably the very highest awesome-per-second game I've played is Zachtronic's Ruckengenur 2, despite being tragically short at only around 10 minutes of gameplay.

  22. This vid was about 47 aps in my opinion.
    Everything was like 72 aps, it was a bit confusing and a couple where tf do i go sections.
    Kirby's adventure was about 78 aps, was a bit slow.
    Super Mario Bros was 83 aps, great level design and alot of action.
    Minecraft was 37 aps for me, had great moments but alot was thinking of what to build.
    Mario Maker was 39 aps, kinda like Minecraft.
    Super Meat Boy was 79 aps, great level design but I got stuck on a couple levels.
    Tetris was 92 aps, the game never gets repetitive and involves difficult split second desisions.
    Kirby 64 was 80 aps, the copy ability gimmicks are really fun and it was good overall.

  23. "Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away" – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  24. Was this episode short to make your point 😉

    As much as I love Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords (IMO, 2nd best game in the series), the one I didn't like was that there was too much side quests with little to no meaning. Hence why I stopped doing the side quests after the first pumpkin soup side quest

  25. This "awesome per second" sounds like a solid idea.. assuming you are designing to people with zero attention span. I mean, I get the general idea, but I as a player (can't speak for everyone) can handle something less "awesome" in games as long as the overall product feels good to me. If anything, the contrast just makes the awesome even more awesome.

  26. I'll take 30 minutes of good over 5 minutes of great. Although I guess it depends on what I was going to do with the leftover 25 minutes…

  27. As well well made as Dark Souls is, I think it has a very low APS for most minutes of the game. Dying feels horrible and sometimes scary, but that's what makes the payoff of each success so great! Maybe on the whole because of those spikes of euphoria the game has a good APS, but honestly, does getting backstabbed, in and of itself, feel good?

  28. i uh…i can only make a text adventure so far -_-
    so awesome per second is going to be hard.
    any one from the jam got any suggestions

  29. I'm starting to think that for some people making a longer game makes them happy, but there's probably also people who enjoy shorter games. Games that make them want more instead of letting them play until they don't want to.

  30. Actually, what if you released a proper game, and for those who want a long grindy game, have "everything in" setting to flip?

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