**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | Pawns | Omeleto

**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | Pawns | Omeleto

… Anyway lads… Keep hold of that, alright? Catch ya later, in a bit, eh! Cheers, lad! ‘Catch up with you in a bit, eh! Y’alright, there, lad…? Y-yeah…! Yeah, I-I’m fine… Come here… ‘Won’t need THAT… going in the trenches… … and leave your gas mask; you won’t need it. First trech raid, eh? … yeah. Aaah. Trust me, Billy: We’ve all been there. Key to it is: not to think too much about it… … alright? Just go over the top n’ do it…! Cuz if you think too much… you get killed. Hehehe… A’right, got that…?! Yeah. Don’t worry, lad: Ol’ Lucky Jim’s here to help ya…! This is it, Billy… … time to make yer daughter’s payday. (German)
Hold the position! (Lucky Jim)
COME ON…! Jim… JIM! Keep going…! Come on! (Outside)
Move forward! (Outside)
GAS!!! Use the sheets! You speak English… … I teach it. … what is your name…? William. Karl. So, Karl… … why’d you save me? I was in your debt; you spared me first. I’m not going to kill a man who offered me fag… You would have killed me? You’re a kraut…! Krauts killed my
friend today. And your friend must have killed
many of my friends… and on, and on… May I ask what his name was? … Jim. The name of my friend was Heinrich. I named my son after him. Jim was just “lucky”. He was brought into this war four years
ago… … and survived until today. He was very lucky. Did you try dodging the draft…? British soldiers don’t get drafted. We join. What’s your reason for joining, then…? My daughter… Maggie. I wouldn’t want her to grow up with her friends shaming her because… … her father was too afraid to go to war. … one time, some friends and I go play in the park… … chaperoned by my brother. As we play, we find a dying pigeon… Some cat probably attacked it then left it for dead. I convinced my friends… … that it had to be put down. But, uh, nobody wanted to do it. So. I step forward, and raise my foot. And I…! … come to the realisation that I’m too weak to do it. ‘Brother steps in and just… … just crushes the pigeon’s head. Does the dirty work for us. He died two years ago, still doing the dirty work, this time for politicians…! Staying “nice and dry on land” while the enlisted people head out in all sorts of weather! How old is, um… … Heinrich? Heinz, ja. Four years old. Maggie is only nine months. I trust there will be no problems? Though we’re a bit trapped, eventually your comrades will free us… … I’m going to need two shells. Who starts? You. Maggie was fully walking by the time she was six months. I don’t believe that. I swear, it’s the truth. Check. Oh, bugger! Stale-bloody-mate! Don’t you ever get tired of playing chess? I don’t get tired of beating you, Karl… … but not, today… well played! Same time next week? Alright. I never did say thank you, did I? You never needed to.

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  1. Why do all these gimps write these comments trying to get likes, it pisses me off. I get it, it's a nice video, just don't milk it for likes on your comments.

  2. Watis not something to laugh about imagine you out there and you are being shot at watching your best friend get KILLED right infront ofyou then beinf FACE-To-FACE with an enemy, War isent something to laugh about. They played chess int he war then until they WERE atleast 70+..

  3. Each side's warriors had families and friends, they had to fight for their country, it's not them who is evil but their leaders.

  4. You know its a Canadien when they save you from a bomb. And yes the canadiens took part of world war two and they the reason why the allies won caused they do nothing but form a boomerang a push. Spray and pray. Live and die. Shot when they needed. Saved a German who died in 1999

  5. The only reason they would hate each other is becausse someone told them to, and the different nationality and uniform. But when it comes down to it. All of them were men about the same age. Human beings who would probably much rather just play a game of football/soccer or chess. And make friends rather than kill each other. I heard about this scenario of French soldiers walking into German soldiers on a road unexpected. All carrying rifles. They started calling each other names and throwing mud. A bit like sports hooligans would do. And none of them was even 'thinking' of picking up his rifle and shoot.

  6. If we are both people who can talk English and he saved me so Meh I Mean I Die Alone Or Die With Someone

  7. Why did they go over the top with no bayonets? And urinating on the sheets or getting them wet in any way would have made them way more affective at stopping gas. Really good video though apart from the usual innacuracies people make.

  8. By the British soldier defying the games of chess and he himself being a PAWN in the game of war decided to ignore his KING/Queens perception of the world and forged his own in doing so.

  9. In the blodshed of war and absolute mass mayhem, we are all still human, regardless of where we're from, or what we looks like, what accent we bear, or the clothes we wear, we are all still human

  10. Very very excellent ofed movie!! I did to liked it a LOT. I am very happy I did to subedscribe to yours channel.

  11. Beautiful… Amazing…. Awesome…. Enjoyable…. Fantastic short film… The best… Better than every single one of them out there…. (I'm Greek not English srr if I spelled something wrong)

  12. War is such an intense and powerful concept. Do you ever wonder how many souls got lost in war that had just as beautiful stories- but were never shared?

  13. "I wouldn't want her to grow up with her friends shaming her because her fathee was too afraid to go to war"

    If her (Maggie) friend got his father dead on war. Maggie just laugh.

  14. "Behind every soldier is a family, a home, friends, at his side is his brothers in arms, he fights for the people he loves and because no one else will step up to do his work"

  15. What a perfectly lovely tale! Well done all the way around. I especially enjoyed the clear audio. Well written, well acted, lots of drama, filled with heart.

  16. German and British people pushed by our idiot governments to fight to the death "twice" and for what ? for our idiot governments to give away our great country's to immigrants who hate us !

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  18. This shows how if we are able to see each other as people with lives and lives we wouldn’t mindlessly kill each other and justify it by calling it war. We really all feel the same. Can’t we just live and let love ❤️.

  19. One inaccuracy in it is that British soldiers were conscripted largely. Alot joined but most were conscripted.

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