Wild Card & Shifty Shafts | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)

– Where is it, where is it? It’s gotta be here somewhere. – Well where did he die? Did anybody see? – Nobody saw it happen. Oh man. Don’t worry Tanner, we’ll find your Reboot Card. – I’m gonna find it. I’m just sure of it. – Chill, Roach. You’re being a total Soccer Skin […]

Betty catches Chico and Pia being intimate with each other | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

Here, Cherry. What’s that for? Look, this is what I’ve saved up. A total of 373.50 pesos. You can use it to buy ingredients. Cherry, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. Don’t be mad at me anymore. Please? Don’t worry about it, Pongky. It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident. I’m […]

The AI that mastered Starcraft II

Artificial intelligence researchers at DeepMind have mastered Pong, Chess, and Go but some games are on another level. The game of StarCraft II one of the most complicated video games ever created. It is a real-time strategy game which means that you don’t take turns you play and you have to play fast. It was […]

Dr Neubauer EXPLOSION обзор шипов на губках 2.2 + 1.2 мм: эффекты скорость и контроль

My greetings to all table tennis lovers! Hello! In this video we are going to review new pips by Dr. Neubauer – Explosion. I think, this video may be called by Chekhov “Fat and Thin”. Because we will try them in max – 2.2 mm – and minimum version – 1.2 mm. Explosion, as you […]

Tennis Forehand Banana Shot | Connecting Tennis

hey guys Gaston from Connecting Tennis here welcome to another video so excited for what we’re gonna be covering today because it’s actually a very very fun shot and it’s a I’m sure it’s gonna be a very fun video to do remember next Monday January 20 I’m gonna be opening the registration for the […]