Augmented Reality Chess [App Android]

Augmented Reality Chess [App Android]

To be able to play Augmented Reality Chess You just need to go to this URL, get this
image Print it, and then cut the little square
markers Make sure you leave a white border around
it So the camera can recognize it After that, get your little squares and put
it in your favorite board So, get you application for Android or iOS And then you can play Augmented Reality Chess Make sure you’re in a good light ambient So you can recognize the models and see around
it This is Gustavo Carvalho from Contra Labs Thank you for play

3 thoughts on “Augmented Reality Chess [App Android]

  1. Your video makes it look really bad, but it worked WAY better than this when I tried it myself! I think it's because I didn't cut out the pieces from the paper, I just printed out the paper and left it solid as one piece. Your app worked FLAWLESSLY on that for me! I could even pick up the paper and bend it and warp it and your app would point the pieces in different directions just like real 3D pieces were taped to the paper.

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