Test of the new Audi SQ5 Tdi 347 Ch 2019 2020 … where it grows very very strong and yet
it is only a diesel engine a v6 3 liters tdi 3 147 horses and friends convinced of the noise and the vacant passage
by fecteau we’re going on board this sq5 this time
diesel version 345 horsepower v6 3 liters tdi
this is the new sq5 and this time it’s diesel at 93 euros
what would you take with adoption actually eh ben say
me in comment make a small 0.1 to 100 or 1 0 to 130 1 on roads
closed of course turn now slightly left
yes yes but of course you are very friends we focus and go it goes right away that’s really
micro hybridization technology on will only make you talk about it but
it’s really novelty on this diesel engine is that it responds
instantly like gasoline engines and suddenly it’s a real pleasure a real
pleasure of driving is that at all when you step on the pedal at
accelerator pedals and his share everything immediately watched no latency
offends a poem the inertia of the engine and especially power but nothing and it goes
direct excellence and got started and it’s really magical to listen to us
this sound in time starts there you are in dynamic mode is on mode
dynamic active and good I’m listening behind time yeah not bad 2 to 4 yeah tell me a little bit about yourself
comment to what you think this sq5 diesel version is mostly price
the scream that sting an on is on a price base that is around 75 77 thousand
euros and on this very beautiful configuration with its delicious
21-inch wheels fitted with tires pirelli p zero one of two performances
who hangs bitumen one is sure hang on well almost 93 thousand
euros louis 93 thousand euros for this q5 it starts a bit to bite but I have to
you admit it is almost full options have a lot of options we have
the sport differential if you almost 1700 euros we have 21-inch wheels
which is worth 2000 euros we have a lot of what do you prefer between
this nice q5 sq5 earlier or this ace 7 to you choose a bench comments me
I took here sq5 at and this time it’s the return of the famous diesel you do not
you were a lot to many at buy
and own this sq5 diesel the sq5 and senses unfortunately we do not have
really worked audi has reviewed his copy and offers us a
pretty baby of 3 147 horses quattro tiptronic to eight reports and you go
see that he throws it is the config the more beautiful than I find on an audi
it’s still enough or even two two or even a green audi but of
see this caramel interior frankly what do you think about it in France
and it’s pretty rare to honestly see a colorful interior in an audi with
me this seat with its black stitching to the rear
yes it’s a nice on sure pick in relief with holding the seats that
must really be pretty effective and after the q5’s dashboard you
know here you here are my dishes if it is the famous ssq
5 you are on a pretty model that is worth 92 thousand euros so where the
engineers again this is very strong is that they managed to provide
this symphony of a v8 essence on a diesel
and yes it is possible as in fact are that a little hollowed the the the brain if
you want to get that kind of sensation actually under the hood they
have put a species roughly two big speakers a kind of cash
of resonance that will make vibrate the pare breeze and the interior of the cockpit for
simulate precisely this noise of v8 and we have a second device underneath
of the chassis we will not see it 1000 and it’s just
below it here and in fact bases clearly it’s the same thing in a
in a die in one of the exits of pau in fact they put a speaker
in fact we just have a simple v6 is a simple exhaust that just the
traditional skin exposed to the macadam precisely to propel the
roger so these are false outputs exhaust we’re just here to
aesthetics but admit that it has when even charm
rather than propose two outputs exhaust to the ground he has the
mouth anyway good then sir does not impress or not
it brakes really well too that’s it which is important is that it would make
for a long time it was going to continue on turn it is at audi there is breast
to 1 and yes it’s a glass of water the will see again with the device that
okay in case of pedestrian impact that makes so that the hood gets up in case of
Shock to cushion the coming with this so and we find the engine we
had yesterday engine new engine that had yesterday on the a6 and the wii a game is
assured yes he’s skipped the case of a single hand i am with florian my friend
because this passion there is this retailer meaning with regard to vernets here I have
almost a tendency to prefer plastic cover
I am not of the same opinion I prefer hide because frankly it’s not
a variety do not want to work you see it but if you put some stuff
it’s true it’s true everywhere what is well it’s like you take off the cash is
what are you going to talk about reinforcements on chassis but that’s it and the anti bar
coming together that’s just the whole army is made to tell you that this sq5 and
heavy it is necessary to reinforce this chassis must be made to the states of
formations actually in everything he is reinforced up there
and then the tdi that fills his engine compartment and where is the
small compressor that overlooks this little boost on low diets it’s
a good question and our friend philippe will explain it in the video but the
electric compressor he’s here because we still do not have
micro hybridization system are even on the 2.5 500 sp and it’s a real
pleasure because honestly remember yesterday we drove the a6 and
the a8 who does not benefit from harassing micro hybridization and when you know and
you have tasted micro hybridization honestly it’s not to make the
audi ad but that’s a real interest in does that erase just this time
latency that is less than one second but that is absolutely
dramatic when you want to revive the car of two tons or so
mountain she has then there you have a little whiplash it was a little bit of
bonus you know that gives a a boost the car but the thing is
something that at 1200 rpm the compressor starts to take effect
so 1200 turns is weak there is no time out there is no
hole at acceleration 1200 rounds and I can you tell that car bound
really to that it’s me I always loved the reactive cars when backs
it works I love it, I would even say it would be
5 tears off the bitumen he tears literally bitumen
moreover, the rims are made up around a film of bitumen in
joking of course the amines we stay a little bit fun in our explanations
of our tests and it’s with our friend free trial ludo who with joy I
share this essay at the earliest a little serious concern and tears he hides cache
misery but the misery cache but I worked anyway not what
look at it they put a little touch red this is the sporting side
emotion I feel that it will tear up there because that’s what others have
explained the side of the battery that’s always a problem
of battery you explain it or by no I do not explain but it’s true that
you come connected and stateless from connect directly here your battery which
is the same and in the trunk but nice practice the
plus the least lyon month this is it better like that here is where we
just connect his battery backup exactly are going to redo up good then
yes I touch you I see you scratch and the beard hudon
I think that hurts yeah that you leave skeptical about copper the price
unique implies a little know that for what q5 this very sporty version sq5 very
sharp had to learn it from the technology rather we are on a price of
base the friends of 76 1980 euros for no not say 77 thousand euros and then with the
config that we have with this leather havana and 7 delicious stitching
we really have a beautiful habitat we have a beautiful together and frankly that makes
pleasure to see an outside get to do sun to a passing sun
like that we can say it like that I did not privately manage English
various angles is also but I think that the Germans took that the
English maybe not sure anyway on this config really crazy
in the end dingo of the lord like some will say 1 it tells you something
thing maybe in any case we arrive on 92 1500 euros it looks like fair price
you see a little in the camps but you would you put 92 thousand euros in a ace
q5 name is not good no no no I do not repeat a heresy
yes but stay here loose not busy then on the other hand it is true that it is this
as you said in your video and by the way and do not hesitate to see them
in doing this a little little smart a little iron but there is another
comprehensive test even more complete with another shifted vision of our friend
ludo sure try the youtube channel of course you are already subscribed and all
those who are not, do not hesitate to to see them his chain is worth ten years
neymar but it’s true me I’m subscriber from the beginning we started
together we started together and we is there together in a spirit 5 1 in
a diesel 1 it’s not nice all that without reason and the passion of relationships in
a bit of a motorization rate it stays from the region and we associate passion auto
settings absolutely dream and then no I say diesel is not dirty and the
diesel is not dead and is not dead no longer because have frankly so
with the little jab of this video but it’s not contradicted is far
of the is that all the builders we
is doing a lot of work on the R & D development of diesel engines
are almost now banned by governments its twenty years of r & d
20 years of r & d screwed up in the trash like because some politicians have
decided to put a lot of action into name and in the electric ski and that’s
well because there is a little bit of foot born of bold audi with stories
they had Well they stand out even better you have
with a technology really to prove they are there to propose are there to
offer pleasant sporty diesels nice to drive or I say
hat and no latency time now with the micro hybridization the
compressor that acts on low revs so it goes straight as a gasoline
and that’s absolutely brilliant bravo says to have further develop this kind of
motor because honestly the interest it is for us the consumer it is
the interest at the pump there we arrive on the 7 liters / 100 the interest or the penalty
flow much more measured than on a gasoline version sq5 and regulations in
petrol version was nothing we reached the 10 thousand euros in approval of
driving one rolls on the couple these voices there the diesel is not dead the friends the
diesel is still there and again 2 many years to live with
precisely this hybridization side that is going happen suddenly we may have some
emitted electric motors that will complement the diesel offer and
may have even more autonomy even more amenity so friends I
reassure you a thousand and list the diesel is not me she did her
evidence and man competing 24 hours of motor mans and prove so
honestly yahia this is one of the engines the most reliable in the world is not going to
lie here it is a noble author more
yeah the problems would not come from the motor it would rather come from mangas
electric noualhat and that’s the problem of all these engines today
you really have to keep a very rigorous interview because
actually the engines are very solid but everything around
can actually prove in damaging if you mistreat
finally your car and a car it respects
it must be maintained properly if you like it if you like this
color some of bodywork that is really quite atypical and who
fortunately to swear oath excuse it is a glass solace metallized wac
do not know how you say that so it’s in the catalog or says and it’s
very beautiful and in this greenery of aubrac and ben it suits him pretty well
I will tell you friends we are in the country of aubrac and if you are looking for the
really the best restaurant better anigo the region it’s here it’s armored
shielded armored look at me this we even have to queue we can
have a table it’s amazing it’s expensive roger it’s
at simone and rojas and a size are two some say it’s jacky
michel bon there is a lot of roundness resellers of both
hikers case no dealers in the dc and we have very beautiful cows
aubrac 1 we will eat maurac and aligot
aligot sausage

93 thoughts on “AUDI SQ5 TDI : LE DIESEL N’EST PAS MORT ?

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    J’ai ce sq5 depuis 1 mois et je les paye 94 560€ cela et un prix de fou je suis d’accord avec vous avant j’avais le sq7 qui j’avais payé 137 000€ et j’ai changé par rapport à sa largeur et longueur le sq5 et suffisant et je ne le regrette pas
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    PS : je n'ai pas été payé, acheté lol

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  44. salut, elle est cool ta vidéo. J'essaie de me lancer en proposant des vidéos de ski freeride et randonnée, si cela peut t'interesser.

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    93000: sérieux?

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  47. Faut arrêter de dire qu'un moteur thermique est "propre". Cela continu à rejeter des NOx, encore plus de nanoparticules paradoxalement avec les FAP qui arrêtent les PM10 …mais multiplie par 10 000 le nombre de nanoparticules rejetées et bien sûr le bilan carbone toujours aussi mauvais avec le CO².
    Personne ne pousse l'électrique, au contraire, il y a un lobbying de malade contre, à tous les étages. Le gouvernement pousse juste des voitures propres.
    Et enfin, faux arrêter de croire qu'un diesel biturbo moderne avec de l'hybridation, des levées de soupapes variable, un EGR, une rampe commune à 2500 bars et tout le tourisme est aussi fiable que les moteurs de tracteurs diesels atmosphérique de la guerre : gardez un diesel moderne de ce type 350 000km et on en reparle quand vous aurez vu tout l'entretien et la maintenance nécessaire.
    Ça, c'était MON coup de gueule.

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