Atelier: The Painter’s Studio | Game the Game

Atelier: The Painter’s Studio | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Hello, and welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host Becca Scott and
today, we are playing Atelier. Let’s jump right in, let
me introduce our guests. A big welcome to Nox Weiler Berf. – Hello, thanks for having me. – Nox, you are known
for your LARP Tavern on – That’s absolutely right. – Very cool. Sitting right next to me, Jordan Pridgen. – Hi there. Hi, I’m Jordan Pridgen. – That’s correct.
(chuckles) You can check him out on Wild
Cards on Saving Throw Show. That’s – Yes, it is.
– Yeah. – That’s correct.
(chuckles) And the wonderful, Havana Mahoney. Also on Twitch at – It’s true. – Oh, man, we got three
Twitch stars over here. – You know so much about us.
(chuckles) – Do the Twitch neck.
– Not at all creepy. – But we could do the neck thing. – The standard? – Yes.
– This is– – This also has to do a
lot with our game because we all have such artistic
prowess and this is game of painting masterpieces. – Uh-huh.
– Mm-hm. – Mm-hm.
– Uh-huh. – Of course, everyone
knows that an Atelier is an artist workshop. – Okay.
– Everyone knows? – We know that now.
– Yes. – When you paused, I was
really worried you were waiting for us to like insert the answer. – An Atelier– – Which we would’ve, ’cause we know. – Yeah.
– Yes. – We knew that. – It’s a small boat built for two. – Oh! – An Atelier is
(laughs) that feeling you get when you’re craving a piece of fruit. – No, that’s pregnancy.
(laughs) Anytime you want fruit, it’s
because you’re pregnant. – I am in trouble.
(laughs) – Oh, geez.
– So pregnant. – All right, now, we’re
going to assume that you already know how to play
this game and jump right in but if you don’t know, don’t
worry, we got a video for that. You can find the link in
the description below. So, first things first,
let’s look up these paintings we have here. Pretty beautiful, I’d say.
(laughs) – Yeah, wow.
– Oh! – This is just like being at a museum. – It very much is and
let me just call out, I’ve got the guide to
the museum, right here. – Is there an audio tour,
’cause I love an audio tour. – There is not an audio tour. We do not like that sort
of newfangled thing. – They can expect to– – It’s literally a cassette tape. (laughs) What are you talking about? – Oh, I wish they had just
little old school Walkmans that they pass out.
– It’d be so cute. – What a hipster museum we’ve created. – I had did a tour of an
Irish gaol, which is like an Irish prison with a tiny
little cassette tape, like, the metal band and the little
earbuds, it was the best. – Yeah.
– It was the best. – It was so good. – Well, we gotta play this game, so. – Let’s do it. – First things first, we all
will need a patron of our art, of our Atelier. So, I’m going to pass
everyone two patrons. Look at them both and decide
which one you like best. These patrons will do
things that will give us victory points in our end
game and they will remain secret throughout. We can spend inspiration
tokens in order to earn new patrons as the game goes on. – And we don’t say the name
of these cards out loud? – I mean–
– Don’t dare. (chuckles) – It just says patron card.
– You’re out if you say it. – Yeah.
– It’s not what mine says. (laughs) – Becca will bring the hand
of vengeance down upon you. – Indeed. – Okay, so each of these
cards has a value that will play out in the endgame,
is that right, Becca? – Sure do! Thinks like… Worth one VP for each
painting that uses blue. (classical piano music) That’s the only secret I’ll tell you. (chuckles) – All right.
– It’s a game of secrets. – It’s like Clue but with paintings. – Yeah. – Oh, that’s interesting and
this is also interesting. That’s better, okay. (soft classical music) (groans) – I’m not sure but I’m
gonna go with that one. – Don’t forget to game the game. – Yes.
– Gaming the game. – That’s the name of the show. I like it.
(laughs) – Every time you say game the
game, a theme song pops up in a low–
– Or we just, like, scream. (all yell) – Perfect, it’s good. Good coordination.
– Okay. – Does everyone have one
inspiration token to start? – I do. There are four dice and
there are 12 students in their corresponding colors. – Man, class sizes were
way smaller back then. – Sure were, now–
– Back then in France. (laughs) – And that’s your French accent? – Yep.
(laughs) It’s southern French. – Well, welcome to France, friend. – The south of France.
– Southern France. – We should shout out, well, Nox is an artist. – Yeah, sometimes. – And Havana is an artist
and also went to art school. – I went to an Atelier.
(laughs) I have Bachelor of Fine Arts. – Ooh.
– I also have one. – So, obviously, we’re at
a disadvantage, Jordan. – Yeah.
– From Phoenix online. – Oh.
– Is where I got mine. – Yeah, I’m $30,000 in
debt, so please step over in the other area–
– Step up. – With the unreal
artists, the fake artists. – The fake artists.
– Shots fired. – At least 20K in debt from art school. – I think that’s true, yeah. All right, now, I have
arbitrarily given the first player palette to Nox. So, Nox, oh, oh, sorry, before
we begin the first turn, there’s one more thing we
have to do, which is we each get to place one student
next to a pile of paint color of our choosing, starting
with the person to the right of the first player and
going counterclockwise because when we begin our
turns, we’ll go clockwise. – Well, Becca, I do believe that’s me. – That’s you.
– Oh, goodness. – Well, okay. Green, green.
– Why green? – The color of grass,
the color of this table, the color of money.
(gasps) – Money.
– Which I owe a lot of. (laughs)
– To art school. – Oh, man. – Did you realize bringing
me on this show would trigger my past traumas?
(laughs) – I always assume that. – Okay, we’re going red.
– Go red or go home. (sighs) – I don’t want to like
start conflict already but I do want to be on green. – That’s okay, we can share.
– We’re tied. – If you could give me some
personal space though, Jesus. – I know–
– That was a little close. – God!
– Real, real close. – A bubble. – Now, it is Nox’s turn to
place the first student. – I’ve thought about this
pretty seriously and I think– – If you put it on yellow!
(groans) – I’m gonna go with yellow.
– Good choice. – Predictable. – You know, it’s a very nice color, it’s right in front of me, easy to reach. I’m watching you.
– We get it– – No, I’m watching you.
– No, I’m watching you. – It’s kind of hard, we’re
across the table from each other. (laughs) – Nox, you may now take the
first turn, so roll your dice. – All right, so I’m rolling all four die. Oh, if I can keep all of them.
– So embarrassing. – I know.
(laughs) But that roll is not so embarrassing. – Ooh, good roll, good roll.
– Spicy. – It’s a spicy roll. We’ve got two twos,
and a one, and a three. So, I can place three students. – You could! – Or I could move or I
could do all those things and it’s going to remove all
of these dice, is that correct? – Yes, yeah, and just to
remind viewers, you can spend just one die by spending
it, doing its power and placing it on your board
or you can spend all of them either in one turn or wait
for it to come back around to you on a different turn. – Well, since this is the
beginning of the game, I’m going to spend these
three to place three students. – Solid choice. – And I’m going to place
them all for Havana. – Oh my god.
– Right here on yellow. – Why?
– You are insane! – He loves Coldplay.
– Stockpile. – I really do like Coldplay. – You’re a yellow hoarding monster. – I know, it’s–
(chuckles) What can I say? I think I’m gonna keep
ahold of this three. – Excellent. – So, I’m gonna pass the turn then, right? – All right, Jordan,
that makes it your turn to roll some bones. – All right, let’s roll these. – Roll these bones. – All right, I got two
ones, a five, and a six. So I’m not gonna be able to
use five to paint anything yet, ’cause I don’t have– – You can paint a picture with your mind. – Yes, I just need to absorb
what it means to be a painter. All right, so I’m gonna use the two ones to place dudes. – So, what it means to be a
painter is hiring students to do your work for you?
– Yeah, absolutely. – Correct. – That is exactly correct
and I guess I won’t fight over yellow, so I will
put one in both of those. – It’s working well.
– So far. – If the point of the game
is to have all the yellow, I win.
(laughs) – It might be. – And then, just to be cheeky, I will use my one, six to take a yellow. (gasps)
– How dare you. – How cheeky!
– How cheeky! – What now?
– Mm! – Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky.
– Checkmate. – So, on the beginning of my
turn, I roll all four dice. And I can spend and many,
should I re-roll the cock? – Re-roll it.
– Okay. – Do I want to?
– Should I re-roll the cock? – It’s a cock die, I didn’t
want to, I should’ve never asked and taken the one.
– Yeah. – Okay, so if I roll a one
or a two, I place a student. If I roll a three, I can move students up to one student per
player anywhere I want, make things crazy. Four is collect paint
from each pile of paint where I am either tied for or
have the most students there. Five is paint a painting,
we have seven available to choose from right now. And six is gain anyone paint
without having students there. So I’ve got fours, that’s so
great to collect, if only, ah, I have placed a student for one. I will collect and collect–
– Oh! – Which is two green and two yellow. And I will use my final
die to paint a painting. – Oh, that was like a combo.
– There she go, there she go. – Oh my god, my first
painting is a masterpiece. Look at me.
– Masterpiece. – The song of the lark, I shall
pay two green and two red, and now it says I must
return a student from one of the painting piles back
to my palette and that is going to be red. – And if you didn’t have a student out, would you have to do that?
– Oh, good question. – No, it is not a cost
to do it, it is a penalty sort of thing. If you don’t haven enough
students out to fulfill that, you can still do it, you
just take as many students off of it as you can. And I also get to, once per
game, you may use three paints of any color to gain the
repaint of any color. – Oh, so you can just like trade paints. – Do a tradesies.
– Tradesies, got it. – Love me some tradesies. – Now, does it matter
that you’re painting’s a little derivative? – Well, it’s a masterpiece, so– – Odd. – This is what other paintings
will be derived from now. – This is going to be, turn
into a Sosha Ronan movie, okay?
– All right. – So, don’t mess.
– Becca, are you done? – I guess I’m done.
– Okay, I will go, then. – Good round.
– Thank you. – Oh, I got some twos. I got a five, I got a three. So, with my twos, I can
place a couple students. – Good move.
– So, let do dat. (laughs)
– Let do it. – Probably all on yellow, right? – I thing that’s a good strategy. – Honestly, considering it. But I’d only be able
to move one of his, so, he’d still have the upper hand on mine. – But–
– On my stuff. – You could place both of yours on yellow and move one of yours
there and one of his away. – All right, there.
– That’s a good point. – You’re riding back seat. (laughs) – Um, I think I’m actually
just going to go blue and red there to place my students but then,
to move, I am going to move one of these yellow babies away. – All right. – And then I can move
other people’s, right? – Mm-hm.
– But, what if– – Yeah.
– Y’all just went over there. – What if we just really–
(laughs) – It’s her.
– On a lot of levels. – And then, I’ll hang on to the five. – I have one student.
– Wow. – I just want you to know that– – Sit in the back of
the yellow paint class. – I changed my mind, I wanted
to mess with y’all, so. – Okay, I see how it is. – Becca, is there a combat
mechanic in this game? – That is it! – It’s where you just
punch me in the face. (laughs) – Oh, that is on the
back page of the rules. – Just like real art school.
– Yeah. – All right, so I roll
this and I have a one. Now, I can choose to turn this
in for an inspiration, right? – That’s right, if you
decide that you don’t like any of your die faces, you
can, instead, spend your entire turn within that round
burning one die to get one inspiration token that can
be used to either re-roll, paint a painting without a
five or draw a new patron card later in the game.
– Mm. – Or right now. – I thought about it but I
think I’m actually going to keep it and put another student out. – Where are you putting him? – Uh, over on blue, please.
– Unpredictable. – For my last die.
(laughs) I will roll this and see
what I got and knock over– – Wow, you hate yellow– – Why are you so passive aggressive? – I’m a monster. – It happens to everyone in
college, you spilled the paint. You’re clumsy, you had a growth spurt. – I get to place a dude and
since I get to place it, I will place it on blue since I was
just moved away from blue. (groans)
– Tough life. – I really thought we talked
about this personal space. (laughs) – All right, so that was your
last die, your turn has ended. And, now, it goes back to Havana. – You don’t have a turn.
– I don’t even– (sighs)
– What’s that feel like? – I had a turn, it just required– – Oh, gain any paint,
I will take a yellow. Thank you very much.
(groans) – I’m gonna need that back though. – Oh, you’re not the
baron of yellow paint. – The baron of yellow paint.
– Oh, we’ve all gone. – Okay, that it, that is it. So, a new round shall begin, if you would pass the first painter token.
– And that goes there, right? – Mm-hm.
– Boy. – And, everyone, please remove
your dice from your board. They’re now all fresh. – So, I will roll my fresh, clean dice. Not into the pile of yellows.
– Yeah, thank you. – And, so now I have a
one, two threes, and a four which could let me move
twice and place a student. I’m gonna place and then–
– If you would, please. – Boom.
– Not that one. – Wrong one.
– Wrong one. (exclaims repeatedly)
(laughs) – Could you just play Jordan’s turn? – Games are hard!
– Yeah, do you mind? – Yes, and then, I will
move one of these over here. And then, I will collect
so that I get one of each. – There we go, you did it, Jordan. – Hurrah!
– Hurrah. – And then, I think I’ll save
my last one ’cause I don’t really need to move them around right now. – Good choices. Good choices all around. ‘Tis my turn and I roll some dice. (exhales sharply) Two twos, that’s excellent
’cause I have no students around so I will go ahead and
place some students– – Get those students to their classes. I heard a bell ring.
(chuckles) – You had a student quit after you painted your last masterpiece?
– I did, so upsetting. – It’s a lot of pressure to
work for a neurotic artist. – It’s true. I am tough but fair. I can place in yellow and be tied but there’s everybody there,
it’s just such a party. Yeah, I guess I love the color green. And yellow’s also a very nice color. So, I’m happy with that. I could either gain one paint in any color or paint a painting but
I think I’m just going to pass, for now.
– Okay. – Hello.
– Oh, my god. (laughs) – So stressful, ooh, okay. That feeling when you
roll two paint a paintings and have one paint.
(chuckles) Feels good, man. So, I got one one, which
means I can place a student. And I think I’m just
gonna go and try and steal the majority here on the green. (gasps)
– Get out! – Get out of here, and
then, I’m gonna use my six to get any paint. I’ll take the yellow ’cause
I’m not trying to put in effort to get that.
– Yeah. – Oh geez. – And then, you know what? I can’t do anything else, so
I suppose I’ll save these. – All right, uh, shall we start off here at the beginning? Hold on. Is this considered cocked
or do you feel like– – I would re-roll it.
– Re-roll. – I’ll re-roll.
– When in doubt. – All right, there we go.
– Same roll. – It’s pretty much the exact same roll. – Okay, that’s a six, a
three, and a one and a two. So I’m going to use these to put two students out. And I am going to, very
predictably, take yellow back. (groans loudly)
– Oh, wow, very strongly. – Very strong but it’s
tough but fair, I think, is how you termed it. My school is an online course. It’s not, you know, something
that you would go to and spend money on, really, it’s free. – And you’re printer only–
– It’s free? – You’re taking the value of yellow 101. – Your printer only has
yellow ink and you are trying to make it work.
(laughs) – I’m trying to get that
printer to work, Jordan. I mean, it’s a problem. – You gotta kick it at,
like, a 60 degree angle. – So I’ve got, this is
well, and I’m gonna spend. I’m actually gonna spend
this to gain a paint. – Spend the six? – ‘Cause I have no paint
at all on my palette. I’m gonna take a blue, please.
– Stop, Becca. – Stop, you’re crazy.
(laughs) (braying laugh) – And then, I’m gonna spend my final die and I’m gonna move people away. – Okay.
– Get ’em outta here. – You’re over here.
– That’s fine. – One over here.
(gasps) – You just gave him the max.
– I know. – It was unavoidable.
– Can’t do that anywhere else. – It was unavoidable and
then, could we move one of Havana’s people, no, the
people there over to here? – That is actually rude is hell. Move me somewhere where I’m useless. – Are you sure you don’t
want him coming over here? – Well, I’ve already
moved one of your pieces. I can only move one, right? – Yeah, no, but the one
you move, since you gave everybody else–
– I think it’s fine, right? – I think I’m done.
– All right, okay. – Well, we’re done, is what he’s saying. – All right, so I get
to re-roll my last die. It’s a six, so I can gain
any one paint or I can choose to just take an inspiration
which is actually is what I’m going to do. – So inspired for later.
– That is done! – I roll.
(dice clatter) – Okay.
– I got a three and a five. – Is that what you wanted,
that paint you didn’t have? (laughs) – But I’ll take it. I would like to– – You could fix Nox’s move aggression. – Oh.
– I am sorry. – Are you sorry? – Yeah, I’m gonna arrange
because I like having power. (laughs) – This is all about art and power. – Yes.
– Art is power. – Art is power.
– Well said. – The Becca Scott mission statement. – Even it out here.
– Look at us all partying. – And I don’t even care about this red. And then, um. – You took some green
dominance over there. – I’m gonna take this,
oh wait, no, let me just. Oh, that’s not me. Okay. – You showed him. Thank you, thank you, bless, bless. – And that was my changing
of the paint guards. – I like the idea that we’re
just a group of students who are all like fighting
over paint shops. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That’s how it is.
– It’s expensive. – It’s a really expensive–
– One. – Oh, four and a one. One is place a student, don’t you know? – I’ve heard. – And I’m gonna go for green,
even out with Ms. Becca here. And then, I’m gonna collect,
so I will get one from here and a red and a blue. Now I got paint and
that’s my whole business. – All right.
– That’s my whole biz. – Nox, you have passed. – You get your last die.
– Oh, my gosh. – It’s all on you.
– You got it, Becca. – It’s roll a four. – Oh.
– Wow! – Okay.
– Take you to Vegas. – Ask and you shall, I
just came back from there. Don’t give me your money
and tell me to play Pai Gow for you.
(chuckles) – I will not make that mistake again. – I was going to but now I’m not. – So, can’t get much, just
get one little greensie. There we go. Really should’ve moved myself over here. But that’s fine.
– All right. – So the first player palette passes on. – Moi!
– To Becca. – Moi.
– It’s me, all right. – I’ll roll some dice.
(dice clatter) That’s the cocks, if ever I saw it. – Oh my god.
– Wait, roll again. – Uppercut. – I mean, just keep rolling till you get what you want, Becca. (laughs) – True, I’m gonna place two little artists on to old yeller.
(gasps) And, now, I’m tied for the most there and I shall collect one
green and one yellow. And then do that one more time. – Nice.
– So she roll, baby. – Oh, my turn.
– Lot a paint. – Thank you. – That’s a lot of paint, little lady. – One has to ask you’re headed with this. – Could be anywhere.
– Oh, two fours. – And I get to place two. – Oh my gosh, that’s the same roll I had! – We’re twinsies.
– Soul sisters. – Hate sisters.
– Hate sisters. (laughs) – I would like to congratulate
all of us on refraining from accents up until this point. – We really have done a great job. – There’s a little southern–
– I mean– – Touch of French.
– A touch of French. – Super… Little Mermaid-esque, huh-huh.
– Yeah. – Movie French.
– Movie French. – I’m going to use one
of these to collect. So I’ll get one here.
– Oh my gosh. – Blue, green.
– She must be stopped. – Red.
– Wow, a lot of paint. – I’m terrified.
– So much paint. – And then, I’m actually going
to spend one and re-roll. – Do it. – My last die here. – Going for broke, come on, four. – Oh, that’s now what I really wanted. Well, no, that’s not what I wanted. – Move everybody. ♪ Move everybody move ’em around ♪ What if I just put everyone on yellow? What if that’s just my master plan? (laughs) – You know, I actually didn’t
do this to make a hard stance on it, it really was
the closest color to me. – Move Becca over here.
– But I’m glad it’s happening. – I didn’t move you last time. – Oh.
– Um. – You almost helped me.
– I know. – Was that here?
– Yeah, sorry. – So, I moved–
– Jordan and me. – Jordan and you, so
purple and me are left? – That’s right. – Oh, purple, what are
we going to do with you? – You really want to feel
like you can maximize– – Do you even have any
yellow, you’ve been on yellow this whole time? – I don’t have, really, any
paint or chance of winning. – You put him charge of yellow? – I’m just gonna give you a little treat. – You just moved me over to yellow. – And, you know what, you deserve it. Remember that I did that for you, please. – I will, I will.
– And that’s all my die. – I remember. Okay, so I am up and I’m
gonna roll these, right? And got a one, a two, a four, and a five. (sighs) I can’t really paint a
painting because I don’t have any paint, so if I place
before I collect, right? That would be the wise thing to do. So I could put so more meeples down. Uh, let’s do this. Let’s take a tie on green. Actually, could I shift
that, does anybody care if I shift that?
– Sure. – Move one of those people
over and then move one more. I’m sorry, over to blue. Now, that makes better sense to me. – Yeah.
– Okay. – And then, I can collect
with the four, correct? – Sure can.
– Yep. – So you’re winning at yellow
and you’re tied at blue. – Uh-huh. And so, I get one of those.
– You’re also tied at red. – And I’m tied at red,
so I get one painting. And then I have the
opportunity to paint a painting but I’m not sure that I can
do that with what I have. – Well, you’re one green
away from a centennial of independence.
– Yeah. – Maybe that’s a waiting thing. – No, you need a green.
– That’s a one each. – And that’s a green.
– Oh, green is popular. – Green is messing you up. – Well, you got some paint stashed. – Yeah, ’cause I couldn’t win the green, so I moved off of it but here we are and I’ll hold on to this then. – Cool. – All right, now, I’m
definitely gonna get that one. I hope I get– – The dressing for the carnival? – Yes, it’s just so pretty. – You can’t paint a painting. – But I have– – Wait, you have your two inspirations. – You do have inspiration that you can– – Oh my gosh. I also have inspiration. – The exact same roll
Havana and I both got. – So, I’ll start by collecting. I can put myself matching on yellow. – I must say, that’s placing. – Placing, yes, that’s
what I meant to say. Placing, and then I will collect. I’ll go with yellow,
that seems like a pretty. And then I’ll place one
here on green to start. Actually, I’ll do it here
on blue because that’s– – Anticipation.
– Yep. – And that was the one of the two there. And then–
(chuckles softly) – Will you collect or will you wait? – I’m not gonna collect, I
will do my painting first. – Oh, he paints.
– Because– – Because you’ve been thinking about this. – Yeah, so, this one, the
dressing for the carnival has win painted place three guys. – What!
– Oh. – And now you must first–
– Take one off. – This is happening. – But then I get to place.
– And then put three back. – Take one off first.
– And pay your paints. – What kind of monster are you? – Yeah, what are you doing, Jordan? – Okay, I’ll pay them. – You can’t paint a
painting with no paint. – Paid, paid, paid, paid. – And just, if you could
not knock over all the paint when you’re doing it.
– God, a mess. – Artist chaos. (chuckles) – All right, I took one back
and now I get to place three. One. I’m already good on that one.
– Red. – Two.
– Blue. – And then, I guess I will, still can’t get green.
– Oh my. – And now, new options have opened up. – Now I can collect twice.
(gasps) And I will get two yellow, two red. – Oh my god.
– And two blue. – Wow, this game just ramped. Ramped up.
– Ramp, ramp, ramp! – Your ramped. – Thanks dressing for the carnival. – Yeah.
– You’re welcome, Jordan. – That was a turn. – I think we’re all out of,
oh no, you have one more die left.
– I have one die. – And I’m saving it to lose.
– It’s your turn. – Oh, is it my turn.
– We’re all spent. – I was just hanging out, I’m fine. All right, so I roll, that’s
a four for collect paint and I’m going to do so, however, I still tie on yellow, correct? – And red and blue.
– And red and blue. – So I will do that because
I am still short green. But here we are. – The elusive green–
(laughs) – Well, and there’s nothing
to collect, wait, oh wait. – Now, your turn ends once
your final die is spent. – So I’m done. – So you actually cannot
spend inspiration– – Which I don’t have two
anyway, so I couldn’t do. – Couldn’t do. – Don’t even have to worry about it. No green, no worries.
– All right. – Cool.
– No. – You have a green, no worries. – Mo’ green, mo’ problems.
(chuckles) – Mo’ green, more pairs of Keds. – Yeah. Wait, what, is that what
you spend all your money on? – Is just Keds? – Here’s the first player palette. – What do you spend your money on? – Magic.
– Also Keds. – Also Keds.
(laughs) – No, it’s magic cards, actually. – Yeah, you were the first
collector who showed me their magic cards.
– Oh, yeah. – So, I’m gonna gain any paint
to take a yellow, please. – One yeller, ah-ah-ah-ah. – I’m going to use my
three to move students. And I’m going to move Becca over here. – You have to wonder what the story is behind the students moving. Like, are you telling them
to go to the wrong classroom? Like, they’re asking directions
and you’re like, yeah, it’s to the left. – They’ve mastered that color. – They’re just little
armies that you’re sending to the paint shop to
fight the other students for buckets of paint.
– Yeah. – It’s a violent bloodshed war out there. – Move Nox over here and
I move Jordan over here. (laughs) – You were just really set
on having us duke it out– – Y’all dug your grave and
making sure you stay in it. – I never put a guy on yellow,
you put all of mine on– – Really?
(laughs) – That can’t be true.
– It’s so true though. – No, I’ve watched you
put a guy on yellow. – It’s super true.
– You literally took one off. – And then put one back on.
– It is definitely true. – Yeah, that’s why I collect
but you put all my dudes on yellow.
– Believe it. – Did you move everybody? – I moved everybody except
for myself and I think I don’t want to move myself. And then, I’m going to collect. So I’m going to be getting
one blue, one green, one red.
– Hmm. – And then, I’m gonna keep my, I’m gonna keep my one
dice till next turn, so. – Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and roll. I’ve got a couple of
twos, a five, and a six. I can paint a painting for
the first time in this game, which is kind of exciting. I can gain a paint.
(soft orchestral music) I feel like it might be a
mistake but I’m gonna spend all of them.
– Do it. – But I’m gonna start by
putting out my two students. – You’re running out of students. – So many students. – I would like to put one on blue. – Okay. – And I’d like to put the
other one here, on red. And then, I’m going to gain any one paint and
I’m gonna gain green. – I see. – Green’s been kind of at a premium. – Yeah, I thought it was
yellow and I made the mistake of really banking down
on yellow and that was the wrong choice. Now, I’ve got the five
left over, so I can’t paint a painting. I have an assortment of colors– – You have a green!
– I have a green. – No thanks to– – You could afford a
centennial of independence. – Yeah, I think I’m gonna go for that one. I just like the look of it. – Oh, that’s three masterpieces. – Yeah.
– That’s endgame. – No.
– No. (overlapping chatter)
– Right? – Yes.
– Oh! – I’m sorry, I was not explicit. (laughs) A person has painted three masterpieces. – Okay – We have triggered the endgame, we finished the current
round and we play one more entire additional round.
– Right. – Now, I also take one person back, right? – You do. Who do you want to go home? – That’s interesting
because if I pull anybody off of yellow, the yellow wars are over. – They’re not over, they’re waylaid. – I never cared about wining the yellow. – I don’t care about green
right now, so I’ll pull someone back.
– Wow. – That’s pretty rude. – You care deeply about green. – I do but I’m just am
never gonna win at green, so I’m gonna try to just roll really well from this point forward. – All right, do you want to read the text of the centennial of independence? – I would love to. When painted, choose a color. For each of your paintings
that use that color, gain one point, or one paint of any color. So, I gain and additional
paint for this, correct? – One of any of those colors.
– Oh, I see. – And then, if I get another
painting, I also choose– – It says, it’s a one time
affect, it happens when you acquire the painting. – Yeah, and if you had
other ones first, it could– – I’ll take some green, please. – One green! – You just said you
didn’t care about green. – I’m fickle, what can I say?
– Indeed. – I’m fickle, it’s hard for
me to choose, here I am. – All right, I will roll my four dice. And I got a five, five, four, two. So I guess I could paint
a bunch of paintings if I have those options but I
need green for everything. – No, you don’t.
– Nah. – I get something. – Dancers in the wings. Two men contemplating the moon. (laughs)
These are timeless. – Classics.
– Timeless images. – I gotta say, I love the name– – There’s such a mood. – I love the name Two Men
Contemplating the Moon. (laughs) – I’m changing my legal name to that. (laughs) – The Horse Fair. – Havana Two Men Painting In the Moon. Oh, contemplating the moon. – Contemplating, we’re just
thinking about the moon. – You ever think about the moon? – I do.
– I do. – You ever think about changing your name to Two Men Contemplating the Moon? – It’s 500 cals away.
(laughs) – What’s more useful to
me, getting another red, or getting another blue? I’m gonna go with the blue though. And then, so, okay, I will place my guy. Then, I’ll collect. So I get a yellow.
– Oh my. – I get a… Blue.
– That’s it. – And I think that’s it. I’m going to paint, I mean,
obviously, I’m going to paint Two Men Contemplating the Moon. – Makes sense. – Because it’s an amazing–
– The brand is strong. – Yeah.
– It’s a great painting. – And, when painted, I
get three inspiration. – You do, indeed.
– What the hell? – Oh, yeah! – I think contemplating the moon pays off. – You need to pull one
student back to home base. – Yes, I do and I will pull back yellow fighter.
– Wow. – Bold choice. – I’m just gonna put
your meeple back, then. (laughs)
– Yeah. You’ll just keep focusing
my efforts on yellow. – I have revealed woman at her toilette. – Toilette.
– I’m sorry? – That’s a little private, but uh– – Woman at her toilet?
– Yep. – That’s what happened.
– Not very sensitive. – All right, taking a turn. – Uh, Jordan hadn’t spent all his. – I’m not spending this one.
– Oh, okay. – Four, five, six, six. Oh, geez, oh, geez, okay. Do you want to paint a painting? – Mm. – Collecting is not super useful to me when I’m way behind here. I’m really a big fan of
stacks of wheat and of summer. – I think we’re all a big
fan of stacks of wheat. – Yeah, as someone who has a wheat to two. (laughs)
I agree. – Okay, so I paid my paints
and, now, on my turns– – Did you?
– I did. – I had three and two.
– Oh. – On your turns, you may use
ones to place two of your painters instead of one.
– Wow. – Which is the long term plan. (soft French music) – Oh, irises.
– Little irises. – Love irises.
– Okay, flair. – But my other options
here, I could just collect some paint but, honestly, I
think I need more students out in the world, so I will hold tight. – Oh, okay.
– Okay. – Keeping for three.
– Keeping for three. – I see the strategy. – Aw, shucks-a-darn.
– Shucks-a-darn. – That’s a Pokemon.
(laughs) – I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go over here to tie up four, three. Placing my student and
that’s my die spent, y’all. – Gettin’ busy on the red. – Then you’re done this round, right? – I’m done.
– I will re-roll my last die. – Oh my gosh.
– It’s a five. – That’s a good roll. – It landed perfectly in the–
– It did land. – It landed in the one
place it could, like, not be cock there. This might be crazy but,
okay, so the first thing I’m gonna do is get another patron. (gasps)
– I forgot about that move! – That’s a good move.
– How? – And then, I’m gonna
use this which is a five to two blue, two yellow.
– Mm-hm. – And buy yellow dancers in
the wings, a third masterpiece, making me–
– Oh, shoot! – What?
– The master. – Where did that come from?
– How’d you do that? – We forgot to try and win the game. – Oh, gosh. – I was unaware this was a game. – So, what’s gonna happen,
Jordan’s gonna win but– – I might not, we don’t
know what these patrons are gonna do.
– It’s possible. – I’m gonna say you’ve got a good chance. Good strategizing, sir.
– Looking at those numbers. – All right, so– – Let me also, just because
I just did it, I have to pull a guy back, so I will pull
this guy back and it’s when painted, you may
move all of your dudes between paint piles. So now, go ahead and make your point. – Sweet, as you decide, we
will, let’s see, first player was Havana, so that means
I go last in this round. And then, after that, we will
all take one final round, ending with Havana and then, end of game. – Oh, one final round,
like, if I keep dice aside, do I get to go again, okay. – Have you finished moving–
– Actually, wait. – I wanna do that. – You would.
– I am all moved. – Wow, that’s a lot of pressure. First things first, I roll.
– Just roll perfectly, Becca. – Okay.
– It’s fine, no pressure. – Oh, two student placings,
one paint grabbing. Okay.
– Grab it, baby. – What can one do? I know, on your turns,
you may use ones to place two of your painters instead of one. So we’ll use a one in
order to place it blue. – Boom. – I’m a ways away but
we’ll go with green here. I’m gonna hold tight, see
what I can get up to, here. – It’s only your turn. – Oh great, okay.
(laughs) So I’m gonna roll and get some ones. (soft accordion music) I’m gonna burn one to take an inspiration because I want to have the
ability to paint a painting whenever I choose and then, this one– – Choose quick. – Let’s place more paintings with a one. Got dang-it, okay, well,
we just gonna collect then. One sad little blue.
– Mm. – Okay, new round.
– Final round. – All right.
– Final round. – Tonight.
– Final round. – Fight.
(laughs) – Now the pressure’s on.
– The war of art. – Hm.
– That’s cock die. – I’m gonna take that I’m
gonna re-roll the same thing. – Impressive.
– You’re pretty good at that. – I’m pretty good at that, I–
– Consistent. – Consistent, if nothing else, yeah. All right, so this is going to help me paint a painting.
– There’s Moulin Rouge. – Buy both of these. – You don’t buy the paintings,
Jordan, you make them. – You could paint both of these. – Three.
– Yeah, so there’s three. – And then, this one
here, so I could do that. And it’s still probably not
gonna put me where I wanna go but at least I won’t be sitting
on just a single painting. – You gotta just, 10,000 hours, you know. Put in the work and the
paintings are gonna become masterpieces, eventually. – It also helps just to
hire a bunch of students to do it for you.
– Absolutely. – Oh my gosh!
– That’s true. – They’re interns, too, I
don’t even have to pay them. – I mean–
– Right. – It is your creation if
you told them to do it. – If you give them specific–
– Ask Andy Warhol. – They’re getting exposure
which is very nice for them. – Okay, and then I’m paying
these two, so then, these– – Did you have two fives; oh, you did. – Yeah, so it’s this– – You paid a blue and a
green and a blue, a red and a yellow.
– Wow. – And I owe, is there a
meeple cost for that, no. No, there’s no meeple cost. Now, there’s a couple of actions here. On your turns, of which
there are increasingly less, your threes allow you to
move one additional piece. Now, I still have a three
here, so that would count. – Sure.
– All right. – On your turns, you may
spend two inspiration to gain one paint of any color. Well, I don’t have that,
that’s not gonna help but I do have three. And I am going to use that three to move. And I know we’re at the endgame here, but I really just want there
to be no question about who controls–
– Wow. – Absolutely all the yellow
at the end of the game. (laughs) Just want to be sure
that you know it’s me. – All right. – I may not win the
game that you’re playing but I’m winning the game I’m playing. – Most yellow the game.
– The most yellow game. (laughs)
– Coming this summer. – Oh my goodness. Now you can move–
– I can move– – Black, orange, and purple. – Right, but I can also
move one additional, right? So, I’m gonna move– – Well, you could move me
again and help me since you– – Help her!
– Which is fine. – Would you move of Havana’s
oranges over to the blue? – No, no.
– Yeah. – Why? – And then, I’m gonna move
my extra one over here. – Awesome, did you want
to move any of yours? To purple yet.
– Yeah. – I’ll move this guy over here. (laughs) – You’re not helping yourself. – I think we know where this is headed. So, with that, I have a six remaining. I could gain any one paint
but that’s not gonna help. I’m gonna hold off and hope
for a collect or someplace or something. – All right, let’s roll
my dice, see if I can cement my lead a little bit. I can place two and then I could– – A little bit.
(giggles) – We just gave each other the same look. Okay, Jordan, cement your lead. – Wow.
(laughs) – With your two patrons and
your fancy first master– – He doesn’t even paint his
own art, he pays his students. – He doesn’t pay his students to do it. – I’m gonna pay more students to do it. – And do you call it The Factory? – Yes. – Man, you hate Warhol.
– I do! – Edie Sedgwick, all the way.
– Team Edie. (giggles)
– Team Edie. – If I get one more, so,
anything I can buy with my one? – Yes, there is. – Okay, so I will put this
in and I will take one green. I will hire one of my students to– – Oh my god, in your last turn? – To paint Salisbury Cathedral
from the bishop’s grounds. – Now you’re just getting greedy. – Because I’m from a
town called Salisbury. – Really?
– Yes. – What’s your social security number? (laughs) – It is, no. This says, once per round,
you may use one paint to gain two inspiration, so– – You ain’t got no paint.
– I can’t– – You ain’t got no paint.
– I can’t do it. – I knew there’d be an
end to your success. (laughs evilly) – And then, I’ll hold off on these two. – Okay. Here I go a-rollin’. – Go rollin’ – We got a one, a three,
a four, and a six, okay. – We have all already agreed
that Jordan is a hack though, correct?
– Sure, yeah. – I’m not fighting that one. – He either used free-earned
interns to make the art for him or he’s going around
literally purchasing paintings with paint.
– Right. – Either way, it’s weird, it’s shady– – Okay, I’m choosing to use a
three first and I’m gonna move around some stuff. So I’m gonna move Jordan over to yellow.
(snickers) – Fair. – Everybody does.
– Over to yellow. – Hey, hey! – Havana, why are you everywhere? – You’re every–
(laughs) – And I just am gonna
move Nox just to be– – Nice catch.
– Ob-Nox-ious. – Oh!
– Do you get that a lot? – I get it all the time.
– Sorry. – And I like it.
– So sorry. (laughs)
– And I love it! – It’s literally fun. – Becca, are you stressed? – Collect a red and a blue. Very much so. I’m gonna take woman at her toilet– – Stop!
– And pay my two– (laughs) – I’m gonna pay a red and a green. And I’m seeing a woman at her toilet. On your turns, you may use two
dice to take any dice action. Doesn’t seem worth it but that’s fine. – You do have two dice though. – I do, and that’s, uh,
what else can I don’t have anymore dice, great. – You have two more dice.
– Well, to paint a painting. – Oh, gotcha.
– All right, Havana. – Final, final, beginning of final round. – Beginning of the end.
– Beginning of the end. – Avengers: End Game. ♪ Oh that’s what I wanted ♪ ♪ That’s what I wanted ♪ First and fear-most, I’m
going to paint a painting. – Mm-hm.
– Paint that painting. – So I’m going to paint big ‘ol boy– (gasps)
– Beautiful. – The races at the long
champ, so that is– – You are the long champ today. – Oh, honey, thank you. That’s three green. – That’s 11 victory points. – Yellow, despite your efforts
to keep the yellow from me. – Oh, you just gave them back to me. – When painted, gain one
paint or one inspiration. Let me see first, ’cause
I have to take away two of the mee-bees, I’m gonna
take away one from yellow. – Okay. – And I’m gonna take away one from… Oh, can I put this out, is that okay? – Yeah.
(hums tune) – It requires blue rent money. (gasps)
– You could afford it. – Can I paint it is the thing. So then, I am going to
take, that’s three in blue. Three in blue is what I’ve said out loud. I guess it really just doesn’t matter. But since I already have the three blue, I’ll take this back. Okay, so that’s the two
back for the cost of this. And then, I am gonna take the inspiration instead of the paint so that
I have another chance to get a re-roll, or have another
re-roll if I don’t have another paint thing going on. – Totes.
– Smart. – I do want to place a student, actually. I want to place one here.
– Green. – At the back of the green. And then, I’m just gonna
go ahead and expend the re-roll now. – I recommend doing it at the
beginning of your next turn. Because you’ll get to roll
for free and if you don’t like that option, you could re-roll it. – Okay. I’m just worried about
Jordan buying more paintings. – Oh, true.
– With my none paint. – You’ve run out of money.
(laughs) – In the paint economy,
Jordan is the poorest now. – No, I’m going to,
I’ll call that my turn. – Okay, Nox.
– All right. – I have one die left. I have an inspiration,
so if I don’t like it, I can re-roll it, is that right? – Yeah! – Okay, so let’s see what we get here. All right, I think, given
that I have no paint, no real chance go getting enough
paint to create a painting, my only real hope here is to use this die wisely. – Re-roll, get a three,
move everybody else around. – Just to annoy them.
– I could just be annoying. – Just to be fun.
– Why did I suggest this? – No, I’m actually gonna use
to put a meeple right here. – On yellow.
– That’s on brand. – Yep, I’m just gonna stay there. – Solid choice. – And I guess that’s the end of my turn, I have an inspiration
left and I’m just gonna be inspired over here.
– That makes sense. – All right.
– You inspire me. – Jordan, I believe you were winning. – All right, I’ll roll my two. – You’re busy winning over there? – Yeah, not to interrupt your winning. – Things to place. – Don’t say a number the
second you let go of the dice or that will happen.
– Oh yeah, I just. – All right, so, I go, um. That was weird, I didn’t even
notice that but I definitely said I’ve just got two
and I rolled two twos. So, I’m just gonna put
one of them and take an inspiration that I don’t
know what I could do with. – You could re-roll dice with that– – Yes, I could. – Inspire a generation of young students. – I’m so nervous.
– To buy paintings for you. – Paintings. – I like how you whispered
painting as you rolled that. – Painting.
– That’s correct. – That’s how dice work.
– That’s how you summon it. – Yeah.
(chuckles) okay, well, if were to collect right now, I could take a blue and red. I will take a blue and a red. And hold tight. – Me?
– Yeah. – Little ‘ol me? (dice clatter) Not what I wanted.
– Re-roll. – But I am going to play… If I re-roll, do I re-roll
both of them or just one? – You re-roll both of them.
– I’m gonna do that then. (dice clatter) – Yes, oh my god.
(gasps) – This is a big move. It’s a big move. – So that, I get to
paint another painting. Which I’m going to use
to paint another big boy. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – Look at that!
– Oh, man. – You are in trouble.
– Pull back to oranges. – When painted, draw one
patron card, you must put one of your patron cards on the
bottom of the patron deck. Okay, that’s interesting. – So, draw one, choose your favorite? – And I need to take back
to meeples, so I’m gonna take back that and this. And let me check really
quick on which patron. I guess y’all could keep going,
I’m gonna hold onto this. – Sure. – And then, I’ll go after
Jordan and I’ll decide. – Okay, you look at those patrons. – Mm. – We have revealed the combat of Jor and her son. – What was that again?
– Jor– – And her son.
– And her son. – Mm, it looks like Calvin and Hobbs. – That’s right.
– Yep. – Oh, Nox, you have spent
your dice and inspired many. – I have inspired everyone. – I really don’t think
there’s anything I can, like, do to succeed here.
– So you forfeit. – Okay, accepted.
(laughs) We understand.
– Good game, good game. – Good game. – You don’t get anything
for having inspiration at the end of the game, right?
– No. – A high-five.
– Oh, a high-five. – I will place a student
and end the game, er, end my round.
– Oh. – All right,
(inhales sharply) mama wants a five.
(sighs) – Sorry. – You put it out in the universe and that’s what’s important.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– State– – Mama has a lot of paint
unspent at the end of this game. And no re-roll, so mama is just gonna… I wouldn’t do that to you. I’m going to–
– Can you not hold on to it? – I must do something.
– Oh. – Even if that’s spend
the die in order to get an inspiration but my turn
ends when I’m out of dice. So I wouldn’t be able to use that re-roll. – Got it, okay. – So let me just spend this
to move everybody around. Just so I can be the queen of blue. (chuckles)
I’m gonna go. – Now, you’re playing the game. – Boop. – It took all game but now
you finally understand. – And more of me over
here and, you know what, I wanna just lord over
everybody a little bit. – Right.
– So we’ve got– – An audience.
(laughs evilly) – Yes, I’m coming for you. – Oh, it’s a whole– – You’ll be inducted into–
– Very threatening. – A ceremony, it’s a
modern arts piece, yes. – Are you done being scary?
(laughs) – That’s my end of game. ♪ That’s not what I wanted ♪ – That’s fine.
– Want some paint? – I’ll just, want some paint
where I can do that nowhere. – You get a red.
– I could get one red. – There you go.
– Thank you so much. – All right.
(laughs) The end game has been resolved. Let’s all reveal our patron cards and, well, Nox, you’ve got
that first player going on over there, tell us
about your first patron. – So, my patron, uh, she was very demanding
that I ensure that I have the most meeples on the table.
(laughs) So, it actually gets
me five victory points for having the most.
– Well done. – I believe that’s not
even in contention here. – No.
– You definitely did it. – Not even a little. – But it was only five, I was
actually not paying attention to the numbers earlier
on and wasn’t watching what was happening here. So I think that that really
cost me but I’m still proud of the game that I played. – You have 15 points right
there and that’s pretty good. – Yes, 15’s okay. – So, Jordan, we’re gonna wait on you. – Okay. – ‘Cause I’m gonna do me because
I find it’s more dramatic if you save the people in
contention for winning for last. So let me just, my patron,
his name is Edmond Fitzgerald. – Of course. – It’s not on the card,
it’s just own flavor text. – He’s also a writer. – Yes, he’s definitely a
writer, he has the thin glasses. He has VP based on the
number of realism paintings and I’ve only got one but
Sosha Ronan’s doing overtime over here, I get one extra point. – Wee! – So I have a total of 12 points. I’ll do better next time.
(laughs) All right. Havana, yours are more straightforward, so let’s do you next. Keep the mystery flowing. – I just have the 20 points
for my two masterpieces. – That’s all.
– That’s it. – My patron is two victory
points for each paint pile where you have at least three,
so y’all really messed me up there at the end.
– Oh, no. – I had three in three
different piles and then– – Oh, no! – So I’ve got 22 total. – Okay, so, for mine,
from just my paintings, I’ve got 11, 16, 19. And then I get four for
getting three masterpieces– – Twenty-three?
– Which puts me at 23. – And then, I get one victory
point for each painting that uses yellow and one
victory point for each painting that uses blue, oh, er, green. – Twenty-eight.
– Yep, 28 points. – Dang.
– Whoo! – Well, the master cleaned
up, well done, Jordan. – I would like to remind everyone,
he painted none of those. – I know.
– It’s true. – But they will be
respected and time-honored for infinity and beyond. – I’ve also made sure the
students who actually painted them have been silenced so
that history will think I painted them.
– You killed them? – Silent, oh, were they wrapped
up in my witch’s ceremony over here in the blue pile? – Y’all were in cahoots the whole time? – Yeah.
– Twist. – We made a deal, so when
you win, I also get to gloat. – Yeah, I was there.
– Gloat, gloat, gloat. – Right.
(chuckles) – I was the manager of all the students that did the painting works. – Well, like any true artist,
I’m gonna take this trouncing and I’m gonna use it paint
angrily in my basement. – Oh.
– Beautiful. – I love that, put your artist vibe, yeah. Well, friends, it was such
a pleasure to have you here to pay Atelier. – Thank you for having us.
– Yeah, thanks. – Thank you.
– Thanks for coming in. – Thanks to you guys, at home,
for watching Game the Game. We’ll see you next time, bye-bye. – Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat playful music)

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  1. possibly the most likeable worker placement game I have seen….one point is that "atelier" means a studio so can apply to things other than art

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